Green Beauty Journal | Mar ’16


We’re on the last day of March so it’s time to look back on the month and review my green beauty favorites, new purchases, and updates on past products. I feel like I bought a lot of new things in March (a lot for me, anyway) and I added some new items to my skincare routine that I’m so happy with. Having the blog now I’m buying a lot more makeup than my storage will hold so in April I will probably have to upgrade to a 5 drawer organizer from Muji 🙂


I posted a haul earlier in the month [here] featuring some first ever goodies purchased from Root. Just about every time I wore makeup I wore either one or both of the eyeshadows, Janessa and Portland. They both are really beautiful shimmery shades and they are perfect for daytime especially if you want to add a little something to your eye look. You can see swatches in the haul I linked above! With that haul I also bought and reviewed [here] their 100% Lash Mascara and I’m still absolutely loving this mascara. Since buying it I haven’t once switched it up for my Juice Beauty mascara! For soft, volumized, flake-free, smudge-free lashes (that also smell great) you must try it!

The Hurraw! Unscented Lip Balm that I mentioned in my iHerb haul has been my favorite lip balm of this month. I can’t remember the last time I used an unscented one and I found myself always reaching for this one! I guess it’s a nice change to not always have to deal with smell and flavor being on your lips when you just need some moisturization. This lip balm keeps my lips so moisturized, smooth, and cushiony-feeling.


I finally picked up the Brija Skin Illuminate Eye Balm that I mentioned in a wishlist post awhile back. So far, I’m noticing that it’s doing a great job at keeping my under-eyes moisturized and I feel that it’s doing a better job at keeping dryness-caused fine lines away compared to the previous eye balm I was using. What I like most about it is its ease of application – I wish all eye products came in a tube! I love that I don’t have to use my fingers to scrape product and then take forever gently patting it on. I’ll post a more in-depth review in the future.

My teeth could use some whitening action so I figured I’d try the Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen. I picked the green apple flavor (contains actual green apple extract, super clean formula!) and I love the smell of it. At this time of writing I have only used the pen two times but even in just two sessions my teeth are visibly whiter. The only pain I’ve experienced with this whitening pen was a very dull ache, certainly nothing too painful to keep me from wanting to use it. I’m going to see how well it whitens my teeth and will post an update in next month’s green beauty journal!


I finished my travel sized tube of the Zabana Essentials Baking Soda-free Deodorant and bought the full size of the lemongrass nectar scent. This deodorant is still holding strong for me and I’m still so incredibly happy with it! I’m sensitive to baking soda and it’s been difficult finding one that doesn’t contain it that will work for me. Not only does it keep odors at bay for me, I really enjoy the nice balmy (but firm) formula of it. It’s light in color so it won’t ruin your clothing with dark oily colors, it’s not grainy, and I don’t find that I have to warm it up on the skin. The lemongrass nectar scent smells like nectarine and it’s wonderful. They kindly threw in a passionfruit lip balm into my order and I’m loving it just as much as my ZE coconut lip balm.

Just want to report that the Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil [review here] is still getting on with my skin amazingly. I’m probably even more happy and excited about it now than at the time of posting a review on it! It’s so hard to describe why exactly but there’s nothing better than the experience of such a premium quality, luscious facial oil. Although there are moisturizers out there that I’m interested in and wanting to try I don’t see myself trying new things anytime soon, for fear that my skin won’t look as good and healthy as it does right now!

See you at the end of April for another look into my green beauty journal!

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