Jord Organic | Toners, Perfume, & Yoga Spray


Jord Organic is a Danish-inspired, handmade, all natural skincare brand that focuses on what’s simple, pure, and beneficial for our skin. I’ve been following Jord on Instagram for awhile and eyeing up their products, so when I recently found myself in need of a new facial mist/toner I thought I’d try their Vand toner and picked up a few other goodies in this haul. Before I get into it, I want to mention that all ingredients used in Jord’s products are organic!


VAND | calming FACIAL TONER  〉


VAND is a calming facial toner made with organic rose and chamomile hydrosols, which are made and distilled in house at Jord. Also made with moisturizing and calming aloe, astringent/cleansing witch hazel, along with essential oils of lavender, geranium, and ylang ylang. I apply this after cleansing by simply spraying 4 spritz’ worth into my hands and patting onto my face, leaving it hydrated and primed for my oil moisturizer.


While formally an arometherapy yoga spray, LYS is multipurpose and can also be used to clean your yoga mat, and as a room spray or perfume. I picked up POSITIVITY, which has a deeper, velvety scent and is made with essential oils of rose absolute, cedarwood, palo santo, sage, and juniper berry. I’ve been primarily using it as a room spray and perfume which has made me deplete this bottle very quickly (it’s a 30ml/1oz size) but it’s affordable at just $8 so I don’t mind that I’m using it up pretty quickly.

jord_organic_toner-brygge-lakrids (2)



LAKRIDS facial toner is made with healing and anti-inflammatory calendula hydrosol, brightening licorice root as well as carrot seed essential oil, witch hazel, and essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine. This toner truly does make my skin look brighter in appearance and gives it a bit more of a boost compared to something more basic like VAND. Very gentle and effective! I will definitely be picking this up in full-size.

brygge | probiotic facial toner  〉

I believe BRYGGE is a new addition to the skincare line and is only available for purchase in sample size (here), but as per their Instagram they mention that it’s made with green tea, rose, and lemongrass kombucha and that it is a probiotic treat for the skin. It definitely smells like kombucha! Another really lovely toner in the line and I’d love to pick up the full size to see how it affects my skin long term.


AROMA 3 | perfume  〉

I had added this perfume sample to a previous order which I had to cancel due to Etsy payment issues and when I placed this order again I forgot to add it, so the kind ladies at Jord threw this into my order. AROMA 3 is a woodsy perfume made with organic apricot kernel oil infused with organic essential oils of patchouli, black pepper, lavender, vanilla, cedarwood, and black spruce. At first it smells most of a woodsy/spicy lavender with a hint of sweetness and then fades into patchouli. It’s really lovely and on my next Jord order I definitely plan on sampling the 1 and 2 scents.

I really love that Jord Organic offers samples on ALL of their products! I highly recommend to check out their shop which also includes body and hair care – and if you see something you like, check out their samples page here. Prices range from $2-$3 (and $5 on their body butter sample) which is an awesome deal for generous samples. I’m super curious about their HÅR herbal hair rinse and KOKO facial polish which both look lovely, so next time around I will be sampling these as well!


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