Mini Haul | Silk Naturals Eyeshadows


I’m coming at you today with a mini Silk Naturals haul! I picked up a few eyeshadows and received a deluxe eyeshadow GWP so I thought I’d share with you all.

BOOKISH was last week’s gift with purchase! It’s not available for purchase on the site right now and there’s no description of it. It’s a light gray with mostly-gold shimmer, and has multi-colored shimmers as well. With the gold shimmer and sheen, it can make the gray pull olive-toned. It’s a very unique, pretty smokey color!

MONDAY is described on the site as a light tan shimmer with optical smoothers to make you look younger. I find it to be a pink-toned shimmery neutral. I was initially disappointed with this shade only because it wasn’t the color that I expected (I expected something less pink) , but it is actually growing on me and might be my favorite shade from this haul! It’s a perfect shimmery neutral for every day wear.

NOBEL is a medium matte nude. It’s described to wear well over a primer (I concur with this!). It’s more tan and pigmented than I expected. For paler tones I think this is a unique shade to wear as a one wash of color. For darker tones, I expect it would make for a great base with mattifying, brightening, and neutralizing the lid. Comparable to Urban Decay’s Stark eyeshadow.

SCHOOLGIRL is described as a matte nude pink. Not exactly a true matte (like Nobel is) because it does have a teensy amount of shimmer, but it’s undetectable on the lid. Comparable to Urban Decay’s Combust eyeshadow.

I want to mention that when I shop for eyeshadows, I seek shades that will look great as a one wash of color. All shades I picked up in this haul wear well for that!

I’m super happy with my new eyeshadows! I have more on my list to pick up in the future. These new shades bring my Silk Naturals eyeshadow collection to 7, plus 4 deluxe sized eyeshadow samples (same size as Bookish). I might blog on my little collection in the future. Any shade recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!