Brija Cosmetics Illuminate Eye Balm Review

The eye-care step of my skincare routine is my most favorite part of having a routine. I love the look and feel of any facial balm, but especially of an eye balm in such a compact and tiny tube/pot. There’s something so exciting, luxurious, and nourishing about a beautiful blend of oils that will just melt onto the skin! I feel it’s important to give extra care to the under-eye area, because for me if it looks dry and tired then the rest of my facial skin does as well. My under-eyes are prone to fine lines caused by dryness so I look for eye balms that have anti-aging properties, don’t absorb too quickly, and will provide adequate moisture and nourishment. The latest eye balm I’ve been testing out is the Brija Cosmetics Illuminate Eye Balm ($14). Brija’s owner Brianna acquired the formula for her eye balm from another brand called RP Apothecary, which I had not heard of but it had me intrigued and thinking it must be a great formula if it was this coveted.



“Illuminate will help prevent wrinkles or reduce the appearances of ones that are already there. It aids in reducing dark circles and puffiness.”

Ingredients —

Hempseed oil*, Candelilla wax, Blue vervain*, Calendula*, Lemon balm*, Chamomile*, Linden leaf and flower*, Vitamin E oil (from non-gmo Sunflower seed oil), Helichrysum essential oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


How I Use It

I simply swipe this balm underneath both eyes and leave them be (I don’t pat the product in, because I apply facial oil afterward). If needed, I will dab the tube once or twice onto my eyelids and pat the product in. I use this eye balm both morning and night (with the exception that I’ve been testing out a sample from another brand at night) and I find it’s suitable for both morning and night. It’s great for underneath makeup not leaving the under-eye area too greasy, and it’s heavy enough for use at night as well.

My Results

First, I want to mention that I do have dark circles caused by leaky capillaries and I never expect any eye product to diminish them, simply because I know a topical product can’t. So with that said, it hasn’t reduced my dark circles but that’s not a con or deal breaker for me. I find that it’s great at keeping my under-eyes moisturized and smooth and the moisturization doesn’t diminish throughout the day. As I mentioned before, I’m prone to fine lines caused by dryness but since I’m diligent with making sure I’m keeping my under-eyes well moisturized it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my fine lines come back. Since I’m not seeing these fine lines crop up at any point of the day, I feel it’s a great testament that it’s doing a good job of keeping my skin moisturized. What I really enjoy about this eye balm is the ease and quickness of application because it comes in a tube. I simply swipe it on, and I don’t even have to work it in! I feel it’s much more gentle on the under-eyes, not having to disturb the skin by patting/rubbing product in. Brianna mentions on the website that the color of this product will vary. Although I understood that, I was expecting the product to be at least a hue of green because it contains hemp seed oil. The less fresh it is, the lighter in color it is. I’ve never actually smelled hemp seed oil, but I’ve read that it is supposed to smell nutty and grassy. My tube has a slight grassy smell, but it’s much more of a painty smell (not great smelling!) and that is apparently a warning that it might be going bad. So with the lack of color and the slight painty smell that it arrived in, I do have concerns that I didn’t receive a fresh and potent product. I didn’t learn these things until recently so I’ve decided not to contact Brianna and will continue to use this eye balm since it isn’t rancid and appears like it still has good shelf-lifeEDIT: Brianna left a comment on my Instagram post assuring my previous concerns that the product I received is definitely fresh, as the earliest batch she ever made was in January (I purchased mine in late February). She also mentioned that helichrysum essential oil has a very strong smell, so this might be what my nose is wrongfully detecting as a painty smell. As I mentioned in the paragraph before, it isn’t rancid and it seems to still have good consistency and is working well for me!

This eye balm is great and effective at keeping my under-eyes moisturized, nourished, and almost plump-looking.  It’s great that it’s inexpensive because the majority of eye balms and creams are quite costly. The ease of application and how quick it is to apply is a huge plus. Because of these reasons I definitely recommend it!

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