My Favorite Blushes for Spring


With the exception of some strange, cold, stormy weather that hit us here in the south last night, it’s actually been really spring-ish and warm. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite Spring blushes from Everyday Minerals! These blushes are bright, lightweight and so pretty for Spring. They are all matte as well, which I know a lot of people prefer in a blush. These sizes featured aren’t available for individual purchase, but were included in past makeup kits I bought from EDM. They are available in full size on the EDM site, and they might be available for purchase in their customizable kits – or if you do some digging you might find older kits that include these. However, the full size for each blush is only $13 so they are very affordable! The descriptions below are in order from top to bottom of the above photo.

At First Blush is described as a pure pink – summery and bright. In the pot it appears cool-toned but goes warmer on the skin. One of my all time favorite blushes!

Girl’s Best Friend is a dusty peach-pink. It’s very flattering and pretty for most skin tones, and will also be great for summer!

Pink for Flower is a powdery baby-pink with a rosy tint. In the pot it appears like a powdery pale neutral pink but goes like a warm rosy shade on the skin.

Cameo is a bit different (unique!) than your typical blush. It’s a pale lavender pink and makes such a pretty highlighter for on top of the cheek bones. If you use it alone, it will give your cheeks an ethereal look. You can also layer it on top of another blush for a pop of brightness or to tone it down if needed.

Everyday Minerals has recently added shimmery products back to their range after having mostly matte products for the past couple years. Another pretty spring-ish blush (and one I’d just like to get my hands on in general) is their new Wonderful Shimmer blush which you can check out here. It’s too beautiful! Right now they are having good deal, where if you spend $28 you get a free kit containing 1 matte blush, 2 shimmer blushes and a tinted lip balm. Check out the link to their main page below to see the offer.

I’d love to know what your favorite makeup items for Spring are!

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