A Root Pretty Haul


I hadn’t heard of the natural beauty brand Root until a couple of weeks ago when I came across the Instagram account of their spokesmodel Katherine (@rootprettykatherine). Then followed a deep rabbit hole of stalking every single Root and Root model related picture and searching every hashtag for each of their products. I was hooked before even buying anything, so I had to buy! I was most curious about their mascara and then after seeing so many pictures of their models wearing their eye shadows they were too beautiful to not try. Their Rose Glow Illuminator was also a new item to the range and I’m really into highlighters lately so I had to give it a try as well since I don’t own a rose-gold highlighter. The real selling point of a lot of their products is that they are so versatile. With their loose mineral products you can mix with them with a bit of water or their Pretty Booster to turn your powder into a liquid/cream. Another example is that you can mix their blushes with their clear lip gloss to create your own shade of lip gloss. There are so many different ways of applying their products and mixing and matching to get what you want! By the way, two days before I typed this post Root announced they’re doing a little remodel on their packaging. So, depending on when you order you will most likely receive products with white lids instead of the silver ones you’re about to see on the eye shadows. My Rose Glow Illuminator came with a white lid, and I have to say it’s a beautiful update so I approve of the change! 😉 Let’s get on to the Root Pretty and be sure to check the bottom of this post for a 10% discount on your first Root order!



SHELL is described as a matte beige-y highlight with just a touch of shimmer. I find this shade most suitable as a base to use under their other eyeshadows. A staple if you need a base to make your eyeshadows more blendable and to make them pop!

PORTLAND is described on their site as a shimmery brown. I find that it’s more of a shimmery bronze-y brown and it is beautiful. I have been wearing this one as a one wash of color all over the lid. You can really build this one up and get a bit of a metallic sheen going!

JANESSA is described as a shimmery taupe-y gray brown color. It’s the perfect neutral for day and night, and also perfect for a smokey eye. I like to wear this in the outer corner along with Portland all over the lid. This shade is so perfect and versatile for everyone, and seems to be one of their best selling shades. If you’re going to pick up at least one eye shadow, make it this one!


You receive one eye shadow sample with each order, and I had placed two orders which is why I have two samples here. I received So Bronze and Diamond. Just a last note on their eye shadows, they all have great pigmentation and were so smooth and blendable. On top of my Tarte creaseless eye primer, these did not crease! You can apply these wet which definitely amps up the pigmentation.

The Rose Glow Illuminator is a loose mineral rose-gold highlighter. When swatching on the hand it does appear a bit rose-y pinkish but I feel that on the face you don’t see much of the color, but just the subtle highlight. It’s so pretty and should suit any skin tone!

I want to give their 100% Natural Lash Mascara just a quick mention because I intend on making a separate post for the mascara. They have it in both black and brown and I bought the Brown. The short story is that I am LOVING this mascara! It’s amazing for a natural mascara and it’s why it deserves its own post. That’s all I want to say on it for now and should have a post up on this on next week.

I’m in love with all of these products from this haul and I definitely recommend to give them a try! They have a wide range of products – including skin care, hair care, and body care. They offer samples on a lot of their products as well. If you want to see their makeup in action, you must follow Root on Instagram along with their spokesmodel and other models! I love that they hashtag each product (it typically goes #root[productshade]) so for example, if you find an eyeshadow shade or lipstick you really like, you’ll be able to research it on IG and see how it looks in all the various ways. I have so much of their makeup on my wishlist now, including their pressed eye shadows, lip glosses, pretty balms, their blush in Macy and more. I can’t wait for my next purchase and to share more Root goodies!

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