Green Beauty Journal | Apr ’16


We’ve just hit May so it’s time to for a look into my green beauty journal from April! Green beauty journal posts are a month-end compilation of favorites, empties, new purchases, updates, and more from the past month. I don’t acquire enough favorites or empties to warrant their own posts so I prefer to do it in the style of one post at the end of the month, and some items don’t necessarily need their own post or review yet. I have a few more skincare favorites that aren’t mentioned here, but those have to wait for a focused brand review (so excited to share that later this month!) Let’s look back on April!

Favorites  〉

I’ve had the Honeybee Garden’s Pressed Mineral Foundation (my shade is Geisha) in my collection for a long time, but have been neglecting to use it for the past half year. I was trying different foundations and forgot how much I loved this one, and after deciding to dust it off a few weeks ago and start using it again I have fallen back in love! I love the medium-full coverage and how un-powder like it looks on the skin after application. When wearing this my skin still looks like skin, but of course much less flawed.

The same goes for the RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer, in that I’ve been neglecting to use it for the past couple of months. It’s usually my bronzer of choice, but I had been reaching for powder blushes for the longest time. With the super natural skin-like look of the Honeybee Gardens foundation, I thought I’d start using the Buriti bronzer again and am really happy with how it looks so natural and clean on top of the foundation. I’ve found that I prefer to just apply it with fingers by dabbing a lot, rather than use any stippling brush. These two items have been my most frequently worn makeup items of the month and that probably won’t stop any time soon.

I am still SO very obsessed with the H is for Love Lip Conditioner, which I reviewed a few weeks back here. It’s such a natural and luxurious lip conditioner and as time goes on I fall more in love with the whipped texture of it. Very obsessed with the fact that it comes in a glass pot because…eh, plastic sucks. You MUST try this lip conditioner! Big favorite of mine this month and my love for it will never end!!!

New  〉

I believe in one of my past GBJ I mentioned I was contemplating buying a new shampoo and conditioner. My previous duo worked great for me but they weren’t as cleanly formulated as I’d like so I wanted to switch up to something new. After a lot of digging around for a new duo that is affordable (because I go through haircare so quickly) I settled on trying the Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine duo which I picked up on iHerb. Literally the first duo I consider buying and I found a winner! The shampoo has a really nice lather that’s easy to work into the scalp and it clarifies my hair as much as it needs without completely stripping it of any moisture causing it to go frizzy. The conditioner is so lovely as well, it’s lightweight and creamy and does not leave a heavy glycerin residue behind on the hair (I like glycerin, but it can feel heavy in hair products). I like that it’s easy to squeeze out of the bottle because my last conditioner was very thick and difficult to get out of the bottle (first world problems, yeah). The scent of both of these is a faint citrus and after my nightly shower I don’t smell either product in my hair, but it still has a very nice nothing-y kind of clean scent.

In this same iHerb haul I also picked up a moisturizing face mask from Andalou Naturals and two new bar soaps since they were out of stock on the one I always use by the brand One with Nature. Later on this week I will divulge more into the shampoo and conditioner duo, the bar soaps, and facial mask along with some repurchases I also picked up in this haul (Photos of these products are on my IG!)

The Amaki Skincare Konjac Sponges* have been such a delight to cleanse with the past few weeks. I know konjac sponges have been around for quite a few years but I had never tried them before due to assuming they wouldn’t do anything for the skin, especially in terms of exfoliating. I find they do provide a deeper cleanse and it lends a bit more to the cleansing experience, like having a nice little facial massage. I can’t decide though if in the future konjac sponges will be worth the price since they have to be repurchased often but I will see when that day comes!

Empties  〉

Last week I finished up my Brija Cosmetics Illuminate Eye Balm (review here) and i’ll say I finished it up way faster than I’d have liked! It was a great eye balm, minus some qualms I had with it in the beginning but I will not be repurchasing it after seeing that it lasts me just under two months. I’m not sure if I’m just slow to finish up eye balms/products but they tend to last me a good 4 months or so, sometimes longer (and I’m talking morning and nightly use). For now I’m testing out another really lovely eye balm from a skincare brand which I am very excited to talk about in an upcoming post this month!

I also finished up the Devita Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser. This cleanser is a very gentle, foaming cleanser that’s runny in consistency, like a watery gel. I wouldn’t use it for double cleansing (I personally like a bit of a deeper cleanse at night) and I wouldn’t use it for makeup removal but it does foam up a little bit and is more clarifying than your average gentle cleanser. I primarily used it in the mornings and didn’t find it to be too drying. If you’re looking for a very gentle cleanser that still provides a bit of foaming action I recommend it! Big plus that it comes in a glass pump bottle!

See you at the end of May for another look into my green beauty journal!

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