Green Beauty Journal | July ’16


It’s time for a round-up of favorites, empties, and new finds from the last month! I’m super excited to share some lovely skincare items I’ve been testing, some newly purchased favorites, and a review on a deodorant that I’ve been putting to the test in this Southern heat for the last two months.



Brand spankin’ new product alert! Rejoice because the H IS FOR LOVE RAPHA Harmonizing Oil Cleanser* was just released last week! Also released alongside the new cleanser are their new organic, unbleached, custom-made cotton Cleansing Cloths which look like blankets suitable for tiny angels in Heaven. I had the opportunity to sample Rapha and followed Bee’s (boss lady at H) exact directions on how to use this cleansing oil, using my own muslin cloth. She said it would be a game changer and she was seriously right! She has nailed down the formula for this cleansing oil – it gives enough slip for makeup removal and it’s light enough facial massaging and cleansing the pores. Bee advises to dampen your muslin/flat weave cloth under warm (not hot!) water and leave it on the face for ~10 seconds before wiping away. Why I have never tried this before is beyond me! I’m usually just wiping away on the skin a lot and sometimes there is still residue left over, and my skin feels overworked. Warm water lifts and dissolves oils and dirt from the skin much more effectively, so by applying a warm, damp cloth on the face before removal you’re getting a deeper, gentler, and easier cleanse. The real key here is to use a flat-weave cloth as mentioned above, no rough wash cloths! This oil cleanser has a gorgeous green color and an amazing sweet scent – I’ll take a guess and say it’s the german chamomile in it but I might be wrong. Cannot wait to pick this baby up in full size after finishing my current cleansing oil.

The Okoko Cosmetiques L’ELIXIR DE CLARTE* brightening concentrate has been a miracle worker for my skin this last month. This 5% AHA (sourced from citrus) exfoliating toner promises to gentle exfoliate the skin leaving it renewed, radiant, and brightened. With consistent use I’ve noticed great improvement in my skin’s texture – build-up of dead skin is gone and my skin is so smooth and bright! I love that AHA’s are moisturizing because it gives the skin a nice, moisturized base underneath my facial oil at night. The hyaluronic acid also contributes to that! I really enjoy the vanilla scent of this toner as well.

The Maven Made Sleep Serum has turned restless nights into soothing, sound sleep for me. The moment I climb into bed, I apply this sleep serum to my wrists, the tops of my hands closest to my thumb (where your hand might naturally fall next to your face on the pillow) and under my nostrils. It’s made with clary sage, roman chamomile, and lavender, with the latter two being what it most smells strongly of. Since I associate this scent with rest and sleep I have conditioned myself to get sleepy when I smell this! Even if I’m not quite ready for sleep and I apply this, I find myself comfortable and ready to drift off to sleep. For someone who has difficulties with falling asleep, this sleep serum has been immensely wonderful!




I’m kind of a dunce and threw away my old empty jar of the Selah, Be Butter Up Body Butter, but here is my brand new jar! I previously tried the Sweet Orange + Ylang Ylang scent and opted for Lavender + Vanilla this time. This melted during transit so I had to pop it in the fridge, but these butters normally look soft and light with a whipped texture (but performs the exact same either way). I adore this scent and the vanilla bean bits! It’s pretty magic how the bean bits seem to disappear after applying on the skin so don’t worry that you’ll have specks all over your body!

I finished two facial toner samples from Jord Organic which I touched on in last week’s haul, here. The LAKRIDS brightening toner was a hit for me, leaving my skin so fresh, brightened, and primed for moisture. Some key ingredients include licorice root and carrot seed oil, both effective at brightening the skin. The BRYGGE probiotic facial toner is incredibly unique to me as I haven’t seen another toner like it. The ladies at Jord brew their own kombucha which is the main component of BRYGGE and they infuse it with lemongrass, rose, and yarrow. Rose hydrosol is the base to balance the lovely kombucha. The best part, it’s pink! The color is the prettiest bright pink which is housed in their classic, frosted glass bottles. I will be picking this up in full size along with LAKRIDS!

ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant


While I have a favorite deodorant that performs well, I wanted to give the Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant a go because I was intrigued by its ingredients. Most natural deodorants have a pretty standard formula with minimal ingredients, but the Ursa Major deodorant has a more extensive ingredient list that includes interesting things like royal jelly extract and hops. It does contain baking soda (I’m sensitive to it), but it’s about a quarter of the way down the list, so I wanted to know if my pits could put up with it since it’s not so concentrated. It contains peppermint oil and eucalyptus which gives it its refreshing scent and provides a cooling sensation (it’s very cold actually!).

It sounds odd to say about a deodorant, but it’s such a joy to use! The hefty, quality packaging is the first thing you really notice about it and it’s a nice change from the cheaper packaging you get with most handmade products. You don’t have to hold the stick to your pits for long to warm it up for application and I like that it applies with a bit of grip. It doesn’t leave behind a creamy/sticky/oily residue of any kind, but just leaves a clear layer that feels like it will stick well to the pits. So far, I’ve experienced minimal irritation with the baking soda in this. I have to be careful not to apply too much – if I do it’s rash galore, but if I’m careful I have zero irritation or rashes. It keeps the odor at bay for about 3/4 of the day, wearing off by late evening. However, something that I’ve learned with this deodorant (this applies to my favorite Zabana Essentials deodorant as well) is that it shouldn’t be applied immediately after taking a shower or washing your pits. The warmth from the water and your body heat will heat up the deodorant application making it melt/liquify and I find it renders it useless. I’m a night showerer, so I like to wait until the next morning to apply deodorant. If night sweats are an issue or if you’re a morning showerer, I’d wait at least an hour or apply at the last minute before heading out the door. While it’s not the strongest deodorant, it should work for those who don’t have strong body odors and I think it will be a great deodorant for the colder months.

This does it for July! See you at the end of August!

*gifted samples
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