New from Ursa Major | Bright & Easy 3 Minute Flash Mask

Ursa Major is on a roll with skincare launches lately! Today I’m excited to share their latest launch, the Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask* which is an exfoliating face treatment that delivers quick skin renewing benefits. I’m sharing all the details on their new mask and I have two treats for you all to boot! Ursa Major and I are teaming up to give away one Bright & Easy Mask on my Instagram, so be sure to check the bottom of this review for details on how to enter [giveaway is now closed]. Also, Ursa Major is kindly offering my readers a generous 15% off discount on all full-size products – check the bottom for more information!

Now, onto the mask goodness…

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REVIEW: KYPRIS Deep Forest Clay

Nothing provides immediate rejuvenation quite like a good clay face mask and it’s become apparent to me that it’s something I need to insert into my routine more often. I enjoy masking, but after a full cleansing routine I’m itching to get the rest of my products on so my skin can feel comfortable again. After I do mask, and see the wondrous results, it feels like a revelation – this is what my skin has been needing! It not only helps to clear dead skin and congestion, but it brings life to my skin and helps to re-balance oil production. In the middle of this Summer I made a resolve to mask more often and I was quite elated when KYPRIS asked if I would like to try out their Deep Forest Clay* detoxifying mask and exfoliant. This is one of a few masks that’s been on my testing table and I’m excited to share how I’ve been enjoying it.

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August Boxwalla Beauty Box – Summer Comes Softly

Boxwalla’s August beauty box has arrived (it really shows you how fast time flies, huh?) and I’m excited to dig into the latest goodies that Boxwalla has chosen for us to experience. Before I get into it, I have great news! Although subscriptions have passed, you can pick this box up as a one-time purchase of $54.95. This rarely happens, so if you are interested, I recommend to purchase before these boxes are sold out.

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Sneak Peek! Boxwalla’s August Beauty Box ft. Odacité + Henné Organics

While we’re still relishing the Earthwise Beauty offerings from Boxwalla’s June beauty box, I thought I’d give a little sneak peek of what’s to come in August!

The August beauty box is themed “Summer Comes Softly“, showcasing three full-size products that will highlight different ways to soften the skin. Underneath all that Summer fun and warmth, it’s important to keep our skin protected (vis-a-vis the products in the June box) and well-treated after the fact. Learn more about Odacité and Henné Organics, the two luxurious brands featured in this month’s box.

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My Experience with The Ordinary… So Far!

A little over 2 months ago I placed my first purchase with The Ordinary and I’m ready to break down my thoughts and experiences with the products I’ve tried so far!

I saw “The Ordinary” name exploding everywhere but I had no idea what this brand was all about until I saw their incredibly affordable price points. I immediately turned to Insta and asked if the prices were real, and down the rabbit hole I went! After some research and getting to know the brand and their ethos inside and out, I went ahead and purchased a handful of items that I both needed and was curious to try.

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