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HEAVEN is a New York-based all-natural skincare line created by the beautiful and multi-faceted Taylor Foster. Taylor is a high-fashion model who has walked runways for the likes of Prada, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, YSL, and so many more. She has also been featured in almost every major fashion publication including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire, along with being featured in many advertising campaigns for beauty brands and major department stores. Taylor also owned her very own cafe called Heaven On Main Street which earned write-ups in many major publications. She now currently teaches yoga and cooking/baking at The Omega Institute in New York, alongside focusing on her amazing skincare line.

HEAVEN focuses on healing the body, mind, and spirit by ways of facial oils, body oils, body scrubs, and balms. Taylor kindly asked me if I’d like to try some samples from her line and I couldn’t pass up that opportunity! A natural skincare line curated by a beautiful high fashion model with amazing skin?! You’d have to be crazy to say no. A delicious organic fudge brownie was also included in the package, which you can purchase in her online shop (along with other baked goodies) as well so be sure to stay tuned til the bottom of the post for that. I’m drooling thinking about that brownie so I’ll get on with the skincare!



CALM + CLEAR FACE OIL 〉  Taylor mentions that she developed this oil in response to her moody skin. It’s designed to calm the skin and help breakouts while keeping it moisturized and glowing, and fighting signs of aging thanks to its essential oils. I find this oil to have a medium consistency and it absorbs easily leaving my skin with a nice dewey glow. I do indeed find that it helps contain breakouts by minimizing inflammation of blemishes and preventing them from growing any larger.

BALANCE + HEAL FACE OIL 〉 This oil is designed to balance the skin’s moisture levels by packing in hydrating, anti-aging and glow-inducing oils while healing with anti-inflammatory ingredients at the same time. It’s the perfect oil for dry and/or matured skin. I found this oil to be my more favorite of the two face oils. Both this oil and the calm + clear had similar results in my skin, leaving it very dewy, glowing and calmed, but I preferred the experience of this oil in terms of consistency and scent.

RELAX + UNWIND BODY/MASSAGE OIL 〉 Wow. Just wow. This body oil generated (yes past tense, I used it up so quickly!) such an amazing sensory experience. All of the items in this range have a similar underlying woodsy scent (some of them contain ho wood and another has similar scented woodsy essential oils) and the scent of this oil was particularly my favorite. I applied this oil all over my body immediately after my nightly showers and I found it to be so deeply moisturizing yet quickly absorbent, leaving my skin feeling so silky and soft without a dry patch in sight. With its base of almond oil, it makes for a very rich body oil high in fatty acids and vitamins, along with soothing + healing arnica and other anti-inflammatory’s perfect for massaging. This body oil is incredibly grounding and promotes some serious calm and relaxation. I highly recommend it!

The links above are for full sizes, but you can pick up these 5ml sizes in a trio set here.

[Check the shopping links for ingredient lists! All HEAVEN products contain a sizable amount of essential oils, so if you are sensitive to them these products may not be for you.]


CLOUD 9 EYE BALM 〉  Just as Taylor is, I’m also obsessed with eye balms. It’s a justified obsession though because I have the odd and deep eye shape that requires extra care and deep hydration, if I want to keep things looking young and lifted (I’m 25 but I suspect gravity will have its toll on my eyes because of said deep eye shape). 5+ years ago before I had a good and consistent skincare routine I had fine lines caused by dryness and excessive squinting. I never liked eye creams, but when I discovered eye balms things (and my fine lines) changed! Eye creams may be just a marketing ploy, but eye balms are not as they tend to be more rich and heavy than your average facial moisturizer/oil. You get to pack on the hydration to your undereyes while keeping things balanced on your face, is how I look at it.

Anyway, I mention this because I don’t have noticeable fine lines (at this moment) that need to be banished, so I can’t speak on its effectiveness on that front. However, it is a very rich eye balm and I assume that if I had any fine lines, this would certainly make them disappear! It has a base of lanolin, which is a powerful emollient extracted from the wool of sheep. It also contains almond oil which is high in fatty acids, evening primrose for promoting skin elasticity, arnica for relieving puffiness and dark circles, along with other anti-aging essential oils (and coffee is in there too!). In terms of consistency, it feels like a thick ointment that melts upon contact with the skin. This eye balm is so good that I’m finding myself using it sparingly these days to savor it, as it seems to deplete very fast since I use it both morning and night. If my undereyes need deep hydration and nourishment, I reach for this one. Along with the body oil, this balm is another big winner for me in this skincare line!


SALT OF THE EARTH BODY SCRUB 〉  This sea salt + sugar based body scrub is another item in the line that really hits you in the olfactory sense. White fir and frankincense are the main notes and the lavender and cracked black pepper add the luxe texture and light notes of scent. The cracked black pepper alone is to die for and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it in a skincare product, and I’m loving it. This scrub provides great exfoliation, and the almond and coconut oils leave the skin feeling very conditioned and silky after. If you’re a body scrub lover you need this addition to your collection!

Before I get on to the last item, I want to mention all products in this skincare range come in glass jars and bottles!


FUDGE BROWNIES 〉  So, I love brownies but brownies pretty much hate me. They’re one of my favorite baked goods, they’re freaking delicious, but every time I eat one whether it’s bakery/from scratch/from a box I get the “bad” kind of stomach ache, if you know what I mean. I don’t know what exactly the problem could be unless it’s an unknown sensitivity but I suspect it could be the chocolate. I’ve noticed I don’t get on well with a lot of chocolates whether it’s in dessert form or a candy bar (Doesn’t stop me from eating them though, stubborn!). Anyway, let me stop right there to say I did NOT get a tummy ache after eating this very large sized (and so delicious) brownie! Taylor uses unsweetened Callebaut chocolate, which a little research tells me is a high quality chocolate that the chefs and culinary professionals love to use. I think the unsweetened aspect is what also set this brownie apart from others and I have to say I prefer it this way. Taylor’s mostly-organic bakery-quality brownies are such tasty, authentic brownies that you can’t beat. You can pick up 4 of these in a gift box for $20, perfect for a loved one or for you! 😉

HEAVEN will provide you and your skin with such an amazing, luxurious, natural, sensual, and spiritual experience. Each time I use one of Taylor’s products, I feel as if I’m being transported to a natural woodsy themed spa in upstate New York! (I wish!) I highly recommend this line to anyone looking for premium-quality, powerful skincare products that have a little more complex blends than your average product.

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