Lila Botanicals Cleansing Oil Review


After many, many months of foregoing cleansing oils I decided I was ready to get back into the cleansing oil game last month. Before I knew about the world of your higher end, luxe cleansing oils, I used coconut oil as my first cleanse/makeup removal and personally, for my skin, it left me with horrible results. Besides many issues with the oil itself in terms of heavy consistency, it left my skin dull and dry and my pores became enlarged. I replaced the oil cleansing step with makeup removing facial wipes, and although they did remove my makeup thoroughly, they obviously don’t do anything for pores the way that cleansing oil does. Last month I decided it was time to try the oil cleansing method again, did a little research and online window shopping and came across the Lila Botanicals Cleansing Oil on Etsy. I promptly picked it up and after 1+ months of use I’ve emptied this bottle and want to share my experience on this lovely product.



Unrefined hempseed oil, high-linoleic safflower oil, rosemary, lavender, geranium, lemongrass

[All organic!]

what lb says about it +

“This light cleansing oil actually removes makeup, dissolves dirt, and unclogs pores… leaving you with a dewy, clean complexion. It is made up of high-linoleic, non-comedogenic oils that are beneficial for all skin types–even oily/acne-prone.”

My experience  +

I found the consistency of this cleansing oil to be PERFECT. It gives the perfect amount of slip for emulsifying makeup, but when used in a smaller amount it gives just enough friction for facial massaging and loosening pore build-up. Both cream and powder foundations definitely lifted and removed with ease. With every cleansing session it removed what some refer to as “grits” (most likely dried sebum, it can feel like very tiny grains and these come out of the pores). If you haven’t experienced this before, it’s EXTREMELY satisfying. For me, if I don’t dislodge or extract these tiny plug-like things from my pores, they become trapped along with dirt and bacteria and eventually erupt into pimples. I’m really impressed by how effective it was at getting rid of those grits! Let’s talk scent. With its base of hemp seed oil it’s mostly grassy, but the lemongrass of course adds a touch of lemon (and grassiness!) to it and it’s quite nice.

Price. It’ll cost you $18 for 30ML/1oz of product (The LB website says it offers a 60ML bottle but I have never seen it available for purchase). This is where my disappointment comes in because silly me, I didn’t consider that 30ML of cleansing oil wouldn’t last that long. I used a whole dropper for each cleansing session. I ran out of this product after about a month and a week of nightly use. It would be quite expensive to repurchase this every ~month and it’s not economical for me to purchase it back to back each month, but will happily buy it every once in awhile as a treat. If you oil cleanse on a weekly basis as maintenance, this would be a great option for you because of its size – you will always have fresh oil on hand. It’s a lovely and amazingly effective cleansing oil and I highly recommend it if the price + size of it is no matter!

Lila Botanicals offers samples on all their products! Check out this page for sample options, full size options, and more details on this cleansing oil.

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