Green Beauty Journal | Feb ’16


I’ve decided to rename my Monthly Beauty Review series and will be calling it my Green Beauty Journal from now on. It was too vague of a title and didn’t really ascertain what the post would contain. I will still be putting up these kinds of posts at the end of the month. My journal series will be like a month-end catch-all post where I will share favorites, empties, throw-aways, new purchases to replace old products, reviews for products that don’t necessarily need their own post, and also updates. I’m really happy that I’ve been finding ways to improve my photos, because if you look back at January’s monthly beauty review that was kind of a terrible picture! Anyway, let’s look back on February!

FINISHED: LOTION +  Last week I finished up my Alba Very Emollient Body Lotion (it looks like there’s a lot left, but that’s on the side of the bottle and no more will pump out! ugh). I really liked the Alba lotion in the beginning of using it because it left my skin perfectly moisturized and not greasy. When I got to 3/4th mark of the bottle it felt like it was no longer working for my skin. Hours after application my skin felt bone dry, but somehow like it was covered in a gross residue. Also, it contains phenoxyethanol which is a bit of a controversial preservative. Phenoxyethanol rates a 4 on EWG mostly because of an irritation/allergy risk – and I don’t experience irritation – but for a product you slather on the whole body I’d like something safer with less risk. (By the way, EWG isn’t the end-all for researching your products but it’s decent for looking up individual ingredients such as this.) Anyway, I switched up the Alba for the Shea lotion  which I will talk about next!

NEW LOTION +  So, I decided to try the Shea Moisture Baby Healing Lotion since I was out of lotion and no longer happy with the Alba. I’ve used it a few times now and so far I really like it! It’s very thick in the bottle, and it’s creamy, but it’s not heavy or greasy by any means. It leaves my skin very moisturized (moist, not greasy!) and it leaves behind a light fragrance. I’ve never smelled frankincense or myrrh, so I don’t know if that’s the intended fragrance but it’s very light, almost nutty, and it dissipates after a little while. It’s lightweight enough for the whole body but it’s still moisturizing enough for the drier areas like my feet and elbows.

NEW DEODORANT // ZABANA ESSENTIALS BAKING SODA-FREE DEODORANT ‘LEMONGRASS NECTAR’ +  I mentioned my first impression of this (mini-size) deodorant back in my Zabana Essentials Haul post [here] and have had enough time now to really gather my opinion on it. First I want to mention I’m extremely sensitive to baking soda so I have to specifically choose baking-soda free options. Instead of baking soda you will find that this deodorant contains arrowroot powder and kaolin clay to help absorb moisture. Despite containing clay it’s a very soft balm that’s easy to apply and you won’t have to let it warm up on the skin. It contains zinc oxide which is calming and it also gives it it’s white color which is a major plus for me. Every other deodorant I’ve tried is off white, or almost brown due to clay and that combined with the oils in the deodorant will totally ruin your light clothing. Overall, I really love how they have formulated this because it’s a nice balm that’s not too slippery and oily but you don’t have to warm it up to your skin, and it’s not grainy. As for scent: it contains nectarine extract and essential oils. It’s heavily scented and I feel that this is how it’s intended to help keep smells at bay. I don’t find that it smells like lemongrass since I can only detect the nectarine, but it smells peachy and amazing. On me it works for almost 24 hours before I start smelling my sweat coming through, and I just make sure to wash my armpits before reapplying (don’t apply deodorant to unwashed armpits! it won’t work if they’re dirty). I’m incredibly happy with this deodorant and it has replaced my other non-working baking soda-free deodorants. I plan on purchasing the full size when I finish up this mini. Or heck, I might keep the mini for traveling and just buy the full size soon!

FINISHED: MOISTURIZER // NEW FACIAL OIL +  *extreme sad face* This is so bittersweet because I’m almost done with my Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion [review here]. I absolutely loved this moisturizer, the BEST I have ever used, and my skin has improved so much in many ways. The reason this is bittersweet is because I won’t be purchasing it again. It’s $62 for 1.6oz and I used up my bottle in 2 months since I use it both morning and night. Even when a product is as amazing as this, I consider the cost and if it’s truly worth it because of how fast I go through skincare. I will definitely buy it again in the future, I just won’t do it consistently since it’s pricey. There’s also the side of me that wants to try new products and discuss on the blog so it’s why I may not always repurchase favorites. Now for the ‘sweet’ part of bittersweet, I will be replacing it with another Kahina product! I’m going to try out their beloved Argan oil (the smaller size, for $36). I haven’t moisturized with oils in so long and I felt that this would be the way to go while still getting my Kahina fix! I’ve already ordered it and am expecting it to arrive Monday so expect a review some time in March! I will get the most out of my Facial Lotion by mixing it with the argan oil as they suggest to do.

NEW TOOTHPASTE +  I’ve been using various flavors of Tom’s toothpaste for years now (I last used up a whitening one) and wanted to try something different so I picked up the Nature’s Gate Creme de Mint Toothpaste on iHerb. For me, a toothpaste is a toothpaste and the only thing that matters to me is that it has clean ingredients. It really performs like any other toothpaste and cleans my teeth well. It’s not abrasive and it really foams up while you’re brushing your teeth. I really like that the mint isn’t so overpowering the way it used to be with conventional toothpastes and also like that the minty flavor doesn’t stick around after you’re done brushing. I’m quite enjoying it and my local health food store carries it so this might be my go-to toothpaste now! Plus, way cuter packing than the Tom’s!

CONTEMPLATING A NEW SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER +  Natural hair care is one of the only areas in natural beauty that I have a difficult time finding something that works for me. I settled on trying this pair from Nature’s Gate (long ago) and while I saw fragrance on the ingredients list, it said it’s pthalate-free so I chose to ignore it. I recently considered reviewing these and I emailed Nature’s Gate to ask what the fragrance ingredient is and they informed me it’s a synthetic and natural blend. I knew it was most likely synthethic but was being willfully ignorant because I just needed something to work and these sounded promising. I’m okay with moderation when it comes to products that aren’t entirely clean but if I use it multiple times a week that’s when I get restrictive on what I will use and won’t use. It says it’s pthalate-free which is a big reason why we avoid fragrance, because of the endocrine disrupting pthalates. It might still be harmful though so it’s why I’m considering switching them up just to avoid the possible risk. Any suggestions for a clarifying shampoo and conditioner set? I’m thinking of trying out Acure’s since I haven’t yet tried their shampoo and conditioners.

BRAND DISCOVERY +  I discovered the all natural beauty brand Root through Instagram, and so many pretty photos via their spokesmodel and other models. Their mascara and eyeshadow shades had me interested so I placed 2 orders and am currently waiting on the second one to ship. They are a very affordable brand with the cutest (and very versatile) products and they frequently offer deals through Instagram (@rootpretty) so I recommend to check them out! After I receive my order and test out the makeup I will be sure to post a review along with swatches!

See you at the end of March for another look into my green beauty journal!

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