Boxwalla – THE PERFUMER SERIES : Sigil Scent

Welcome to the Perfumer Series –  Boxwalla’s new scent experience in which they invite us to dive into the personal and universal nature of perfume. Boxwalla is a subscription service platform renowned for curating boxes (Beauty, Book, Film) that keep context and stories in mind – it’s a sensory experience in and of itself. A new box dedicated to experiencing the curious, complex, and memorable qualities of perfumes will certainly find itself at home among the other curations.

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ONE SEED Organic Perfume Now Available at Free People!


Great news for the US based green beauty lovers – ONE SEED Organic Perfume has just launched here at Free People! Free People is a clothing boutique specializing in feminine bohemian fashion and accessories for the adventurous and free spirited woman.

ONE SEED, based in Australia and founded by Liz Cookis original organic perfumery created in a way that honors the process of perfumery, the beauty of nature and our connectedness to nature and each other. 

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