December Boxwalla Beauty – A Brief History of Timeless Things

Nothing makes you realize how fast time flies by like receiving subscription boxes! In this case it’s bi-monthly, but I can’t believe I’ve been trying out and reviewing the Boxwalla beauty boxes for one whole year now. Today, I’m bringing you their final beauty box of 2017!

Themed “A Brief History of Timeless Things“, the December Beauty Box* ($134 value) features 3 products, each a portal to travel through time and space, with ingredients that have been a part of ancient cultures. December’s excellent beauty product selection includes a golden sun-infused facial oil from Lepaar, a lotion-y eye serum from Dafna’s Skincare, and custom size coconut wax-based candle from Rebel & Mercury. Each of these products tells stories that began at least 5000 years ago. The last beauty box featuring H is for Love was my absolute favorite of this year, but this one is hotly coming in second. I’m a sucker for rich green beauty luxuries and I was really excited to experience new-to-me brands this go-round.

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YOU Skincare – The Next Brand You Need to Try

In the past year I’ve seen more skincare brands emerge who use formulas that combine science (I like to refer to these ingredients as “clinical”) and nature. Scientifically-backed ingredients typically refer to ones that have a proven track record in delivering results such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, vitamin C, and so on – and nature referring to plant-based ingredients such as oils, butters, extracts, herbs, and others. Through a lot of trial and error I’ve learned that my skin likes the best of both worlds – science-backed formulas tend to contain skin identical ingredients that help with barrier health and I like natural formulas for the nourishment, aromatherapy, and sensory experience. Both combine to feed my skin in such a way that they can’t seem to do separately. Sometimes these “clinical” ingredients might be synthetic, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe health-wise. I think what a lot of us are discovering is that “biocompatibility” is what’s important with skincare – ingredients that our skin can actually utilize to heal and maintain health. YOU Skincare happens to be one of these brands that combine the best of both worlds into super effective formulas!

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Wild Honey – October Boxwalla Beauty ft. H IS FOR LOVE

Brace yourselves, the much anticipated October Beauty Box from Boxwalla is here! If you’ve been a reader of mine since the beginning, you will know my love for this beautiful brand, H IS FOR LOVE, that Boxwalla is showcasing this month after such a warm first reception to the February beauty box that they were also featured in. Dare I say that this is my favorite Boxwalla beauty box thus far?

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New from Ursa Major | Bright & Easy 3 Minute Flash Mask

Ursa Major is on a roll with skincare launches lately! Today I’m excited to share their latest launch, the Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask* which is an exfoliating face treatment that delivers quick skin renewing benefits. I’m sharing all the details on their new mask and I have two treats for you all to boot! Ursa Major and I are teaming up to give away one Bright & Easy Mask on my Instagram, so be sure to check the bottom of this review for details on how to enter [giveaway is now closed]. Also, Ursa Major is kindly offering my readers a generous 15% off discount on all full-size products – check the bottom for more information!

Now, onto the mask goodness…

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REVIEW: KYPRIS Deep Forest Clay

Nothing provides immediate rejuvenation quite like a good clay face mask and it’s become apparent to me that it’s something I need to insert into my routine more often. I enjoy masking, but after a full cleansing routine I’m itching to get the rest of my products on so my skin can feel comfortable again. After I do mask, and see the wondrous results, it feels like a revelation – this is what my skin has been needing! It not only helps to clear dead skin and congestion, but it brings life to my skin and helps to re-balance oil production. In the middle of this Summer I made a resolve to mask more often and I was quite elated when KYPRIS asked if I would like to try out their Deep Forest Clay* detoxifying mask and exfoliant. This is one of a few masks that’s been on my testing table and I’m excited to share how I’ve been enjoying it.

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