My AM Skincare Routine + Products in Rotation – 08.2019

Hello, friends! I can’t remember the last time I shared a look into what my skincare routines look like so I thought it’d be fun to overview my AM and PM skincare routines + collections this week. I like to switch up the skincare I’m using on an as-needed basis so my routines do change day to day/week to week, and the routine I share today might not even be what I use tomorrow, but it’s a general idea of the kind of minimal routines I have been using.

We’re in the last month of Summer and it’s still blazing hot outside (heat advisories every day y’all) so I’ve been going for a lightweight routine that doesn’t make me want to wash my face every hour.

  • CLEANSE: There’s nothing like a nice hydrating gel cleanser to start your day, especially when it’s hot out! I prefer to use my Blissoma Free Herbal Gel Cleanser* most days when I’m not switching it up between two other cleansers I have in rotation. It’s very much like any typical gentle gel cleanser – it doesn’t produce much of a foam but it will still freshen up and prep it for skincare without drying it. It doesn’t have any EO’s or added fragrance so it does smell a little weird and its reminiscent of glue, but of course being plant-based it doesn’t contain any baddies and the scent doesn’t bother me much.
  • HYDRATE: Still loving 5Yina’s Lucent Summer Hydrolat* that we saw back in Boxwalla’s June beauty box! I’ve been reaching for this one the most often all Summer. It’s so light and refreshing and it smells like cucumber and vetiver. It comes in a somewhat small bottle so I go easy on the spritzes, but 5Yina has hinted on their Instagram that they may upgrade the size.
  • OIL: Ahh, my beloved and most favorite Stark Skincare City Recalibrating Oil. Truthfully it’s even been too hot to use facial oils, but the skin around my eyes has been feeling dry and itchy so I like to pat a little of this around those areas and on my nose if I’m feeling a dry patch. City is a blend of some amazing oils like broccoli seed, squalane, rice bran, hemp oil, and cypress EO which makes it smell like the sweetest pine tree on Earth and it’s just the best thing for day time. I like to use it at night too!
  • MOISTURIZE: I was introduced to Heart of Gold’s Sweetbriar Hydrating Nectar* in the Boxwalla August beauty box (full review here) and have been loving it a lot these last two months. Sweetbriar is a hydrating serum/moisturizer hybrid based in aloe juice and rose and it’s pretty milky. You can use it and combine it in any way you’d like! Use it as your first layer, as the last step in your skincare routine, combine it with an oil or balm – whatever you fancy. I’m a simple gal and I like to just apply two pumps after misting and applying an oil, if I happen to use an oil that day. I love that it’s lightweight (and not tacky) yet gives my skin the right level of hydration it needs – it never leaves my skin lacking. I think I’ll continue to get a lot of use out it through the Fall, but when winter comes around I will most likely rotate it out so that I can use heavier creams.
  • EYES: Stark Skincare’s Astral Orbital Eye Serum is my favorite oil-based eye treatment. If I use their City Recalibrating Oil around my eyes on any particular day, Astral is not necessarily needed but I may pop a little bit on any way. It’s made with MCT oil infused with organic green coffee bean, chia seed oil, squalane, baobab, and Stark’s special Evergreen herbal complex. It’s housed in a glass bottle with a metal roller-ball which feels oh so cooling! It has a medium-weight viscosity but it absorbs super nicely and makes the skin around my eyes glow. It smells uniquely amazing too.


I don’t know how I managed to forget some of the other products that I wanted to include in this photo and post, so some things I use are not pictured here, but I will def give them a mention! As I mentioned at the top, I use products on an as-needed (or feel-like) basis so these are currently my less commonly used products, but I occasionally use them and eventually I will switch things up and these may become my go-to’s. Some of these are also AM/PM interchangeable so you will most likely see them again in my PM routine post later this week. I will keep these descriptions brief so feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments below.


5Yina Divine All Seasons Bio-Adaptive Cleanser* – This cleanser provides more of a luxurious cleansing experience. It’s a pretty mild and gentle chocolaty cream cleanser with a powdery floral scent and I like to use this on mornings when I want a comforting moisturizing cleanse. I love the way this chocolaty pudding cream spreads on the skin – it really is divine. It’s not one I’d reach for if I woke up with oily skin in the morning since it is so mild, but on any general day where my skin feels dry or lackluster I love to cleanse with this one. It does burn when it gets in your eyes and without fail it gets in my eyes every time I use it, so it is one reason I stave off using it.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (not pictured) – Oh, memories of first using Glossier! I recently got back into this cleanser and I don’t know why ever I stopped using it in the mornings. I stopped using it as my PM cleanser because over time I noticed my pores were starting to appear dark and a little gunky so it seemed it just wasn’t giving me the deep clean that I needed, so I moved on to foaming cleansers again. However, it was an excellent option for the mornings when I just needed a hydrating gel cleanse to freshen up my skin and prep it for skincare. I’m using the Blissoma cleanser more often since I’m almost finished with it and want to use it up before it expires, but I look forward to being able to use Milky Jelly more often.


Stark Skincare Petrichor Purifying Tonic (not pictured) – This is one of, if not my MOST favorite facial mists. Made with white willow bark, cucumber, rose geranium, ferulic acid, green tea, and glycerin – and it smells like earthy spikey vetiver. It’s the perfect hydrating mist and I love that it has added antioxidant benefits. It keeps my pores happy and clean too!

Stark Skincare Everlasting Calm + Smooth Infusion Serum – Everlasting is a water-y hydrating + calming serum and was created as sort of a side-kick to facial oils. Combine a few drops of EV with a face oil and you’ve got yourself a moisturizing serum with both water and lipid components for hydration and moisture. I tend to use this serum more often at night when my skin needs something calming but I do occasionally use it during the day mixed with their City Recalibrating Oil and my skin just loves the heck out of it. You can also use it on its own without an oil.

Glossier Super Bounce Hydrating Serum – I’ve been testing out Super Bounce for the last couple of weeks in both AM/PM routines and the jury is still out on this one. On days that I use it I’ll apply a few drops on damp skin as my serum step after misting, and I’ll skip any oil and go right to moisturizing. It’s not a bad serum but I’m just not sure if it’s as effective as Stark’s Everlasting serum. It does feel nice and soothing to apply.


Blissoma Aura Phyto Brightening Serum* – Formerly named Amend Soothing Lotion, Aura is Blissoma’s anti-aging serum for targeting and preventing sun damage. It has pomegranate extract, vitamin C, wasabi extract and more. I like how this serum feels on the skin and how an imparts such a pretty glow, but its natural orange tint is noticeable on my fair skin so I find it unwearable during the day. I will probably move this one to my nightly skincare.

5Yina Lucent Beauty Oil* – This is one gorgeous face oil! It imparts a pretty glow and a really juicy plump look to my skin. It smells like vetiver which is a favorite scent of mine, but at times I find it a little too fragrant in this oil. It’s also a bit orange because of the sea buckthorn in it so it’s another product that leaves a tint on my skin. I use it more often at night than I do during the day.


Flower and Spice ‘Rose + Coriander’ Soothe & Repair Daily Moisturizer* – This is another product I use both in the morning and at night. Because it’s been so hot and my skin feels like it wants to melt off my face, I’ve been going for the lightweight Heart of Gold moisturizer in my routine photo, but I will use this if I feel like I need more moisture or if I don’t plan on going outdoors at all that day. I absolutely love this moisturizer and I can’t wait for the heat to die down so I can use it more often! It falls between light and medium weight, so it’s not rich at all, it’s just that the excruciating heat turns any product into an oil slick on my skin.


Max Green Alchemy Elemeni Ageless Eye Serum* (not pictured) – This eye serum has a water-y lightweight consistency and because my eyes have been feeling dry lately, I’m reaching for richer options like the Stark Skincare oil and oil-based eye serum, and also the Glossier eye cream I’m listing below. I do love this eye serum and will definitely be coming back to it and I might start layering it under other eye products.

Glossier Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Plumping Cream (not pictured) – I bought Bubblewrap in the same haul when I purchased a new Milky Jelly and the Super Bounce serum so it’s still pretty new to me and I’m still forming an opinion on it, but I am liking it so far! I haven’t tried it on my lips yet, but on the eyes it feels like a rich cream with a slightly pasty texture that fully absorbs and imparts a hydrating glow.

Stay tuned for my PM skincare post coming soon!

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