JUST LAUNCHED: BOXWALLA X LOVINAH Limited Edition Makeup + Skincare Box

Boxwalla, our favorite top-notch subscription box service (sensory experience platform, honestly) has just released a special Limited Edition Makeup + Skincare Box collaboration with Lovinah Skincare! Lovinah is a new-to-me brand and I’ve had a few days to test these goodies out, but I’m already head over heels for these two and I don’t say that casually because the eyeshadow palette in particular has totally renewed my interest in makeup again.

Get to know Lovinah: Founded by Joy Ekhator, Lovinah Supernatural Skincare is a celebration of sacred beauty and the healing herbal traditions of Africa. Having grown up in Nigeria, this is where Joy first experienced the healing herbal powers of mother nature through her grandmother who was an herbalist, traditional doctor, bone setter, and midwife. Using the herbal knowledge passed down to her from her grandmother, she later created Lovinah in effort to help her and her children’s own skin conditions such as cystic acne and problematic skin types. Since then, Lovinah has developed into a luxury beauty brand where ancient African beauty secrets and botanical remedies are perfected by modern technology to create next level plant-powered products.

Lovinah has branched out into creating beautiful, high performance makeup products – one of which is included in this box alongside a powerful ampoule set.

TWO FACETS OF JOY – What’s included in the Limited Edition Makeup + Skincare Box ($69):

  • Lovinah Eye Magic Eyeshadow Palette ($45 retail value) – A curated luxury collection of 10 richly pigmented shades with jewel tones and classic neutrals. Made with Nilotica shea, squalane, and crushed gemstones.
  • Lovinah Copper Peptide + EGF Ampoule Set ($125 retail value) – Rejuvenating 4-week serum booster set made with 1% copper tripeptide, EGF (epidermal growth factor), and sea kelp bioferment. Contains 4 concentrated ampoules and dropper.

This limited edition box is a one-time purchase that is separate from their standard subscription service.

My green shadow broke during transit but I did my best to put her back together!


The Eye Magic Eyeshadow Palette has 10 amazing buttery shades to create just about any look you could desire. It has 4 matte shades and 6 shades that are a mix of a shimmery/metallic finish, including classic neutrals and gemstone shades for pops of color, or to get wild with.

SHADE DESCRIPTIONS (in order of left to right on both swatches and palette) – Nature (shimmery dark blue denim); Spiritual (metallic copper bronze); Reign (metallic copper rusty orange); Magical (shimmery marigold); Mystical (shimmery shamrock green with a blue flex); Bewitched (matte milk chocolate); Secret (matte dark chocolate); Gem (matte berry wine); Miracle (metallic bubble gum pink); and Be You (matte cotton candy pink).

As you can tell from these swatches (and I hardly had to build them up), these shadows have some rich pigmentation to them and have the smoothest buttery formula. It takes no effort to pick up a little color on a brush and go to town with a look, and they blend so seamlessly that it’s so easy to pick up different shades and add/create as you go along. Even for me it’s really hard to mess up with these shadows!

One of the best parts about this palette is that it’s inclusive – these classic neutrals and gemstone pops of color are pigmented enough that they will work for every skin tone. And along the way of playing with this palette I found that you can mix and match the brighter shades to create whole new shades. Check out these two looks I came up with below:

“Soft Romantic Bronze”
“Soft Summer Pop”
Same as the look above, but added Reign as eyeliner.

First – let me say that I’m figuring out the learning curve to photographing makeup – best sources of natural light, angles, how I need to apply MORE for it to show up on camera, etc. My first photo didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, but with the second peachy eye look I think I made some progress in figuring it out.

For the look I’m calling Soft Romantic Bronze, I used Bewitched (matte milk chocolate), Miracle (metallic pink), and Spiritual (coppery bronze) to create a new pinky metallic brown shade that has a lot of depth to it. I applied Miracle all over the lid and into the crease to get that almond shape, and applied Spiritual on top of that. I ended up layering both shades in that order again, which created the romantic brown shade you see that has a pretty pink luminous finish to it. I used the same two shades on my lower lashes, as well as Secret (matte dark chocolate) for eyeliner.

For Soft Summer Pop, I used Be You (matte pink) as a base shade up to the brow bone, applied Miracle (metallic pink) all over the lid and into the crease, and then on the outer crease/outer V I packed on Magical (shimmery marigold). I blended that out a bit towards the center of my lid and I packed on a little more of Miracle where I lost some pigment from blending. In the second photo, I applied Reign (coppery orange) for eyeliner. In this look I also used a white highlighter shade from another brand as an inner corner highlight.

I’m usually not one for anything other than neutral shades, but this palette inspired me to try something new which goes to show you what a great palette it is, both in concept and quality.

That is not a blue glass vial – the actual serum is blue thanks to copper tripeptides.


High-tech 1% Copper Tripeptide GHK-Cu and EGF (epidermal growth factor) booster is the perfect powerful antioxidant treatment to help promote beautiful skin. High performing and unique formulation that combines Copper Tripeptide GHK-Cu and EGF to rehydrate, restore, and repair the skin . This is a beautiful skin friendly and fast acting rejuvenation ampoule, to visibly hydrate, calm, soothe, tone, lift and firm skin for a more dewy and refreshed look. Each ampoule is a 5ml concentrated solution to help renew, repair and rejuvenate the skin.”

The skincare product included in this limited edition beauty box is Lovinah’s Copper Peptide + EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) Ampoule Set. Ampoules are small sealed glass vials that contain a measured amount of liquid – in this case, it is a serum booster set where the intention is to use one ampoule per week.

This serum contains 1% copper tripeptide GHK-cu which is a copper-binding peptide found naturally occurring in the human body. It’s thought to support healthy skin cell function by rebuilding the layers of the epidermis, increasing skin’s thickness, stimulating collagen production, and repairing the cells where scars and texture occurs.  EGF (epidermal growth factor) is another protein found naturally occurring in the body where it’s main purpose is cell proliferation (which is cell growth) and healing of the skin. It’s also used in medicine to help speed up wound recovery and provides other benefits such as reducing appearance of fine lines, boosting hydration, and soothing skin as well as preventing scarring. Sea Kelp Bioferment is another star ingredient in this serum which is nutrient dense with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It helps skin retain moisture and delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

While this serum booster set is sold as a 4-week treatment, you can definitely use it for a longer period of time if needed and don’t have to use it daily, although it’s recommend to do so so that you see maximum results in a speedier time. This serum is NOT to be used with Vitamin C, so be sure to exclude any C products from your nightly routine when using this serum.

In effort to share this box while it’s still available for purchase I haven’t had more than a few days to test this serum out, but so far I can say that it’s been a lovely addition to my PM skincare routine where I’m using it alongside the other goodies from the August subscription box. This blue watery liquid is such a treat to use – it’s hydrating and nutritious and the scent – while having somewhat of a “yeast” smell – gives this serum a real clinical “treatment” sort of feel to it. Think, high performance, next level stuff. It seems powerfully effective and I’m eager to see what results it may bring! Currently I’m dealing with texture on my forehead (I *think* it’s melasma?) and somewhat on the T zone area – I definitely need something effective to smooth out my skin texture and I have high hopes for this serum.

It’s safe to say this truly is a *special* box that’s been exploding with excitement over on Insta, in particular for the eyeshadow palette (we don’t get very many of those in the clean beauty community, do we?). If you’ve been keen on trying the ampoule set, the cost of the box is nearly half the retail price you’d pay for this set anywhere else, so once again Boxwalla delivers amazing value and savings. This was such a fun beauty discovery this month and if you’re looking to treat yourself, I highly recommend to grab a box while they are available.

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