The Radiant Charm of a Glasswing Butterfly | April Boxwalla Beauty Review

It feels good to be back with my subscription box reviews! And to be back with a review of an excitingly incredible box with newly launched products, no less. Let’s go!

Themed, “The Radiant Charm of a Glasswing Butterfly“, Boxwalla’s April Beauty Box* includes three products for Spring renewal, hydration, and clarification. This one features a Boxwalla familiar and favorite of Votary, including their late-2021 launch of the Radiance Reveal Mask and it also includes some newness, both by brand and product. April’s box marks Arcana’s first time to be inducted into a Boxwalla curation, featuring the brand new Glasswing Immersive Ceramide Milk, and their classic Nine Herbs Charm Clarifying Oil.

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Meet Cocokind’s NEW Turmeric Illuminating Solution!

Turmeric, paired with a 7% blend of gentle acids: PHA, mandelic, glycolic

It’s an exciting launch day at Cocokind as they just dropped their brand new Turmeric Illuminating Solution! This marks their first ever leave-on exfoliating treatment they’ve added to the line-up and I’ve had the lucky pleasure of testing it the last couple of weeks – it’s fabulous and effective.

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See New x UMM Skincare: The MARCH/APRIL Skincare Box

Long time, no see, my friends! I haven’t had the mental bandwidth to get my usual posts up over the last few months, so it’s been a good awhile since I’ve reviewed a subscription box over here. However, on my Insta you can catch quick stories, posts and texture shots of products from these boxes so if you’re missing content here, you can find me there! I’m hoping to turn things around and post more frequently and I do have a few more posts lined up including a new product launch and some good old empties.


Meet See New’s March/April Skincare Box* featuring UMM Skincare! I’ve admired this brand from afar ever since seeing them featured on the See New Insta feed and I couldn’t be more thrilled that they decided to collaborate on a box. UMM Skincare is a line of luxury body & wellness products that are rooted in ayurveda, a natural and holistic medicine system that originates in India.

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From the Earth, To Your Skin | Introducing TBG Skincare

I had the pleasure of discovering TBG Skincare through a subscription box collaboration with See New Skincare’s NOV/DEC Skincare Box, where I really fell in love their collection as I both resonate with their minimalist + eco ethos and all around enjoyed my experience with their earth-like formulas. I’m thrilled to share that I’ve joined their team of ambassadors and even more thrilled to finally share their beauty range with my readers. Be sure to check out the bottom of this review for a special discount!

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REVIEW: Zion Health Hair & Scalp Scrub and Scalp Nutrition Hair Serum

Today I’m back with more hair care postings and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it because my haircare game (and scalp health!) has really leveled up with thanks to the recent products I’ve added to my arsenal.

Zion Health, a wide beauty range that focuses on mineral-based products, so kindly reached out to me about their line and sent over their Deep Cleansing Hair & Scalp Scrub* and Scalp Nutrition Hair Serum* for me to test out, both of which have netted super positive results for my hair and scalp health. In this review I will go over all the details on these two hair care products, along with how I like to use these. Be sure to stay tuned till the bottom for a discount code should you fancy to test these out for yourself!

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