Green Beauty Wishlist | 05.10.16


I’ve accumulated so many (mostly skincare) items on my wishlist so I thought I’d share my finds with you all. These lovely items I’m sharing with you today are just a small portion of what’s in my bookmark folder of wishlist items, but these babies are at the very top of the list. I think makeup has taken a backseat for me the past month because of skin issues (hormones, blemishes, and if i’m being honest it’s probably due to a lot of sugar intake…but, brownies *heart eyes*). I’m working on tackling those issues but meanwhile I’ve been admiring some very high quality skincare goodies. I’m on the hunt for a new facial moisturizer and body moisturizer/butter/oil so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below!

H IS FOR LOVE Bara Balm 〉  I received a baby sample of this face balm with my lip conditioner order and with one smell of it I fell in love! I did a mini review of it in my post on the lip conditioner, which you can read here. This face balm is a very sexy, sweet golden balm that is just amazing all around. I mostly used it under my eyes to savor my sample and I loved how light and absorbent it was yet it doesn’t lack at all in keeping things moisturized and nourished. I also applied it to healing blemishes and it helped to keep those spots from looking dry and grotesque. It has such a lovely sweet scent and I would apply it to pulse points as kind of a solid perfume and also around my nostrils during allergy season. My nose was so dry and flaky from constantly blowing it and the balm kept my nose skin soft and moisturized while also being so comforting because of its sweet uplifting scent. It’ll cost you $70 which is why I haven’t made the push to pick it up yet but one day, it will be mine!

LEAHLANI SKINCARE Honey Love 3-in-1 〉  The Honey Love 3-in-1 is a cleanser, exfoliator, and mask all in one. It contains honey, macqui berry fruit, noni fruit, rose clay, essential oils and corundum crystals among others. You NEED to Google pictures of it, you will understand more why it is on my wishlist! This 3-in-1 multitasker will exfoliate, clarify, and hydrate the skin at the same time. Honey is a great antibacterial and promotes healing so it would make a great treatment for when your skin is coming down from a breakout and for further prevention. It’s chock full of effective ingredients and it sounds like such a thorough, well crafted cleanser and exfoliator going beyond any basic formula! Most of all though, it just looks incredible!

APOTERRA SKINCARE Exfoliating Mud with Rosehip + Acai 〉  Another somewhat similar multitasking product, this one by Apoterra is an exfoliating scrub and mask in one. It looks a teeny bit similar to the Leahlani one in terms of color and consistency. It also has honey as its base, and contains hibiscus flowers, acai, oat flour, and more. Both this product and the one by Leahlani stand out to me as seriously supreme, luxurious exfoliators and I’m dying to try them both!

WILD HILL BOTANICALS Four Flowers Body Oil 〉  This body oil sounds incredibly fine and luxe. It contains ingredients like healing/anti-inflammatory calendula, skin protecting comfrey (both the calendula and comfrey grown at Wild Hill farms), vitamin E rich sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, and has essential oils of ylang ylang, rose geranium, and lavender. It’s formulated to absorb quickly and leave the skin with a dry feel, which is a very desirable quality in a body oil because of the upcoming hot summer months. Something also amazing is that Wild Hill Botanicals (based in Vancouver Island, Canada) organically grows the herbs used in these products on their own farm! A skincare line that grows their own herbs, is handcrafted and small-batch is definitely one to get behind!

VERT MONT PERFUMERY ‘Eros’ Perfume 〉  I’ve heard and read a few good things about this perfume from people who received a sample of it in a Petit Vour box awhile back. This one is Vert Mont’s best selling personal desire fragrance, and it’s described to have ingredients thought to be aphrodisiacs. Now, I’m not looking for a product for aphrodisiac benefits but I’m familiar with the typical kind of scent that an “aphrodisiac” described product puts off and it’s something I favor much more in a perfume than say something floral, or musky. I currently have only one natural perfume and it’s a vanilla Pacifica rollerball. I really want to expand my experience with natural perfumes (and I want to smell good!) so I think this one will be the first one that I try. This brand offers a sample pack of each of their perfumes, so I may give it a try first rather than diving right into the full size. Very excited about this one!

HANAFLORA French Earl Grey Lip Scrub 〉  I never gave lip scrubs much attention until I found this one by Hanaflora on Etsy! It looks divine in it’s little pot and gazing at its beauty I realized my lips could really use some polishing. This lip scrub contains sugar for exfoliation, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, a few nourishing oils, and of course earl grey.

HANAFLORA Neroli Lip Care Oil 〉  This is another Hanaflora lip care Etsy find! Neroli is a favorite of mine since I’ve come to love it  and its scent in my Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Cleanser. I was intrigued by the idea of a lip oil (I kind of smear my Kahina argan oil onto my lips anyway) but a dedicated lip oil in the form of a non-messy roller ball sounds very nice. It would be so lovely in addition to the lip scrub making for an awesome lip care duo.

PRANA POTIONS Earth Silk Primer • Primer Balm 〉  This primer balm contains ingredients that will heal and nourish the skin while prepping it for makeup. It’s meant to leave the skin supple and dewey which is something that I like because I use powder foundations and any help I can get in keeping my skin smooth and moisturized for powders is needed. I think it will be nice to use in conjunction with my facial oils that I use as moisturizer. The description on it does say that it has a light coverage (without really covering the skin) but the ingredients indicate to me that it will probably not have coverage. I’m not particularly looking for coverage from a makeup base, so that is perfectly fine with me.

If you have any experience with these products, or recommendations based off of these products, please let me know in the comments below along with any facial moisturizer and body moisturizer/butter/oil recs!