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It might sound a little crazy, but prior to using Coco Rinse I had never tried oil pulling before. The concept of it is so simple and I always have a jar of coconut oil on hand, but I didn’t fancy the idea of swishing plain coconut oil in my mouth (or oil of any type). When Kismet Essentials reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their 14 day Coco Rinse Coconut Oil Pulling Kit*, it sounded more palatable because their coconut oil is infused with cool mint and I liked the idea of sachets that would make the experience easier.

Read on to learn more about oil pulling and my experience with Kismet’s Coco Rinse kit! Plus, check the bottom of this post for a discount on your own Coco Rinse kit!


Oil pulling, which is traditionally an Ayurvedic medicine, is an oral cleansing technique which is done by swishing oil (such as the ever popular coconut oil) in the mouth for a period of 10-20 minutes. In the same way that the oil cleansing method works on facial skin by lifting dirt and excess sebum from the pores, oil can be very beneficial in cleansing the mouth of bacteria and plaque. Oil effectively pulls these materials from the deep reaches of our mouths and from in between teeth to provide a deep cleanse prior to brushing the teeth. Keeping the mouth clean of plaque and germs means fresher breath, healthy teeth, whiter teeth, and prevention of tooth decay and diseases (which also means prevention of heart disease and other health issues caused by decayed teeth).



1. Tear open satchet and squeeze product into mouth – or, use 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil, olive, or sesame.
2. Swish in mouth for 10-20 minutes. Swish gently so your cheeks don’t hurt!
3. Spit oil out into trash can (not sink!), Rinse mouth with warm water, then Brush teeth and floss.


As I mentioned earlier, I had never tried oil pulling prior to using the Coco Rinse kit for the first time. I expected oil pulling to feel thick and gross in my mouth with the chunky texture of coconut oil and just all around did not expect a positive experience. I was entirely wrong on this front because it’s nothing like I imagined! Kismet’s mint infused coconut oil is very creamy and immediately warms to the mouth making it very runny and easy to swish around in the mouth. The mint is light and subtle and makes it delicious! My first few times with oil pulling I swished too hard and fast and later learned to do it gently because cheek muscle pain is not fun and prevents you from being able to effectively oil pull for the correct amount of time. Immediately after oil pulling my teeth look clean and healthy and my breath is much fresher than it was after waking up. My teeth do appear whiter considering the deep cleaning that oil pulling provides. Probably TMI but it speaks to how effective oil pulling is: during my trial with the 14 day kit, on one particular night I had skipped brushing my teeth and when I oil pulled the next morning, I noticed plaque had been brought to the front of my teeth. It was disgusting but mesmerizing because of how well it really pulls out the gunk in our mouths making it easier for removal. Don’t skip brushing your teeth at night, people! Lastly, the sachets are just so easy. These hold the perfect amount of oil so there’s no measuring or trialing in figuring out how much you should use. Also wonderful for the perpetually late and the travelling, just keep a few sachets in your bag and you’re good to go!

After my positive first experience with Kismet’s Coco Rinse kit, oil pulling is sure to stay in my oral health care routine. A healthy mouth means a healthy body as well and I have been amazed by the benefits that oil pulling provides. A clean, healthy, brighter smile and fresher breath is something we all want (and need!) and oil pulling is a great cleansing method to add to your every day dental routine.

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