New from Max Green Alchemy: Elemeni Rosehip Skincare

If you haven’t heard, my favorite natural hair care brand Max Green Alchemy has launched a skincare line! Elemeni Rosehip Skincare is their new subset of skincare products, each one containing rosehip seed oil which is known for its anti-aging benefits.

If you’re curious as to why I consider Max Green Alchemy my favorite brand for natural haircare, it’s because their shampoo and conditioner are the most effective duo I’ve tried that has kept my scalp healthy and happy. You can find my old review here and I have since gone on to purchase my own bottles of their products after they initially gifted me their shampoo and conditioner to try out. In short, my scalp has issues with build up that can lead to raw, itchy skin and it takes a GOOD natural shampoo to keep it clean and healthy. A lot of them out there don’t work for me, but MGA’s truly does. If you experience similar scalp issues like I have, I highly recommend to try their hair care.

MGA sent over a few of their new skincare products for me to try, so without further ado, let’s review.

Elemeni Radiance Face Cream* ($33) — I love a good face cream, especially one like this that packs in more beneficial ingredients than just simple moisturizers. Elemeni’s face cream feels rich in texture, but absorbs and finishes like a medium-weight cream. In this face cream you’ll find an herbal infusion of lady’s mantle, green tea, gotu kola, horsetail, licorice, olive, comfrey, and coltsfoot. It also contains orange stem cells, which according to Elemeni, have been shown to help build collagen and elastin and improve elasticity in skin. Sacha inchi peptides are included, which also help improve skin’s elasticity. Baobab peptides defend skin from UV stress. Rosehip seed oil, sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, and borage oil provide anti-aging beneficial moisture. I was pleasantly surprised by how great this cream feels on my skin, considering the rich feel it has in the pot. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and super nourished and moisturized, but never greasy. I like to use this with just a layer of facial mist before the cream for perfectly happy skin.

Elemeni Ageless Eye Serum* ($35) — My favorite product out of the trio! This is a light milky eye-serum formulated with a handful of great anti-aging ingredients. It includes organic rosehip seed oil, sacha inchi peptides, quinoa peptides, glucosyl hesperidin, gotu kola, green tea, and hyaluronic acid to name a few. Glucosyl Hesperidin was a new ingredient to me and according to Elemeni, this ingredient is a compound extracted from oranges that increases blood circulation, which can reduce the appearance of dark circles. This eye serum is lightweight and leaves the delicate skin around my eyes hydrated and feeling moisturized, and it’s also a great under eye product to prep for makeup since it is non-greasy. It comes in a generous 1oz size which I greatly appreciate – most eye serums don’t come in this large of size.

Elemeni Hydrating Rose Facial Mist* ($17) — As a lover of herbs and herbal infusions in skincare, I’m ecstatic about the ingredients in this mist. It’s based in rose hydrosol and contains an herbal infusion of yarrow, horse chestnut, green tea, hibiscus, gotu kola, and willow bark. It also delivers effective ingredients like allantoin, panthenol, MSM, sodium PCA, vitamin C, and glycerin. I love that this mist hydrates my skin adequately without feeling tacky from the glycerin and humectants like mists tend to do. My only complaint is that the mister/spray nozzle on the bottle is VERY strong even when held back as far as my hand will go. I recommend to spray the mist into your palms and pat it onto your skin instead.

Considering the quality of this line, I think the price points for their products are super affordable! Their cleansing milk goes for as low as $15 and the price for the face mist at $17 still blows my mind. For high quality skincare at affordable prices, I think MGA’s new skincare line is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you love herbal infusions, like me!

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