Introducing: Maison Jacynthe Makeup


In late August of this year, the French Canadian all natural beauty brand Maison Jacynthe launched their first makeup line – an ultra-chic collection of pressed powder blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, and powders, mascara, eyeliner, concealers, and lipsticks. This brand new makeup line is cruelty-free, vegan, free of artificial fragrance, and is formulated with safe, natural, and non-toxic ingredients.

I was first introduced to the Maison Jacynthe brand through my good friend and fellow blogger Angie from the Whipped Green Girl blog and her great review (read here!) of a selection of items from their skincare line. Her review is incredibly helpful and a must read for getting to know the line because the labeling is in French so it’s great to have a guide in getting a feel for their products. Since the posting of Angie’s review, their skincare packaging has been updated (two big thumbs up for the update, such gorgeous bottles and design!) and the website is now available in English!

The team at Maison Jacynthe kindly offered me the opportunity to choose a few items from the new makeup line for reviewal and today I will be sharing the products I chose which include a pressed powder bronzer, pressed powder eye shadow, and a cream concealer stick.

About the brand: “Maison Jacynthe was founded in September 2014 by Jacynthe Rene, an actress and producer, known for her roles in “The Adventures of Pluto Nash”, “Memories Unlocked”, and “Snake Eyes”. She has an online magazine and has published three books in the last 4 years. Jacynthe has been featured in Women’s Health, Clin D’oeil, LaPresse, etc. While the brand officially launched in 2014, Maison Jacynthe was crafted over 30 years ago by Luc Larivee, an aromatherapist who has been working with the most coveted oils around the globe. Nearly 60,000 people in Quebec turn to Jacynthe and her team of experts for advice on health, detox diet, and natural beauty.”

L – Terra Cotta Bronzer in 01 Mattina; R – Eye Shadow in 05 Irish

TERRA COTTA in 01 Mattina* ($24) — Mattina is the darker of the two Terra Cotta pressed powders which are a duo of bronzing/contouring and highlighting powders. I would describe this powder as having medium pigmentation – it has good color payoff without packing too much color in a scary way. This terra cotta is warm toned and at the moment I’m quite fair so it’s more ideal as a true sunkissed bronzer for Summer for me. While not being the best shade for my skin tone right now, it still does liven up my complexion and I love the finish of this powder. Something I’m noticing about all Maison Jacynthe makeup products is that they melt into skin resulting in a true skin-like finish. This powder is ultra smooth, silky, and soft but has very little to no powder fall out as you work your brush into it, which is incredible because that is typically expected when it comes to soft, naturally formulated powders that don’t contain synthetics to bind it. This powder comes in a very big pan which I love – my photos don’t really reflect the size of this big compact!

EYE SHADOW in 05 Irish* ($17) — Irish is a gorgeous metallic-finish, warm toned bronze-y brown. It somewhat leans towards a copper color. This eyeshadow has great pigmentation (packs a bit more pigment than the terra cotta) can be worn minimally for a day time look or with other shades for a more complex night time look. As with the terra cotta, this eye shadow is very soft (and has virtually no powder fall out!), easy to work with, and easy to blend. I’ve always had a soft spot for loose eye shadows when it comes to natural makeup, so given that I haven’t tried many pressed ones. This is the second natural pressed eye shadow I’ve ever tried and I’m beyond impressed with the quality, it rivals that of conventional pressed eye shadows in my opinion. I had no idea what to expect when it comes to cleanly formulated pressed eye shadows and I’m blown away with the performance and quality of this one.

Maison Jacynthe has a great photo on their Instagram feed with swatches of their entire eye shadow collection here, and this photo shows their eye shadows on display which is helpful in shade comparison. You can also see the Terra Cotta shades side by side in the second photo.

Their pressed powder products are sold only in refill pans as seen in my photos, but they do have gorgeous medium and large sized wooden and metal compacts that you can purchase separately for storing your refill pans. Word of caution, these metal pans are sharp! The pan on the terra cotta has a very strong magnetic hold and in a moment of difficulty in prying it off my palette, I tried to slide it and it sliced the tip of my finger right open. If you’re going to store these in a magnetic palette, do not slide these pans – lift them up and off of the palette to re-organize them. Here are my new pressed makeup goodies in my pearl white Z Palette!


maison_jacynthe_concealer_lightCONCEALER STICK IN “01 LIGHT BEIGE


CONCEALER in 01 Light Beige* ($25) — WHERE do I even begin with how amazing this concealer is? Let me preface this by saying that concealer is the makeup bane of my existence. A combination of my skin type and my eye shape makes any concealer difficult for me to work with. Issues of creasing, cakiness, budges, fades, you name it and I experience it with most concealers regardless. I do currently have a concealer that I use and love, but this Maison Jacynthe concealer has surpassed it in performance. It has the perfect consistency that works so beautifully with my skin type – it blends in like a dream and it literally looks like skin. This concealer has a drier consistency, but once blended into the skin there is no obvious visible finish. There’s no dryness, there’s no shiny finish from the creaminess of a concealer…it just literally looks like perfected skin! I’m blown away by that factor and I have no idea how they have done it. It conceals my dark circles and blemishes like a dream, as well as redness around my nose. Even when applying it on top of a powder foundation, it still blends in and sets with perfection as I described earlier. I do get a slight amount of creasing because of under eye lines/folds which is expected for me, but the skin-like finish and consistency makes it easy to blend back into place without disturbing the concealer. Light appears quite yellow in my swatch, but it blends into a lighter shade that should work well for both fair and light skin tones. Not to mention, how about that packaging? It’s been so long since I’ve used a concealer in stick form and I miss it so, for the convenience and non-fuss factor. This hefty metal tube and wooden cap are the same materials used for their pressed powder compacts!

I do feel though that their concealer selection is lacking, containing only a light and medium shade for skin tones and a green concealer for correcting redness. This is also an issue with their pressed face powder selection – however I have noticed this line is more geared towards “color” cosmetics, i.e. lipsticks and eyeshadows with a great collection of each.

CLICK HERE for complete ingredient lists for each product. Some items such as lipsticks and blush may contain lake dyes (I was informed the inclusion of lake dyes was to keep the line vegan), which are controversial in the green beauty world but are also regarded as safe by others so it’s important to use your own judgement. None of the items I’m sharing today are colored with lake dyes. You’ll notice that the ingredient lists include “Parfum (fragrance)” in most items, but I have double checked with the team at Maison Jacynthe and their products are completely free of artificial fragrance and are scented with essential oils only. Some brands use the word “fragrance” in their ingredient lists without clarifying that it is naturally sourced, so rest assured this line is artificial fragrance-free!

I’m someone that’s very picky and strict with my makeup – I know what I like and what I don’t like and I don’t keep under-performing products in my collection. While I have makeup products that I love, use, and enjoy, it’s very rare and far in between that I discover makeup that elicits such a strong emotional response from me and with true excitement as this makeup line has done. I am enamored and over the moon about this new makeup line: it’s safely and naturally formulated, stellar quality and performance with both cream and powder formulated products, and the quality and design of the packaging is beautimous. I literally can’t wait to pick up more eye shadow shades, Lungo and Viennois in particular, and I’m dying to try items from other categories such as their mascara and face powder. They have a super lovely collection of lipsticks as well.

I highly, highly recommend to check out the new Maison Jacynthe makeup line for high-performance, high quality, all-around-amazing natural makeup goodness!

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*press sample