EVERYDAY MINERALS Haul – Brushes, Blushes & More

It’s been a MINUTE (years, maybe?) since I last shared some makeup around these parts! I recently started using mineral foundation again (I always come back to my good old powders) which happened to make me feel nostalgic for Everyday Minerals – one of the first indie beauty brands I tried when I discovered the online indie/clean beauty space. I thought I’d see what’s going on in their store and I found a few new items to try as well as some classic blushes that I once owned.

Half of the items in this haul were actually free gifts, believe it or not. Right now they have a great gift offer – spend $20 and choose 4 free gifts, or spend $40 and choose 7 free gifts. They let you choose your free gifts from each category of product which is awesome.

I also just joined their referral program and I’m happy to share a great discount with you all – use my link to save 20% on all products in their store!


  • Everyday Minerals Ultimate Buffing Brush — A densely packed buffing brush designed with a slightly rounded edge for all your foundation/powder buffing needs. I like that although it is densely packed it’s not too firm and still provides some “give” while buffing in a circular motion – bristles that are packed in too stiffly don’t buff powders properly in my opinion. I’m pretty pleased that I was able to snag this on sale at $11.25, isn’t that a great deal for a high quality bamboo brush? Bristles are synthetic and vegan friendly. $15 retail value; purchased on sale at $11.25.
  • Everyday Minerals Fresh Rose Blossom Blush — Described as a dusty ballerina pink shade, it’s pretty and neutral great for every day/daytime looks. Pretty shade for Spring and Summer! Matte with no shimmer. Mini-version. $10 retail value; purchased on sale at $7.50. 
  • Everyday Minerals Girl’s Best Friend Blush — A matte, dusty peachy-pink shade. I’ve shared this one in a previous haul and I can’t get over how pretty it is. Another pretty shade for Spring/Summer seasons, particularly Summer. It’s warm, bright and inviting. Mini-version. $10 retail value; purchased on sale at $7.50.
  • Everyday Minerals White Wedding Shimmer Eye Shadow — This shade is described as a soft and elegant bronzy pink. In reality it’s nearly white with a cool pinkish undertone and a little shimmer. It’s not what I was expecting judging by their product photo and description but I’m going to give it a chance and perhaps it would be a good primer or base shade. $6 retail value; purchased on sale at $4.50.


For my free 4 piece gift I chose their Eye Blending Brush, A Whole Lotta Warmth Bronzer, Sandy & Danny Eye Shadow Shimmer, and Fresh, Glowing Velvet Eye Shadow.

  • Eye Blending Brush — It’s all in the name! This brush is great for applying/blending eyeshadow in the outer V of the eye and it can also be used to apply shadow all over the lid, as well as the brow bone.
  • A Whole Lotta Warmth Bronzer — Reminiscient of Baremineral’s Warmth All Over Color, perhaps a little less warm and more like a classic medium-deep bronze.
  • Sandy & Danny Shimmer Eye Shadow — This eyeshadow is described as a romantic beige-cream but on the lid it’s a peachy color with some shimmer and has low pigmentation. Again, it’s not really what I was expecting when I chose this shade but I’ve been wearing it lately and I do like it.
  • Fresh, Glowing Velvet Eye Shadow — This shade is similar to White Wedding, but instead has a neutral undertone to it instead of a cool pinky one. I was expecting a more creamy beige matte shade but I find it’s essentially a white highlighter kind of shade like White Wedding. With some bronzer in the crease I actually like how it brightens my eyes and in comparison to White Wedding I think I prefer this shade just because it doesn’t have that cool undertone.

To conclude, I am always happy with the performance and quality of their brushes and blush collection and their affordable prices are a big driver in bringing me back to their brand. I’m not ready to give up on their eye shadows just yet! Stay tuned.

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