Welcome, friends! My name is Mercy and I’m a geek for green beauty. Skincare, specifically, has been a long-time passion of mine and in the last few years this passion really flourished when I discovered the intriguing world of indie natural beauty brands. Out of a desire to share my beauty experiences and discoveries, and connect with like-minded beauty lovers and makers, I started this blog in early 2016 to do just that! I take pleasure in putting an honest, detail-oriented focus on each and every product experience I share and I strive to keep my reviews as helpful and informative as possible.

With regard to being health-conscious of ingredients – while most of my product collection is botanical-based (thanks for the deduction Glossier and La Roche Posay!), I keep an open mind about products that may contain questionable ingredients, though it’s rare that I sway towards “conventional” beauty. Safe synthetics are a-okay in my opinion and I believe in moderation when it comes to the not-so-okay ingredients. Natural beauty is my main hang and to it I owe all of my glow!

Expect to see products featured from both affordable and luxury brands, hauls, reviews, beauty routines, and more.