Haul & Review: Silk Naturals – Concealers, Eyeshadow + More

Welcome to my first post, yay! Silk Naturals is one of my favorite natural beauty brands so I thought it’d be all the more perfect to purchase some products I’ve been wanting and haul them as my first post.

If you’ve never heard of Silk Naturals before, they are an indie beauty company based out of New York and primarily sell REALLY affordable makeup and skincare that’s based on natural and non-toxic minimal formulas.  In my opinion, they are best known for their eyeshadows that rival the quality of high end ones and they even “clone” quite a few MAC and Urban Decay shades and they do so quite well. I’ve tried just about one product from every category except for their concealers and brow products so I wanted to try a few this time around.

On to ze products…

BROW POWDER in “Light Ash“, $4.50 – My eyebrows are a medium brown shade (and darker than my hair that has golden and red tones) and I found this to be a tiny bit warm and dark for it being the second to lightest shade offered. It actually worked well for me especially when looking at my brows in natural light but I recommend trying all the shades in samples. I applied this using the Real Techniques eyebrow brush and I found this powder easy to use as it doesn’t deposit a ton of color right off the bat, and it gave my brows a very natural look. Definitely recommend, just make sure to buy samples to find your color.

EYESHADOW in “Blanket Fort“, $4.50  On the site it’s described as a medium tan shimmer and “an interesting combination of gold, green, and red that come together to make a sort of bronze-y tan.” It’s definitely a medium shimmery brown and I find the gold, green, and red hard to detect and I also don’t see it as bronzey, but more like neutral. It’s great all over the eyelid as a one wash of color, and also great for the outer corner. As with most of their eyeshadows, this has great pigmentation and lasts all day without moving around/creasing as long as you use a good primer.

HD CREAM CONCEALER in “#2(Sample size shown here), $0.99  Firstly before getting into these concealers, I should mention that all concealers whether powder or cream will crease on my undereyes and not even a conventional concealer would ever work for me. So, naturally this concealer creased on me but it’s nothing a q-tip or finger swipe can’t fix (I know, meh). This concealer was actually creamy and not drying (hence the name) when I find most cream concealers to be the opposite, so that was a pleasant surprise. It has great coverage and covered up my dark circles and old blemish marks well. They recommend to go a shade darker than you would, which I agree with because even the #2 was cutting it a little too light. Again, I recommend buying multiple samples (most samples in these little pods are .99 cents).

SLEEP IN A JAR – LOOSE POWDER CONCEALER in “Light Peach“, $6.50 – This concealer worked great at neutralizing my dark circles and has a nice silky feeling to it. This concealer can be worn alone or over your regular concealer to set it. I tried it both ways and found that using it on top of the HD Cream Concealer made it look crepe-y and cakey, and the creasing was massive. I could be using too much concealer altogether, and again my eyes naturally crease and are prone to looking dry so I feel it’s really matter of what your skin is like and how it responds to powder concealer. I think their shade choices are too few and won’t have a good match for everyone. In the past I’ve tried the lightest shade, “extra light peach” and it basically appeared white on me. This concealer is designed for neutralizing dark under eyes but I think SN could benefit from adding more skin-toned shades, and not just peaches or yellows for neutralizing.

BRIGHTENING CONCEALER in “#2” (Sample size shown here), $0.99 – This concealer is meant to be an all over concealer, or can be used as a matte highlighter as per the contouring trend that was popular last year. I used this under my eyes and around my nose where I have redness due to broken capillaries. #2 was a bit too yellow, but with my powder foundation on top it blended in with it and didn’t appear yellow through the foundation. Their shade selection is a little weird to me because there’s such a stark difference between #1 and #2. #1 basically looks white and #2 is a bit too yellow for anyone that’s under a general Light shade. In my opinion, for most people these are great for matte highlighting but you may have difficulty finding a shade to match your face for covering up under eyes or spots.

SYNTHETIC BAMBOO ANGLED LINER BRUSH, $2.99 – This brush is reminiscent of the Eco Tools brushes, both in the quality and softness/feeling of the bristles and the handle and ferrule. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s exactly the same brush from the same manufacturer, except that you’re not getting a name brand printed on it. I used this brush to apply my Everyday Minerals powder eyeliner and it applied it beautifully. It picked up just the right amount of powder and I find the softness of the bristles really does the blending for you. The head of the brush is just the right size and makes a nice thin line that you can build up. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for an inexpensive eyeliner brush to use with your powders!

What are your favorite Silk Naturals products? Have you tried their skincare? Leave a comment below!

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