Introducing Lovesong Beauty’s New and Naturally Innovative Haircare Line!


It’s an amazing feeling when you discover a brand in the clean beauty space that truly feels as though they are creating something uniquely different and that brings me to today’s feature of Lovesong Beauty.

Lovesong is an up-and-coming beauty brand that seeks to create coveted luxuries that are natural and innovative, delivering next-level results. Their products are natural blends of plant extracts, herbs, oils, and the occasional moisturizer (such as, glycerin) selectively chosen to create hair care that is not only beautiful to use, but actually works and delivers real results. Currently, their edited line-up only includes two hair care items, but I have seen some glimpses that they may be expanding into other product categories.

Meet Lovesong’s innovative Dry Shampoo Gel and Leave-in Conditioner


» gel, translucent
» quick-drying, lightweight
» revitalizes scalp; balancing
» refreshes scalp + absorbs/re-distributes oils
» scent: subtle lemon; hint of jasmine and vanilla
» 1 fl oz; $36.

Lovesong Beauty’s Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel* is so unique in its own right – I could be living under a rock but personally I have never heard of a dry shampoo gel as most are powders or powder sprays. This innovative gel is water-based and formulated with specifically chosen extracts, herbs and oils to refresh, re-balance and gently cleanse the scalp, provide hydration & moisture, and to sooth and protect both scalp and hair. Hero ingredients include wakame extract which is an edible seaweed, chosen for its abilities to detoxify and soothe – green tea to fight inflammation, nettle for antioxidants & to calm + soothe, and witch hazel + aloe for cleansing/astringent properties.

For me, this dry shampoo gel solves the issues that I tend to struggle with when it comes to dry shampoo powders. With powders, my hair looks beyond dull and feels both dry and grimy at the same time, so I tend to forego dry shampoo rather than add to the build up. Lovesong’s gel entirely solves the powder issue – it doesn’t add to build-up but rather gently dissolves and cleanses the scalp of it. And instead of causing dryness like a powder does, the gel works to hydrate and refresh the scalp as it breaks up the oils and redistributes them. The gel doesn’t entirely clean up the oil on my scalp, but it helps to reduce the accumulation on my scalp by moving it around down through the hair shaft. In the end, my roots have more lift and (good) texture and my scalp feels so refreshed, which is very welcome for second day hair.

HOW I USE IT: It’s important to mention that I wash my hair every other day, so I’m only using this dry shampoo on second day hair. If you’re going on three or more days, you might not find it to be as effective at getting rid of oil. I take one pump’s worth of the gel, distribute between my fingers, and work to massage it at the front of my hair line and around my part, really focusing on the scalp. It will feel slightly damp at first, so give the gel a few minutes to dry and then apply more as needed. You can also use heat with this dry shampoo gel which may help it to be more effective.

Heatless waves, prepped with Lovesong’s Weightless Leave-in Conditioner.


» gel-based formula
» weightless finish
» smooths, tames, adds sleekness
» hydrates
» scent: subtle jasmine and vanilla
» 1fl oz; $36.

Lovesong Beauty’s Weightless Leave-in Conditioner* is just as unique as its dry shampoo counterpart! This leave-in styling product is also gel-based and made with amazing ingredients to soften, detangle, protect, hydrate, and nurture hair all delivered with a weightless feel and finish. Hero ingredients include evening primrose oil (heat protection, prevents damage, promotes hair health), aloe (hydrating), jojoba (lightweight, emollient moisture), sunflower oil and shea butter (moisturizing fatty acids), and green tea extract (antioxidants/protects against UV damage).

I’m absolutely obsessed with this leave-in. I like to use it as my styling treatment on damp hair for when I put my hair into plaits for heatless waves, but I’ll also apply it before I let my hair air dry and then style it with a flat iron the next morning. It makes my hair feel incredibly soft and sleek, it reduces frizz, and it adds much needed shine. I think that for my fine hair, a weightless leave-in is definitely the way to go as cream-based styling products tend to weigh it down or make it look piece-y.

New hair care products that go beyond being oil-based are certainly welcome in the clean beauty space and I’m keen to see what else the brand might have in the works! If you’d like to try these new and innovative products for yourself, Lovesong has been so kind to set up an affiliate discount code for my readers which you can find below.

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*PR/ products gifted courtesy of Lovesong Beauty
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