4 Faves from Tata Harper

Does anyone else’s eyes swell at the sight of these gorgeous green and gold glass bottles? Whether it’s in a blog post or on social media, once my eyes have laid upon this classic packaging from Tata Harper it’s always a must read!

I’m long overdue to discuss these chic green beauties that I’ve been using since the earlier part of 2017 when I got these on my birthday and over the following weeks after. I first got a taste of the Tata Harper line years ago when I received a sample of her Resurfacing Mask and last year I picked up a bottle of her Regenerating Cleanser on a good sale. Trying and loving both of those products prompted me to pick up the full size of the Resurfacing Mask, two more classic cleansers from her line, and a facial oil that I had also previously sampled. Maybe it’s the formulas, the aromatherapy, or the gorgeous packaging, but her products have a very addictive quality to them and once you start trying it’s hard to stop buying!

Without further ado, let’s jump in to what I’ve been loving from Tata Harper!

(Okay, I lied, one more thing! It’s noted by many that most of Tata’s products have a high essential oil content. While I personally do not experience sensitivities to essential oils, I wouldn’t recommend these products to those that do. If you are unsure, check out their Try Me Kit of samples to test compatibility.)

Resurfacing Mask

What it is: An exfoliating beta-hydroxy mask treatment. Designed to smooth skin’s texture, minimize appearance of pores, and deliver instant glow. Removes excess dead skin cells to reveal bright, smooth skin. It has a gel consistency that quickly dries upon application.

This mask is one of those “hit-or-miss” products that a lot of people either swear by, or vouch that it does absolutely nothing for them, but for me this mask is a big hit. When my skin is looking dull or textured, I’ll use this mask at night and the following morning my skin looks so bright, smooth, and toned. I’m most impressed by how it actually helps to minimize the appearance of my pores, which is a claim that a lot of products make but don’t deliver on. Suffice to say as a person with often dull, textured skin, this mask is one of my best skincare friends. If you have similar skin issues or concerns, I recommend to give this mask a shot. You can find a trial version of it in a few of their kits.

Available at Follain, Credo Beauty, The Detox Market, and Tata Harper Skincare for $65 (1 fl oz).

Refreshing Cleanser

What it is: A fresh and fruity cream cleanser designed for sensitive skin types. Its gentle, pillow-y soft cream formula removes debris and excess oils leaving behind soft, moisturized skin. It has a near-identical formula to their Regenerating Cleanser, but omits apricot seed powder that lends the latter its abrasive quality.

This one seems to get the least amount of love out of the Tata Harper cleanser collection, but I quite love it. Rather than “refreshing”, I would describe this cleanser as being comforting because of its soft, creamy consistency. I love it for mornings because it doesn’t strip my already-dry skin, but helps to replace moisture I lost overnight. If you love their Regenerating Cleanser, you will love this one! It is nearly the same formula in consistency, but it doesn’t contain the abrasive apricot seed bits that give the Regenerating cleanser its exfoliating properties. Highly recommend it for dry skin types and for those who can’t do foaming cleansers. It’s one of my favorite morning treats!

Available at Credo Beauty, The Detox Marketand Tata Harper Skincare for $84(4 fl oz).

Purifying Cleanser

What it is: A daily detox cleanser that melts away surface debris (dirt, oils, pollution) and pore build-up, all the while being gentle on the skin. Has a unique gel-to-oil formula that works like an oil cleanser, but emulsifies and rinses away clean with water.

This cleanser is one of my favorite discoveries of 2017 and has become a staple in my skincare collection. I use it as a second cleanse at night, after oil cleansing to remove residue and further give my pores a good deep cleanse. It might sound harsh to go in with a cleanser like this after you’ve already oil cleansed, but it’s really gentle for how powerfully it cleans. Again, this is not a stripping gel cleanser, but rather a gel that transforms into an oil, and it acts as an oil cleanser. It’s amazing how it loosens and removes any pore build-up that the initial first cleanse didn’t manage to get. One good, long massage with this cleanser and my pores look transformed! They are clean, gunk-free, and much smaller in appearance. It really works miracles on the pores on my nose. I also can’t get over how good it smells – it has a delicious, sweet ginger scent. I am definitely repurchasing this when I run out!

Protip: After removing your first oil cleanse with a warm, damp washcloth, massage one pump of the Purifying Cleanser into the skin for 1 – 1 1/2 minutes. Don’t rinse with water after using the damp washcloth before you go in with this cleanser. A long, nice massage with the Purifying will loosen and remove anything and everything that the first cleanse didn’t get. DON’T get this cleanser in your eyes! It stings like the dickens, trust me. Be careful as you rinse this cleanser away, taking care to avoid the eye area. I wouldn’t recommend this for makeup removal.

Available at Credo Beauty, The Detox Market, and Tata Harper Skincare for $76 (4 fl oz).

Yay for roller-balls!

Replenishing Nutrient Complex

What it is: A golden, lightweight anti-aging facial oil made with rosehip seed oil and herb extracts to deliver a good dose of vitamins to the skin. Has a lightweight, yet still nourishing finish.

I received that teeny tiny sample (pictured above) in one of my TH orders and promptly ordered the 10ml roller ball version. I love to use this oil as an eye serum, morning or night, for happy moisturized eyes. I appreciate that they offer it in a roller-ball format making it fuss-free to use around the eye area. It contains olive oil as a second ingredient which makes me reluctant to try using it around my face as I have concerns of clogging, but it’s been great for my eyes and hasn’t clogged pores around them. I’ve really grown to love its geranium-like scent!

Available at Credo Beauty, The Detox Market, and Tata Harper Skincare for $48 (10 ml).

Tata Harper’s products are on the pricier side, but they do offer good discounts and sales (typically on holidays) and they always offer a coupon for your next purchase if you review one of your recently purchased products. Definitely wait to shop their sales, and they have plenty of kits on hand to try some of their best-sellers. I’m keen on trying their Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tints, Purifying Mask, and their brand new Clarifying Mask! Have you tried anything from Tata Harper? Any favorites? Holy grails? Let me know below!

You can shop tata harper at Follain, Credo Beauty, Tata Harper Skincare, and The Detox Market.
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