See New x UMM Skincare: The MARCH/APRIL Skincare Box

Long time, no see, my friends! I haven’t had the mental bandwidth to get my usual posts up over the last few months, so it’s been a good awhile since I’ve reviewed a subscription box over here. However, on my Insta you can catch quick stories, posts and texture shots of products from these boxes so if you’re missing content here, you can find me there! I’m hoping to turn things around and post more frequently and I do have a few more posts lined up including a new product launch and some good old empties.


Meet See New’s March/April Skincare Box* featuring UMM Skincare! I’ve admired this brand from afar ever since seeing them featured on the See New Insta feed and I couldn’t be more thrilled that they decided to collaborate on a box. UMM Skincare is a line of luxury body & wellness products that are rooted in ayurveda, a natural and holistic medicine system that originates in India.

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LOVE GOODLY Aug/Sept ’18 Eco-Luxe Beauty Box Review

Before I get into the contents of this month’s box I’d like to apologize for not having this review up sooner! I’ve been having issues with media uploads on WordPress and I haven’t been able to get my reviews up in a timely manner, so I’m pretty disappointed that I wasn’t able to share this box before it sold out. The products are still great though, of course, and I always enjoy sharing companies and brands that do charitable work.

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ESTHORIABOX Lifestyle/Eco-Home Box Review – February 2017

On this quest to ecofying my life, the switch to non-toxic home products has been steadily slow and much slower than I would like. While I have switched all necessities, like cookware and dinnerware, and most items that come into contact with the skin like detergent and bedding, I don’t experiment with “extras” or often try anything new. I personally find the search for eco-friendly home and lifestyle items to be overwhelming, so this is where a lifestyle subscription box comes in incredibly handy for a person like me.

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