Green Beauty Journal | Oct. ’16


I’m a bit late getting this month’s GBJ post up, but better late than never, right?! I have so much to share with you all, from new makeup goodies, new deodorants and lotions, skincare and makeup samples, and some empties of well-loved products. If you’re not familiar with this series of mine, my Green Beauty Journal posts are month-end collectives of favorites, empties, and new products from the previous month.

Before we get down to business, I want to mention two things!

A shout out: My good friend Angie from the Whipped Green Girl blog is celebrating her two year blog anniversary – Happy Bloggiversary girl!!! She is so amazing and kind and completely welcomed me with open arms when I joined the green beauty community. She was also the first person to ever leave a comment on my blog posts, something I thought I would never receive! She has been a major source of support for me and my blog and it inspired me to do the same for others, especially those who are just joining whether it’s on social media or a new blog. For those who don’t already follow her I encourage you to check out her blog for great skincare reviews and DIY fun!

Also, there’s an AMAZING giveaway happening over on my Instagram! In collaboration with Okoko Cosmetiques, myself and a few lovely bloggers are talking on our Okoko product experiences, while Okoko is giving away a Divine Complexion kit to one lucky winner! The Divine Kit includes: the brand new multi-purpose Sublime Balm, L’Elixir de Clarte 5% AHA Exfoliating Toner, La Boue de Beaute Clay Facial Mask, and Les Precieux 16 Anti-Aging Oil! This kit is worth a whopping $248 USD/$335 CAD. Head to my Instagram post here to find out how to enter – the winner will be announced on Monday November 14th at 1PM PST!



  • Teri Miyahira August Beauty Box – In late September I was the lucky winner of a giveaway hosted by my lovely friend Rachel from @natureplusnature on Instagram (seriously go follow her, she posts amazing recipes!) where she was giving away the August Teri Miyahira Beauty Box! While there are a handful of boxes I have interest in subscribing to (including TMB) I don’t for fear of wasting money on products I might not like, since you inherently have no idea what you will be receiving. With that said, I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity to receive one of these boxes as I was really interested in that particular month’s box. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase these items individually since they were limited edition, but I want to share my experience with her products so that the interested can get an idea for how well they perform. August’s box contained: the Harmony quad containing 4 gorgeous shades interchangeable as eye shades or complexion shades, a pressed eyeshadow in the shade Strength, and the Green Tea Detox Gel Cleanser. Firstly, how gorgeous is the packaging that Teri chose for her products? I love the matte black and the general quality of each compact, both with very sturdy, quality packaging. Both pressed powder products performed very well with soft blendable powders that have great pigmentation. I love the versatility of the Harmony quad (especially love all those shades for the face) and Strength is a gorgeous taupey brown. Teri chose beautiful shades that work in harmony and they are shades I would have personally chosen for myself! Lastly, the green tea gel cleanser is great for a clarifying cleanse. It’s quite drying, but I already use a gel cleanser that’s just as drying and I prefer these kinds of cleansers as a second cleanse to ensure that all oils and dirt are removed. Teri has been a prominent figure in the green beauty community with her amazing YouTube channel (seriously, her reviews are the best!) and it’s no surprise that she was able to create such a well-performing and wildly popular makeup and skincare line that is held to our natural standards. If you’re interested in subscribing to Teri’s monthly beauty box, click here for more info!


  • Real Techniques Bold Metals 203 Tapered Shadow Brush – Already being a fan of Real Techniques other eyeshadow brushes, I wanted to give their tapered brush from the Bold Metals collection a shot and I will say I love it much more than their original collection! The brush material feels the same, possibly a little softer, but the tapered ends perform better and it blends so well. I’m not great at blending, but this brush makes that job so much easier and I feel like for the first time in my life that my eyeshadow actually looks good! Next up I’ll be buying their Oval eyeshadow brush which is more ideal for packing on color.


  • Okoko Cosmetiques L’Elixir de Clarte* – Full review here. L’Elixir de Clarte is an exfoliating toner made with 5% AHA derived from citrus that evenly sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal brightened smooth skin. My skin seems to accumulate a lot of dead cells and I deal with texture as well, so exfoliation in my skincare routine is a necessity. Highly recommend this toner if you have issues with dullness, texture, and clogged pores caused by excess dead skin cells.
  • Blissoma Peace Evening Calming Creme – Peace is a medium-weight moisturizer formulated with calming and anti-inflammatory herbs and other ingredients. It’s great for all skin types, but especially for those with normal to sensitive skin and for those dealing with irritations, texture and flakiness. It has a runny texture so I prefer to use it as the serum step and layer it with a moisturizer such as Blissoma’s Pure (which I will touch on below) or Lift. It’s fantastic for layering and I find no matter what product I layer it with, it gives my skin such a healthy boost in appearance and leaves it dewey and glowing.
  • Blissoma Pure Sensitive Skin Soothing Complex – Pure is a perfectly balanced moisturizer designed to soothe and repair skin that is coping with allergies, sensitivities, irritation, dryness, and reactivity. As Blissoma says, it’s not too light and not too heavy. Marshmallow and plantain are two top ingredients in Pure that have a high mucilage content that acts as a moisturizing and soothing protective layer. For my drier skin, especially at this time of year, it doesn’t provide as much moisture as my skin needs but it layers beautifully with other moisturizers, especially on top of Peace as previously mentioned. Highly recommend this moisturizer for those with sensitive reactive skin, especially those who are sensitive to essential oils as Pure is essential oil-free.


Some samples I’ve been testing:

  • Parlo Cosmetics ‘Betty’ Mineral Blush and Root White Gold Illuminator – Another lovely friend of mine from Instagram, Laura from @laurablushing, included these two samples with the Kiss My Face deodorant that I so luckily won in a giveaway she hosted. The White Gold Illuminator is a beautiful warm toned highlighter in a loose mineral form. It imparts a stronger highlight compared to their Rose Gold Illuminator which imparts a subtle rose-toned glow. Love this highlighter and I may just have to pick up the full size! The Parlo Cosmetics blush in Betty is a shimmery deep rose tone that is so pretty and suitable for all skin tones. This is the first product I’ve tried from Parlo Cosmetics and am very interested to see what else this line has to offer!


  • de Mamiel Restorative Cleansing Balm – I picked up this de Mamiel sample and the other two samples below in an Integrity Botanicals order. It’s a very thick cleansing balm and I believe its use of thick and viscous ingredients is what makes it so amazing at deep cleansing. I often deal with these “plug” like things in my pores which I believe to be dried sebum and the only thing that loosens and pulls these plugs from my pores are cleansing oils and balms. It did a fantastic job at deep cleansing my pores removing so many of these grits, so for that reason I think it would be ideal as a weekly cleanse as it might overwork the skin.
  • Blissoma Free Herbal Gel Cleanser – A gentle, pH balanced gel cleanser made with herbs, soapbark extract (for light foaming action) and oils. Free is another item from their yellow label line which is designed for sensitive skin types being free of essential oils and other irritants. While I didn’t find this cleanser to be as clarifying as I was expecting (something I need at night as a second cleanse), I think it’s a great option for those who need a gentle non-drying cleanser that won’t strip or disrupt the skin. Considering picking it up in full size as I’m enjoying it as much as I love their Fresh cleanser!
  • Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum – This hair serum is made with a lightweight blend of sesame oil, coconut oil, and essential oils of roman chamomile, clary sage, atlas cedar, and bitter orange. I’m really impressed by how lightweight and thin this serum is and how it’s very comparable to a conventional hair serum. And it totally works! It gives my hair a pretty sheen while keeping it looking healthy, and it gives it a refreshing scent. I really want to pick it up in full size after testing it!


  • Shikai Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion and Advanced Formula Lotion – During the late Summer I was experiencing severely dry skin, especially on my legs, despite using a body butter that was rich in butters and oils. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why my skin was so dry despite using a gentle moisturizing bar soap and a rich body butter, until it dawned on me that I had been giving my skin zero hydration. Our skin needs hydration from water-based products (a revelation which changed my previously dry facial skin) and I wasn’t giving it that, but instead causing an imbalance by only using a heavy body butter to moisturize with. I found these Shikai Borage Therapy lotions on iHerb, both water based but also contain borage oil to give it that balance between hydration and moisture from fatty acids that we need. My dry skin is officially gone since using these which makes me SO happy to have discovered a natural lotion that actually works as I haven’t had much luck with others such as Acure and Desert Essence. For now I am still staving off use of the body butter, but one day I might incorporate it back into my bodycare routine alternating daily between the butter and lotion.

Last but not least, two very effective spray deodorants I have been loving:

  • Kiss My Face Cucumber & Green Tea Quick Dry Spray Deodorant – Thank you SO much to my friend Laura (who also gave me the makeup goody samples) for this giveaway! This spray deodorant truly works in neutralizing odor (the cucumber smells so good) and as Laura suggested to me it’s great for layering with other deodorants. I like to use my Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant first, let it sufficiently dry, then do a spritz or two of the KMF. And as Laura also suggested, it makes a great room spray! Highly recommend this deodorant for those who need something light and for the gym go-ers, it’s a great option for your gym bag!
  • Maison Jacynthe Deo Geranium* – Another quick-drying spray deodorant made with essential oils to neutralize odors. This is a very strong scented spray and very effective at keeping odors at bay. If you love the scent of geranium, you will love this one! I’ve been loving this chic French-Canadian brand and this product is no exception with its chic packaging and glass amber bottle.

That does it for my very belated October post! In case you missed it, I have a couple of reviews up on the Okoko Cosmetiques skincare line and I have more Blissoma reviews planned soon. See you then!

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