NEW MERCH DROP! Introducing Cocokind’s [super cute] Bucket Hat

Honestly, how cute is skincare-branded merch? Stickers, totes, hoodies – I love it all – even though you can feel like a walking advertisement at times, ha! Warmer days and summer vibes are upon us and I’m pumped to be protected and summer-ready with Cocokind’s Bucket Hat ($29) made with canvas (recycled cotton) and it features a reversible style – one side says “Cocokind” and the other “Wear SPF”.

Cocokind “Sun Essentials” bundle including their brand spankin’ new bucket hat + daily spf 32 ($39)
You DO look good 😉

To celebrate their new merch launch they’re pairing the bucket hat + Daily SPF 32 for a Sun Essentials bundle* for the best sun protection around. While SPF works to keep our face and body protected from the sun, we often forget about protecting our eyes, scalp and neck. I’m not keen on a burned hair part, so this hat is the perfect solution for me. My hair also tends to get hot on the top of my crown, so I love that this hat also keeps my hair and scalp cool.

I’ve been meaning to get a full review up here on their Daily SPF 32 which will be coming soon, but in the mean time here’s what you need to know. Cocokind’s sunscreen is a mineral formula made with 21% non-nano zinc oxide, rice starch (for absorbing excess oil), and marine extracts that act as antioxidants and barrier-supporters. As a former sunscreen hater I have a few that I like, but my current standards make this Cocokind SPF at the top of my favorites. Its white cast is minimal and practically invisible, it doesn’t pill, it’s buildable, it doesn’t burn my eyes, and it’s non-greasy. I’ve been foregoing makeup for a little while now and I love how this SPF acts as a bit of a “skin blurring” filter, leaving my skin more even toned and slightly glowy/dewy. To prep my skin for this SPF I opt for lightweight skincare, using their Rosewater Facial Toner, Vitamin C Serum with Sea Grape Caviar (to further prevent oxidative stress) and the uber lightweight Texture Smoothing Cream.

My Cocokind collection is ever expanding since I tried their Pore Refining Concentrate and I feel like I’ve hit the skincare jackpot because everything is effective but so affordable. I have a lot more Cocokind content on my Insta in the form of a few posts and a highlight reel which you should check out. What are your Cocokind faves – anything else I should try?! If you have any Cocokind Q’s feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Shop the Sun Essentials Bundle ($39), the individual Bucket Hat ($29), and the Daily SPF 32 ($24).

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*Bundle gifted courtesy of Cocokind
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