Hair care: What I’m Currently Using!

After a few disappointments with natural shampoos and conditioners I have tried in the last ~6 months, I’ve finally discovered a duo from Honest Beauty that works well for my hair and scalp! I’m taking some time today to share my thoughts on these two, as well as the other products I’m using these days to care for these wavy locks.

Honest Beauty Beyond Hydrated Shampoo & Conditioner ($20 each/8.5 fl oz) – The bottles shown above are trial sizes that I received in their “Jessica’s Favorites” kit back in December, but I finally got around to trying out this duo in the last few weeks. All of the natural shampoos and conditioners I had been trying prior to these had left dandruff-like buildup on my scalp, which then left it itchy and feeling raw. Suffering I am no longer, with much thanks to these from Honest Beauty. The blue-bottled duo is from their Hydrating line and they also have a Restore line. These two leave my normal, naturally wavy hair feeling soft, clean but not stripped, and has left my scalp largely free of buildup. Major bonus points for improving how my second-day hair appears, as it’s much less oily and still soft on that second day. After I finish these itty bitty bottles I plan to pick up these up in full size!

Honest Beauty Sea Salt Spray ($18/3 fl oz) – HB’s sea salt spray came along with the aforementioned kit above. I haven’t been getting *a lot* of use out of this only because of the strong vanilla scent, but it does add some lovely texture for beachy waves. I definitely want to get my hands on some of their other style products such as the Shine Serum and Heat Defense Spray.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo ($24) – I haven’t tried many dry shampoos in my life time (I’ll admit I’ve tried more conventional dry shampoos versus natural ones), but this is by FAR the best dry shampoo I have ever used. It’s completely absorbent, it leaves NO white cast in my medium brown hair (even when I use a lot of it), and to boot it has a lovely floral scent. Unless I hear about some miracle dry shampoo, I have no desire to try anything else because I love this one that much! Highly recommend to try this one by Captain Blankenship if you’re in the market. They are available at Sephora now too!

Root Pretty Hair Day Hair Spray ($24) – Rather than creams or serums, I prefer to smooth out the fly-away hairs around my part with hair spray because it keeps them down and it doesn’t weigh my hair down or get things looking residue-heavy like a cream or serum would. This one does the job without leaving strands crispy or stiff. It doesn’t have the greatest hold for the rest of the hair (which I don’t particularly need) but for the price of the travel size (which is $8) I’m enjoying what it does for my fly-aways.

Marmara Imports Organic 100% Turkish Cotton Towel* ($16) – A couple months back Marmara Imports introduced me to their organic turkish cotton towels and asked if I’d like to try one, to which I promptly said yes! They come in a variety of styles and colors and I picked out their color background South Beach hair/hand towel in the color Taupe which I am loving. You can also find these in larger sizes to use as a beach or bath towel. I’m a big lover of hair towels because they have significantly improved my hair health and reduced frizz which I am highly prone to. What’s wonderful about this hair towel, compared to something like the Turbie Twist, is that its material is completely smooth and won’t snag on hairs. It’s very absorbent and helps my hair to retain hydration and moisture while it dries, significantly reducing how frizzy my hair results in after it’s fully air dried. Plus, this chic towel looks great hanging in any room! If you’re in the market for a high performing/high quality hair towel that’s luxe but doesn’t skimp on safety, this is the route to go. Highly recommend these!

Wet Brush – The Wet Brush is the only hair brush I have used for 3 years now! I can’t even remember the name of that round, super hard plastic brush that was popular a few years back (I used to use it too) but I will never go back to that thing. The wet brush doesn’t snag on my hair and it’s super easy to brush through wet hair, of course. I picked mine up at Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can find these everywhere. I’m keen on picking a new yellow one!

Currently testing: I haven’t tried this many times on my hair yet but I’ve been using The Ordinary’s Squalane Oil as a serum for my ends. What I love about this oil is how fluid-like it is – it’s almost watery yet it’s silky, moisturizing and fast-absorbing. It’s pretty brilliant for use as a hair serum and it’s super affordable at $7.90.

What are your go-to hair care products lately? Enjoying any particular shampoo & conditioner duos, or styling products? Let me know in the comments below – I would love some recommendations!

*Sent to me by Marmara Imports for my consideration