Bedside Essentials

Simplistic routines and rituals just speak to my core and with some newly acquired aromatherapy items my bed time product ritual has got me comfy and ready for zzz’s.

The H IS FOR LOVE Lip Conditioner has actually lived on my bedside/desk/pocket (wherever I am) since picking it up back in Spring and I’m surprised I haven’t run out of my first pot yet. This lip savior softens and soothes the lips keeping them nice and conditioned and really works some overnight miracles. Its zesty citrus and refreshing peppermint scent will keep you lax at night time and energized in the morning.

Maven Made has made my nights so much more calmed and relaxed with their Sleep Serum – an aromatherapy oil blend made of german chamomile, french lavender, and clary sage. It smells most of lavender which is known for its calming properties. It comes in a rollerball and I simply apply it on the wrists, the tops of my hands (they tend to fall close to my face while sleeping) and sometimes a little around the nostrils. Putting my sleep serum on is what I look forward to most every night, sleep has never been better for me!

Jord Organic’s LYS is a multi-purpose spray designed to enhance yoga sessions (and to clean your yoga mat!), as a room and linen spray, or body spray. LYS comes in 3 scents and I have POSITIVITY which is made with an essential oil blend of rose absolute, cedarwood, palo santo, sage, and juniper berry. I’m not sure which ingredient comes off as a cool cinnamon scent, but there really is something so positive about it and it clears the air for great sleeping.

The only thing my night stand is missing is a good hand cream/lotion, any recommendations? Leave ’em below!