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“LITE+CYCLE magnifies the abundant beauty of the wild by bringing the purest essences from field to forest into daily life. Each of our scents smells authentically of the plants from which it was created because we utilize only 100% pure and genuine essential oils – to enhance the flow of a balanced life and provide powerful aromatherapy.”

The plant-powered aromatherapy fragrance brand LITE+CYCLE is expanding beyond their beautiful candle collection with a newly launched line of Essential Oil Perfume! Known for their use of exceptionally high quality ingredients, LITE+CYCLE’s new roll-on perfumes are made with 100% organic and wild-crafted cleanly distilled essential oils.

LITE+CYCLE has kindly provided me with samples of the new perfume trio which I am featuring in the photos of this review, but you can view the gorgeously designed full size roll-on perfumes in the photos above and below.

lite_and_cycle_ingrace_inheart_inrapture_perfume“RIPEN MOOD, SCENT THE SKIN AND TRANSFORM THE SPIRIT.”

“LITE+CYCLE Essential Oil Perfume ripens mood using the power of plants. An olfactory experience formulated to transform the spirit using the intelligence of nature, each essential oil blend assists in balancing mood while providing a delicate perfume. Intentionally intimate, our essential oil perfumes provide transforming harmonic aroma while simultaneously respecting the sensory space of fellow humans.”


  • Blend | Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, Organic Egyptian Petitgrain Sur Fleur, and Wild-crafted Brazilian Bois De Rose.
  • Notes | Smooth, herbaceous, and softly sweet.
  • Mood | Peaceful and serene.

True to being herbaceous and softly sweet, INGRACE has a gentle lavender top note softened with a sweeter floral undertone. Truly one of the cleanest and better lavender’s I have ever smelled.

Inheart, $58

  • Blend | Organic Haitian Vetiver and Organic Hawaiian Sandalwood.
  • Notes | Resinous, earthy, and densely woody.
  • Mood | Confident and sound.

INHEART is like damp earth in a woodsy forest after a much needed rain, with a clean twist. My personal favorite of the trio.

inrapture, $58

  • Blend | Wild-crafted Italian Bergamot, Organic Egyptian Petitgrain Sur Fleur, Wild-grown Haitian Amyris, and American Ruby Red Grapefruit.
  • Notes | Bright, citrusy, and slightly balsamic.
  • Mood | Blissful and joyful.

Bergamot and petitgrain form the bright and citrusy top note of this perfume, while the Haitian Amyris lends it woody and resinous notes. Very uplifting – a good-mood inducer!

These essential oil-based perfumes are made with 100% pure plant oils only, containing 20-30% of scent. Comes in a slim, travel size 8ml glass bottle with a cooling metal roller ball.

The big driving point of the LITE+CYCLE brand is their use of 100% pure, unadulterated, high quality essential oils. I’ve used a wide array of skincare, home, and fragrance products that are either essential oil based or scented with essential oils, and I wasn’t aware of this gap in quality until having the opportunity to try these samples. There is a hugely noticeable quality of how “clean” these perfumes smell, in comparison to other natural perfume lines I have tried. I mentioned this clean factor specfically with the lavender in INGRACE, but it’s also true to all three perfumes in their entirety. The scents in each perfume truly and optimally pair together, each one with a specific purpose in complimenting another. This, and the way these perfumes smell so “clean”, are things that set this collection apart from other natural perfume lines I have tried.

The LITE+CYCLE brand image speaks to my heart with gold embellishments, functional fine designs and clean lines. It’s a beautiful, modern breath of fresh air in the green beauty world and a brand that I want to experience more after this pleasurable experience with their perfumes. I highly recommend to check out LITE+CYCLE’s perfume collection for pure, clean, plant-based perfume goodness!

About the brand: “Artist and designer Kristi Head created LITE+CYCLE in 2013 with the intention of challenging fragrance industry conventions.

Kristi has over 12 years of experience in brand innovation, packaging design, and product development in beauty and fragrance. After formal education in visual arts and packaging design at Boston University and Parson School of Design, Kristi worked with companies like Anthropologie, Red Flower, Martha Stewart Living, and Nest Fragrances, and later was co-creator of Lurk Fragrances for its first 4 years.

Naturally sensitive to synthetic fragrance and dedicated to functional beautiful design, Kristi launched LITE+CYCLE with the intention of creating a truly healthy line of scents that enhance a balanced life. Applying her love of elegant aesthetics, belief in nature’s intelligence, aromatherapy training, and stubborn commitment to ethics, Kristi creates refined products that nurture body and spirit. A native New Yorker, Kristi currently works and lives in Los Angeles.”

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*press samples