EMPTIES VOL. 5: MŪN Skincare, Cocokind, Fifty7Kind & Others!

As indicated by the last time that I actually posted some empties which was last summer, I’m incredibly slow to use up products, but nonetheless I’m excited to have a little haul of trash that I get to share with you all today! As usual, it’s all skincare with one body product thrown in just to shake things up a bit.

Let’s review!

The prettiest kind of trash!
  • Cocokind Sake Body Lotion – I bought Cocokind’s new body lotion shortly after it launched earlier this year and quickly found a favorite in it. It’s unscented and great for daily moisturizing – it leans more hydrating than emollient, but it always left my super dry skin feeling comfortable and adequately moisturized. When I originally bought this lotion the weather was still cold and I needed to combine it with body oils for a moisture boost, but ever since the weather warmed up this lotion has worked great on its own. I bought a backup and intend to use it for time to come! Love that it’s affordable as is the rest of the Cocokind line. Read my full review here. Discount » 10% off with code GREENBYMERCY10
  • MŪN Akwi Purifying Cleanser* –  Akwi is a hybrid between a cream and oil cleanser, best used as your AM cleanser or as your first cleanse (of a double cleanse) at night. If you’ve ever used their Protect + Revive Moisturizer, it’s almost indistinguishable from that cream as their consistency and scent is similar. It dispenses out as a cream, but once you’ve begun the massage it breaks down into a balmy oil and cleanses like any oil cleanser would. It can take a bit for the cleanser to break down and warm up for an easy cleanse with slip, but once it does it’s very gentle and it doesn’t tug. I found it to be effective at keeping my pores clean and I like that it left my skin feeling moisturized and conditioned, which helped to act as a buffer for the second cleanse. At the moment my hands are filled with oil cleansers, but I plan to repurchase Akwi in the future! Discount » 15% off with code GBM15
  • Fifty7Kind Tanu Cell Affinity Coactive Serum* – I loved this oil so much that I don’t know where to begin! I received Fifty7Kind’s Tanu Serum in a gifted limited edition Boxwalla box that included the brand’s sole serum + balm duo and fell in love with both products, but I loved the oil so much I had it used up within weeks (mind you it was only 5ml, but still!). I loved its rich earthy scent and equally earthy color, the way it lavished my skin with skin-softening moisture that was never greasy but instead was glow inducing, and just the general way my skin was so bright and happy when I was using it. I’m still salty about having used it up so quickly, but I’m glad that it was well-loved during our time together! For its size it’s above my price range so I won’t be repurchasing it any time soon, and I have other oils that I’m using and loving at the moment, but I do hope to grab another bottle of Tanu in the future.
  • African Botanics Le Masque Hydralift Intense* – This overnight mask was featured in a Boxwalla beauty box long ago and I also used it up an incredibly long time ago, but I finished it shortly after last summer’s empties post so sadly it had to wait for me to accumulate more empties before I could share it. I was OBSESSED with this mask and haven’t found anything quite like it – it was literally like a face lift in a tube. I don’t know how African Botanics does it – but this stuff quite literally firmed, toned and contoured my skin around my natural bone structure – hence facelift in a tube. I would have loved to repurchase this, but it’s very pricey at $180. I’m grateful for being able to experience it courtesy of Boxwalla and I hope to reunite with this superbly effective mask again. Full review can be found here.
  • Heart + Soil Antioxidant Herbal Oil Cleanser* – I actually have two empties of this mini bottle, but I don’t know where in the world the other bottle disappeared to so it wasn’t able to make the family photo. I so luckily received this cleanser in two separate giveaways hosted by Heart + Soil and really enjoyed it, quickly using up each mini after I had received them. It’s very silky and nourishing, providing a wonderful slip for a deep cleansing pore-purge. It’s non-emulsifying (my preference) and it smells of lavender (not my preference but it’s actually an okay lavender scent), containing a pretty minimal but effective ingredient selection. I really appreciate Heart + Soil’s affordable price points, at just $25 (50ml) for this oil cleanser. The next time I need to purchase an oil cleanser, this one is among my top choices for what to buy.
  • Acure Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream – I picked this cleanser up on a whim at Ulta one day and while my first impression of it wasn’t positive, I eventually got on pretty well with it and went on to repurchase it after I emptied my first tube. This really isn’t your traditional cream cleanser – it’s more of a semi-opaque gel and it foams too, which in my opinion goes against the intention of typical cream cleansers. The first couple of times that I used it it was more drying than I anticipated and I was thrown by how it didn’t look or behave like a cream cleanser is supposed to. However, by the third or so time that I used it, my skin adjusted and it was left feeling soft and comfortable with every cleanse after that. It provides a thorough cleanse without stripping the skin and is ideal as a second cleanse in the PM, but for me it also worked great as a morning cleanse. I’ve since moved on to another foamy gel cleanser (The Inkey List SA Cleanser) but I like having this cleanser as a back up, and knowing that I have a clean drug store cleanser to fall back on when everything else isn’t working.
  • Mad Hippie Hydrating Nutrient Mist – This was another product I bought on a whim at Whole Foods, enjoyed it and later repurchased after finishing my first bottle. It’s interesting because it comes out kind of foamy, and the mist is quite strong and wet, but it’s uber hydrating and skin plumping and leaves my skin brighter too. It also smells good, it’s a little sweet but I can’t quite put my finger on what the scent is. The few Mad Hippie products I’ve tried all smell great and cucumber-esque, but each product has no clear indication of where the scent comes from so I have concerns as to whether the scents origins are natural or artificial. I don’t like that aspect, but the mist (and other MH products) have been effective for me so it checks the box for being a product I’ll go back to should I need a quick mist that I can pick up at the drug store.
  • Bareminerals Pureness Soothing Light Moisturizer – I picked this up at Ulta when I noticed that Bareminerals dropped a new line of “clean” skincare. It’s not exactly plant-based, but I recall it not containing fragrance or pthalates so at the time it looked like an acceptable moisturizer and I liked what I felt when I swatched it in store. I actually really enjoyed this cream – it was lightweight and the perfect topper/finisher for a full routine, quick absorbing and non-greasy, and it worked great both AM/PM. It wasn’t the most remarkable cream, but I don’t often fully finish moisturizers so I still think that says something for it! I would consider repurchasing it if I didn’t already have a lot of creams to work through.
  • Elemeni Ageless Eye Serum* – Elemeni is Max Green Alchemy’s anti-aging skincare line and they were generous to gift me with a few items from the collection, including this eye serum and the cream listed below. I didn’t fully finish this serum as it went bad before I could use it up (it didn’t expire quick, I was just too slow!) but I adored this eye serum for how soothing and hydrating it was. I liked layering eye products with it, applying this eye serum first and then following it with an eye cream or dabs of facial oil. All around it was very effective and just nice to use.
  • Elemeni Radiance Face Cream* – Elemeni’s Radiance Cream is a thick, emollient, butter-based moisturizer formulated for anti-aging, including rosehip, plant stem cells and peptides. It sits on the edge of being a mediumweight cream, but when I wore it alone without additional serums or oils it felt a lot lighter. I’m not normally geared towards heavier moisturizers because I like being able to apply a more full routine with serums and such, but it did great things for my skin in terms of improved moisture/lipid levels and the way it really brightened my skin. I kind of treated this cream like makeup, often wearing it instead of foundation. I would consider repurchasing this some day especially for the colder months when my skin is dry, but for now I have a lot of moisturizers to work through.
What have you used up lately?
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