Meet Cocokind’s NEW Sake Body Lotion!

Isn’t dry body skin the absolute worst? Since my teens I’ve been dealing with what feels like exceptionally clinically dry skin – so dry that it feels like it burns! Most lotions and creams either don’t cut it for me, or they’re so heavy that they exacerbate the KP (keratosis pilaris) on my arms by clogging pores up. I quite like body oils, but I need the hydrating benefits that moisturizers provide as well, so I can’t go without it. I’ve been pretty loyal to CeraVe over the last decade – here and there I’ll try a more natural and cleanly formulated moisturizer but my skin will reach its threshold and back to CeraVe I go. There’s nothing wrong with CeraVe of course, especially since it works, but again I’d like to find a more naturally formulated moisturizer that will meet my needs so that I can avoid the conventional stuff.

Last month when I received Cocokind’s email about the launch of their new Sake Body Lotion I found myself so compelled and drawn to purchase it, and so I did not long after it launched. Microbiome-supporting products are very trendy at the moment, but as someone with dry skin I’ve long had barrier health in mind when it comes to my products so naturally this lotion felt like it was made for me. Alongside the new body lotion I also bought their in-shower scrubbing clay, which will be making an appearance in this post because it’s a great sidekick to this lotion.

Cocokind’s new Sake Body Lotion ($16) sitting atop their in-shower Scrubbing Clay body scrub made with upcycled coffee.


  •  WHAT’S IN IT?

Named for its star ingredient, Sake is a fermented rice wine (traditionally an alcoholic Japanese beverage) that’s rich in prebiotic sugars and exfoliating enzymes. Other moisturizing ingredients include glycerin, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter and avocado oil.

This lotion is fragrance-free and smells quite neutral, or more so undetectable unless smelling skin directly.


The prebiotic sugars found in sake stimulate growth of healthy bacteria, which helps to balance the skin’s flora. The exfoliating enzymes also found in sake work to dissolve + eat away at excess dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin that can better absorb moisturizers. The benefits of both of these ingredients may also help to reduce body acne. Glycerin provides hydration and humectant action, while the oil + butter ingredients further work to moisturize and seal in moisture.


I actually bought it as part of their Body Care Basics Duo ($26) which includes this lotion and their Scrubbing Clay at a discount, as I was out of body scrub and knew that I would need to exfoliate to see the full potential of this lotion.

This body moisturizer has a gel-lotion type of consistency, so it leans more hydrating than it does emollient. It’s lightweight, fast absorbing and leaves skin with a hydrated “balmy” type of finish, ever so slightly tacky at first but it dissipates quickly. I was expecting something that felt a little more substantial, but I have to say that even its lightweight moisturizing abilities have been enough for my super dry skin! For me, the real test is seeing how well it moisturizes my upper thighs where I’m prone to having dry patches, and all in all I haven’t seen these dry patches make an appearance while I’ve been using this moisturizer. I love that it doesn’t aggravate my KP, and in fact I’m seeing less red bumps than I have in quite awhile. Also, this would be a great lotion to combine with body oils for a moisture boost, which I will likely do until hotter, humid weather is here to stay for spring/summer. Over time my skin reaches a plateau or threshold where a product no longer works, so I will have to see if this product reaches the same conclusion in the future.

I also must mention that the Scrubbing Clay I bought to use in conjunction with this is majorly helping – by sloughing off dead skin cells this lotion is better able to penetrate skin cells and it’s helping to reduce the KP bumps too. The body scrub is just delicious with its creamy chocolately texture and rich coffee scent. It rinses clean which I rejoice for because I’m not a huge fan of oil-based sugar/salt scrubs that leave residue behind. The abrasiveness of this scrub sits somewhere between mild and medium – coffee grounds can feel slightly sharp if you’re not used to them, but the scrub isn’t concentrated in these grounds so it’s not harsh by any means. It gets the job done well!

If you’re looking to upgrade your body care and these products sound like a fit for your skin type, I definitely recommend them! I think the lotion will be particularly great for Summer when lightweight products are more suitable for sweaty and humid conditions.

Also, I’m now affiliated with Cocokind and they have so kindly set me up with a discount code to share with my readers. Code GREENBYMERCY10 saves 10% on orders at Cocokind! Another product of theirs that I enjoy is their Pore Refining Concentrate which provides both immediate and long term results in reducing the appearance of pore size. Some Cocokind wishlist items of mine include their eye cream and daily SPF. What are your favorite Cocokind products – any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!



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