Berlin Skin – Skin Care for the Modern Minimalist

Within the last few months my morning and nightly skincare routines have grown in the number of products I’m using (sometimes you just want to try everything!) which can become a problem making it necessary to scale back and reset. For me, once I begin to incorporate so many products into my routine, my skin comes to rely on what I’m giving it and it can be hard to go back. Introducing many products into your routine also creates a situation where if you begin to break out, the number of products and quadruple amount of ingredients they contain makes it difficult to figure out just who or what the culprit of the breakout is.

Lately, Berlin Skin has been my brand of choice for getting back to that simple ritual of core basics, although their products are everything but! Their tightly-edited skincare collection is fuss-free, but very sophisticated both visually and in formula. Berlin Skin’s products are made in small batches and formulated with high quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients including wildcrafted + organic botanicals and oils. Read more about Berlin Skin’s vision on minimalism + skincare, their core values, and how their products are made.

“instead of burying away in a bathroom drawer, our line is meant to look and feel like a piece of art – one that begs to be left out on the counter.”

Coconut + Aloe Cleanser

Specifically formulated for normal, dry, and mature skin types, Berlin Skin explains its key ingredients below:

  • organic aloe vera. heals, soothes, and moisturizes.
  • organic coconut oil. antibacterial, anti-fungal; softens, hydrates, anti-aging.
  • organic gotu kola. anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, healing.
  • dandelion. anti-acne, anti-inflammatory, full of vitamins.
  • wildcrafted geranium. anti-acne, tightens, purifies.
  • cold pressed essential oils of: lavender, lemon, sandalwood, chamomile, petit grain, and neroli which normalize oil production and relax the senses.
  • horsetail: promotes collagen growth, moisturizes.

Ohhhh, how I adore this cleanser. The Coconut + Aloe Cleanser* is a non-foaming gel-cream that gently cleanses without stripping the skin. It’s so great for mornings: it easily cleanses away overnight oils, refreshes + conditions the skin, and helps to replace overnight moisture loss. Besides loving what it does for my skin in the AM, I enjoy the total user experience of it: the light and silky gel-cream texture, the way it so easily glides across the skin, and the incredibly refreshing and awakening scent of lemon (not zesty which I like!), lavender, and sandalwood. Love, love, LOVE this cleanser – it has indefinitely replaced my previous top favorites from Kahina and Blissoma.

Berlin Skin’s cleanser retails for $38 at 3.4oz/100ml.

Geranium + Rose Toner

Suitable for most skin types, key ingredients in this toner include:

  • organic lavender. calming, healing, antiseptic, normalizes oil production.
  • rose. anti-depressant, antiseptic, great for acne skin.
  • geranium. antibacterial, wrinkle-reducer, extremely healing.
  • msm. softens, hydrates, plumps.
  • vitamin c. brightens, anti-aging.
  • organic reishi mushroom. anti-inflammatory, anti-aging.

The majority of toners on the green beauty market don’t get me excited, but Berlin’s Geranium + Rose Toner had me intrigued on the basis that it contains more than just aloe, hydrosols, and witch hazel – it also includes a nice list of beneficial ingredients like msm, vitamin C, comfrey, mullein, and reishi mushroom – and I couldn’t help myself, I needed it, and it’s now literally the only toner I have in my skin care collection! It’s so refreshing, hydrating, and preps the skin wonderfully for the routine steps that follow. It has a very subtle scent of witch hazel and rose, and I enjoy that the scent dissipates quickly. As with most toners in glass bottles, the mist comes out a little strong, but regardless of that I prefer to apply toner by spritzing it into my hand and patting onto the skin for an even application.

One thing I appreciate about this toner is that it does not contain glycerin. I go back and forth on my opinion on glycerin – it’s skin softening and it helps with hydration, but it leaves my skin with a tacky and shiny finish that can make my pores look large. I don’t get this same result from glycerin in cleansers or moisturizers, but just toners. Since I follow the toning step with products that provide enough moisture, I’d rather do without glycerin in the toner. Thank you, Berlin Skin, for excluding it from your formula!

The Geranium + Rose Toner retails for $42 at 3.4oz/100ml.(As a disclosure, I’d like to note I purchased the toner myself, while the cleanser and cream were sent for reviewal.)

Sandalwood Cream

Specifically formulated for oily, acneic, and mature skin, key ingredients in this cream include:

  • australian, african, and indian sandalwood. clears and prevents breakouts and moisturizes. extremely anti-aging.
  • organic aloe vera. heals, soothes, and moisturizes.
  • organic lavender. calming, healing, antiseptic, normalizes oil production.
  • geranium. antibacterial, wrinkle-reducer, extremely healing.
  • organic echinacea. fights against acne and wrinkles and soothes inflamed skin.
  • jojoba oil. not a true oil-a wax, moisturizes lightly.
  • organic turmeric. extremely anti-inflammatory.
  • thyme. clears and prevents new breakouts.
  • sage. increases collagen production and can aid in the healing of acne scars. anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.

Firstly, I am so elated to see a decently clean and well formulated water-based cream on the green beauty market as these can be hard to come by. Water based creams are all the rage for my skin these days as I no longer solely moisturize with oils and this one is a very luxurious addition to my moisturizer collection.

Berlin Skin’s Sandalwood Cream* is a lightweight, firming, hydrating cream made from a blend of aloe, jojoba oil, herbs, extracts, and essential oils. It also includes L-arginine, an essential amino acid, which has the potential to aid in healing. It’s a good daytime moisturizer especially for wear with makeup since it’s fast absorbing and has a matte finish. At night my skin requires more moisture than this cream is able to provide on its own (this is the case for all moisturizers for me, so this is expected) but it can be layered with facial oils and it also acts as a nice “finishing” cream to top off the whole routine. It has a similar scent to Berlin’s cleanser – a combination of sandalwood and lavender that is so light and fresh. It might just be me, but I think it smells a lot like conventional skin products for babies, but without containing artificial fragrance of course!

The Sandalwood Cream retails for $64 at 1.7oz/50ml.

Yay for huge reusable linen bags that are pretty!

Occasionally I’m still going a little hard at night with the number of products I am incorporating into my routine (mind you, I use each one with purpose!), but the beautiful trio of Berlin Skin products are there in my vision and are always there to serve as a reset for the next morning, a routine that calibrates me and allows my skin the chance to breathe and thrive. Whether I am using these products separately or all together as one core routine, they deliver a luxurious and healthy experience that is anything but basic. I highly recommend to explore this skincare line – affordable travel sets are available for testing to your heart’s content. Berlin Skin also has a new product in the works (don’t you love Instagram sneak peeks!) so stay tuned to this brand’s space!

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