EMPTIES VOL. 4 – Siam Seas, Mad Hippie, Lepaar & More

Welcome back for another round of empties! As mentioned in the previous post, I had a small collection of products I’ve used up over the last year (plus a couple stragglers from 2018 that got lost in a drawer) and thought I’d break this round into two posts for easier writing and reading since laundry lists of products are no fun.


  • LEPAAR Revive Deep Cleansing Oil*: Johanna at Lepaar sent me this wonderful package of Lepaar goodies awhile back and I really got the most use out of this cleansing oil. Their products are varied on a theme of being based in herbal-infused olive oil as well as 24K gold infusions. If you’re familiar with the way their products smell, this cleansing oil is no exception and has that clean nutty scent of olive. I’ve gotten to know olive oil as being really wonderful as a base for cleansing oils (H is for Love also utilizes olive oil in Rapha) – it’s rich but not too rich, it’s deep cleansing on pores yet it’s not too harsh, moisturizing but not greasy, etc. This was a wonderful cleansing oil and I’d definitely consider repurchasing it some day. $75AUD; 100ml. [FYI, certain Lepaar products are now available in the states at Credo Beauty!]
  • Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist: I ran out of my beloved Stark Skincare Petrichor mist and was in a bind, so I decided to pick this Mad Hippie mist up at Whole Foods one day and I’m really glad that I did. In fact, after I finished this particular bottle I immediately repurchased it. This stuff is incredibly hydrating and skin plumping and it smells amazing and sweet like marzipan or almond. You’ll want to spray this into your hands rather than directly on your skin because it comes out of the mister as a foamy liquid, which probably sounds unpleasant but I feel like it adds to the moisturizing properties of this. I decided to repurchase this mist instead of my favorite Stark one simply because it’s more affordable at half the price for $16. If you’re looking for an affordable and SUPER effective hydrating mist, you’ve got to try this one. Grab a bottle at iHerb and save 5% on your order with code FPK255. $16; 4oz.
  • Siam Seas Sai Clear Skin Serum*: I received two gifted bottles of Sai through Boxwalla because the first bottle had a formulation mishap. A mineral ingredient in it made the formula expand and clump up in the bottle and it wouldn’t properly dispense through the pump, so a replacement was sent to those who had received that initial formulation. After I had the chance to properly test it out I fell in love with this serum for its ability to clear up pores and reduce zits, and it smells amazing just like the other Siam Seas products I have tried. However, after a few months the pump clogged up and was stuck again, and the formula was too thick to apply as a serum. It lasted longer than the first bottle but it didn’t seem that the reformulation helped to keep the formula from thickening up too much. I loved the way the product worked while it was fresh, but I’d like to make sure the formula has been corrected before considering purchasing it again. $65; 20ml.
  • MOSS Skincare Illumina Vitamin C Perfecting Treatment Intensif*: This serum was another PR/gifted Boxwalla product from years ago but I held on to it despite being sure that the formula expired years ago (why do I do that?) Anyway, I initially enjoyed this serum for how smooth and silky it applied and that for being a vitamin C serum it smelled pleasant and not like hot dogs! After awhile I couldn’t bring myself to consistently use it because it didn’t add any immediate benefits to my skincare routine like hydration. I may not be the target for vitamin C serums at the moment anyway, but this one did seem promising in terms of long-term results and had brightened my complexion during the short while that I used it. $145; 30ml.
  • Stark Skincare Astral Orbital Eye Serum: Talk about a lovely, lovely eye serum. When I bought this it was a new product in the Stark line and it was meant to be limited edition, however I’m not sure if it’s now permanent in the line or not. It has MCT oil that’s been infused with green coffee beans, as well as chia, squalane, baobab, vitamin E, and their special Evergreen herbal complex. It smells so dang good too. Since finishing this eye serum I stuck to rotating between eye creams and serums because my under eyes need all the hydration they can get, but I would love to grab another rollerball of this stuff some day. 10ml.
  • Malaya Organics Advanced Repair Mask*: This was such a great mask. This too was another gifted Boxwalla product from last year and considering my usual slow pace of finishing masks I used this one up pretty quickly. It’s based in neem honey which might be why – honey masks are delish. What I really loved this mask for was for exfoliation – if your skin is dull and in need of real rejuvenation, this will be your savior. Your complexion will be good as new, fresh, brightened, and repaired. Highly recommend to try it if you’re into honey based masks. $78; 2.8oz.
  • Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda-Free Deodorant Cream in ‘Grapefruit’: Meow Meow Tweet’s deodorants have a good reputation for being effective and actually working, so I thought I’d give this baking soda-free version a try last year and guess what – it does work for me! As I mentioned in my Native deodorant review recently, I switch between natural deodorants that work for me to keep things fresh and actually working. It’s like switching up your shampoo or body wash – our bodies start to get used to a product for some reason. Anyway, I love this little jar of creamy deo and I’ve since repurchased it. Do give it a shot if you’re looking for a new natural deo to try. $14; 2.4oz.
*PR/Gifted products
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