Green Beauty Wishlist | 02.18.16


I’ve been doing quite a bit of online window-shopping lately and have added a lot products to my wishlist. When I find new products that I really want, I don’t purchase them right off the bat (unless I particularly need it). I keep them in a wishlist or shopping cart and mull over them for a few weeks+ and see if I still want them after that time. I love shopping for products and trying new things but being conscious and selective of what I buy is important to me. Regret and feeling like something was a waste of money is a hard feeling to handle so I make sure to pick the best and to pick items I actually want and will use. These products I’m sharing today are currently top priority on my list and range from new releases to [new to me] finds.

BEAUTY HEROES SUBSCRIPTION BOX + Beauty Heroes is a monthly subscription box service based on 100% clean luxury beauty products with each box rotating between skin care, hair care, body care and the occasional makeup item. Each month they base their box on one company, and you typically get one full-size “hero” product and a deluxe “sidekick” product from said company. It costs $39/month which means you are getting a fantastic deal because the hero product alone has typically costed over $50. I absolutely love the concept of their box because it’s the most unique one I’ve seen yet, and there’s so much thought and love put into each box they curate. This box really does all the work for you in finding the best, clean, high quality green beauty products out there! I’ve missed quite a few awesome boxes so far but I hope to pick one up when they feature a brand that appeals more to my personal taste.

BRIJA COSMETICS ILLUMINATE EYE BALMThe owner Brianna recently acquired the formula for this product from a brand called RP Apothecary. I hadn’t heard of this product or brand but if it was much lusted over that she wanted to buy the formula, and she says it’s tried and true, then I tend to believe it! She also improved upon the formula making it vegan and soy free. This balm has great ingredients such as hemp seed oil, blue vervain, calendula, chamomile and olive oil. It claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and help prevent future ones while also reducing dark circles and puffiness.  I’m obsessed with balms of any kind, especially eye balms and this one just speaks to me!

KAHINA GIVING BEAUTY ESSAOUIRA BODY SERUMI recently discovered the concept of body serums and it started with this one by Kahina. I’ve been using a multitude of different natural fragrance-free lotions for the past few years and I’d love to try something different. My skin is getting on well with the current lotion i’m using from Alba but I just love what oils do for the skin. This body serum contains 100% natural ingredients including oils like argan, sunflower, watermelon seed and other essential oils for scent. The scent is described as fresh and crisp with floral notes and a hint of exotic, and is lightweight for spring and summer. It sounds like an amazing scent which is a big reason for my choosing of this body serum over others. I also really appreciate that Kahina products come in glass because I would like to eliminate plastic storage when it comes to all-over body products.

RMS BEAUTY MASTER MIXER + RMS recently came out with this brand new sister product to their Living Luminizer called the Master Mixer. It’s a rose-gold toned multitasking cream product that can be used as a highlight, all over the eyelids, on the lips and on the cheeks. I don’t own the Living Luminizer and for some reason just could not bring myself to purchase it. It’s a beautiful highlighter but I’m so happy with my inexpensive one from Silk Naturals that I can’t bring myself to spend $40 on a highlight when so little product is used. However, the Master Mixer speaks to me so much more! I’m fair skinned but I believe any skin tone will be able to pull this off no matter what the intended use is. Since it is more multi-tasking and has color to it I feel the price is justified for what it is and that’s why I would choose this over the LL.

HARLOW SKIN CO. SPA DAY BODY WHIP + It’s so funny that I mention wanting to try body serums because I’m tired of lotions, but then I mention this! This product is a bit different than your standard lotion because it comes in a tub and has a much different consistency. It contains shea along with really moisturizing oils and contains essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, and spearmint for scent. The ingredients list is so much more minimal than any natural lotions I’ve used which is another thing that sets it apart. Although I want to give body serums a try, I still need a body moisturizer with a creamy consistency for areas like my feet, hands and places such as my hips where I have thinner, drier skin. This being whipped sounds so much more pleasant than the typical lotions I slather on!

SILK NATURALS 2016 VALENTINE GLOWS + SN recently came out with highlighter dupes for the Anastasia That Glow kit and the Gleam Glow kit as their 2016 Valentine Glows collection. I haven’t used either of these kits due to not using conventional products (I make rare exceptions, but ya know) but I love Silk Naturals and when they come out with exact dupes and clones of conventional products it makes me want to give them a try! From my experience of using their MAC clones they really hit the nail on the head. Sunny, Polish, and Lively look so pretty!

HERBIVORE BLUE TANSY AHA + BHA RESURFACING CLARITY MASK + My skincare routine at the moment is very minimal with little to no exfoliation going on. As a preventative measure against aging I would like to incorporate AHA’s back into my routine and I could use the help of BHA’s against my clogged pores. In the past I’ve tried the Tata Harper resurfacing mask but didn’t have a big enough sample to know if it could make any difference on my skin. I recently found this new one by Herbivore and it’s a tad cheaper than the Tata Harper. Plus, it’s blue! Blue Tansy is so appealing and such an amazing anti-inflammatory ingredient. This mask contains exfoliating fruit enzymes (AHA) and white willow bark which is a natural salicylic acid.

I hope you enjoy checking out what products are at the top of my wishlist and I’d love to know if you have any experience with them. Also, tell me what’s on your wishlist! Product recommendations based on my list are welcome too!

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