Everyday Minerals ‘Into the Wonderland’ Kit


Everyday Minerals frequently comes out with the cutest (and always affordable) makeup kits. In the past I’ve bought a couple of face + cheek kits and this time I wanted to pick up an eye and lip one that included some new products of theirs. They have a few new kits to choose from and this one that I picked up is the Everyday Minerals Into the Wonderland Kit ($8.88). Created for day and night looks, the eyeshadow shades are very versatile and you get a pretty tinted lip balm to complete the look.

included in this kit +

• Lady Be Good Shimmer Eye Shadow (warm shimmery highlight) – 0.03 oz. / 0.85g
• Chestnut Satin Eye Shadow (neutral pinkish-brown chestnut) – 0.03 oz. / 0.85g
• It’s Complicated Shimmer Eye Shadow (shimmery dark purple-brown)  – 0.03 oz. / 0.85g
• Jubilee Tinted Lip Balm (rich, pinkey bronze) 0.09 oz. / 2.6g


Lady Be Good makes for a nice brightening highlight or an all over color on the eyelid. It’s also a good base for layering the other eyeshadows on. It doesn’t have much pigment but I don’t mind that in a shade that’s brightening.

Chestnut is a neutral pinkish brown and has a soft, satin finish.  It’s beautiful for using in the crease, and in the inner and outer corners.

It’s Complicated is a dark purple-y brownish black with red, green and blue shimmers. It’s really pigmented and incredibly shimmery. It’s such a unique color and is quite dark but I think it’s done in such a way it’s wearable for anyone. It can be worn as eyeliner, or to darken up the outer V (or outer corner).

Also, I have to say I prefer the size of the eyeshadows in this kit compared to the standard size they make most of their eyeshadows in. These eyeshadows come in the ‘baby’ size, whereas their full size come in ‘mini’. These are smaller, and you are getting half the product but these fit much more compact into storage and I never use up a complete eyeshadow pot anyway. You can find these eyeshadows individually on their site in full size if you are interested in select colors and not the complete kit.


The Jubilee tinted lip balm is a pretty pinkish bronze with a light amount of frost that gives a nice shine to the lips, I feel like some might think it’s too…90s? But, I think they’ve done the frost beautifully and it doesn’t look outdated. It’s so moisturizing and it smells so much like one of the citrus ingredients in contains (grapefruit, orange, or tangerine – I can’t tell which but it smells amazing!) The ingredients in this lip balm are incredibly clean as well, as all Everyday Minerals products are. Everyday Minerals has a cute swatch video for their new tinted lip balms here. (I also bought Smile and will be showing it in a Monthly Beauty Review post coming soon)

Everything about this little kit is lovely – and it’s so inexpensive just around $8. They offer similar kits with different eyeshadow looks and different tinted lip balms – you have to pick one up! To see what kind of look you can create with this kit, check out Everyday Minerals Tips & Tricks on how to use this here.

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