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It feels like a good minute (a good 4 months, more like!) since we’ve last chatted on Boxwalla’s latest offerings which has me thrilled to bring you this month’s review. June’s box reunites us with efficacious and insanely sensorial Lovinah Skincare, as last featured in their August beauty box (review here) and in the infamous limited edition makeup + skincare box that brought us their gorgeous eyeshadow palette.

Themed “Perhaps the Butterflies are Real“, Boxwalla’s June Beauty Box* showcases three products from Lovinah, including two full-sizes of their Power Vitamin C Cleansing Balm and Blue Butterfly Stem Cell Hydration Mask, and a 30ml trial-size of their brand new launch – the Goddess Glow Shimmering Body Oil. I’ll be sharing everything you need to know on these lovely items today and while subscriptions have since closed, I’m happy to report that the June box is now available for purchase as a One-Time box at the Boxwalla shop.

Get to know Lovinah: Founded by Joy Ekhator, Lovinah Skincare is a celebration of sacred beauty and the healing herbal traditions of Africa. Having grown up in Nigeria, this is where Joy first experienced the healing herbal powers of mother nature through her grandmother who was an herbalist, traditional doctor, bone setter, and midwife. Using the herbal knowledge passed down to her from her grandmother, she later created Lovinah in effort to help her and her children’s own skin conditions such as cystic acne and problematic skin types. Since then, Lovinah has developed into a luxury beauty brand where ancient African beauty secrets and botanical remedies are perfected by modern technology to create next level plant-powered products.

What is Boxwalla all about? To put it simply, they like to fill boxes with things that MUST be experienced. Boxwalla is a bi-monthly subscription box service that showcases artists and artisans from around the world giving the subscriber a choice of three different interests to choose from: The Beauty Box, The Film Box, and The Book Box. Each box is curated with context in mind and with a story to be told, each one delivering a beautiful sensory experience. Green beauty lovers will appreciate that they have high standards when it comes to ingredients and that they actually use, love, and enjoy the products they feature. Boxwalla typically features between 1-4 products including both full and generous deluxe travel-sizes. Their beauty box rings in at just $49.95 every other month, with each box valuing well over the price tag. If supply is available, they will offer one-time boxes after subscriptions close and they also offer non-renewing gift cycles.



» soft, scoopable balm format
» balm-to-oil-milk; emulsifying
» based in antioxidant-rich carrier oils
» loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals; contains stable vitamin C
» guava & tart berry scented
» 50ml; $45 retail value.

Lovinah’s Power Vitamin C Cleansing Balm is a decadent but nutritious oil-based balm cleanser formulated for removing + neutralizing impurities, pollutants, dirt, and dissolving daily makeup. It’s made with a base of antioxidant-rich carrier oils of crambe, cloudberry, lingonberry, blackcurrant, chokeberry, arctic cranberry, bilberry, and guava, met with beeswax at the lower half of the ingredients to form its oil base into a more soft and solid balm that delivers a deep cleanse.

Power Vitamin C is somewhat of a sister product to Lovinah’s Dragon’s Blood BHA Cleansing Oil, they both boast Vitamin C as their star ingredient, and they are similar in color and scent profile, but the cleansing oil would be more suitable for acne-prone skin types as it’s free of wax and contains BHA for deep pore cleansing.

I’ve been enjoying this cleansing balm so much more than I anticipated I would, although I’m not sure why I had less-than-positive expectations for it. While I originally liked the sister BHA cleansing oil, over time I found that it was too drying in a double cleanse, so I think that I was assuming this balm would behave the same way. So far, I’ve managed to double cleanse with it nightly with no drying effect and I believe that could be because the included beeswax adds moisture + helps to create a kind of buffer that prevents my skin from drying out in a double cleanse. It’s also such a delightful treat to use with its soft & luscious balmy texture, and it both smells and looks like a jam made from guava and cranberries.


» thick cream format; rinse-off formula
» hydrates, heals & regenerates
» made with hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, marine ingredients & prebiotics
» color-derived from blue clay, blue spirulina & butterfly pea
» deep-sea scented
» 50ml, $85 retail value.

Lovinah Skincare’s Blue Butterfly Stem Cell Hydration Mask covers just about every base a mask could! Its main goal is in delivering supple, skin-softening hydration, but it’s also regenerative thanks to plant stem cells, and prebiotics are included to help repair + maintain the skin’s microbiome for a healthy barrier. It’s also host to antioxidants, and ingredients that are brightening and mineral-rich.

Its intense blue color is all natural and derived from blue clay, blue spirulina, and butterfly pea. I’ve tested it thoroughly and in case anyone is nervous about the potential to stain skin or stinks, I can attest to the fact that it will not!

When first applied, this mask causes a tingling sensation that lasts for a few minutes and eventually subsides. It feels similar to the kind of tingle you experience with lip plumpers that contain capsaicin or cinnamon, so with that said this mask may not be suitable for sensitive skin types. This “tingle” is an induced irritation to stimulate blood flow to the face, which is thought to help with nutrient delivery and temporarily improve color and complexion. Some people who use this mask don’t experience any irritation at all, so as always YMMV! For me, I do my best to power through the tingling sensation because I love the results that I experience with this mask – my skin is more hydrated, firm, plump, and glowing with a healthier, more colorful complexion.


» newly launched at Lovinah!
» luscious yet lightweight oil blend
» contains mica + pigments for a radiant sun-kissed glow
» intoxicating scent of moringa, coffee, shea
» 30ml; $30 retail value.

Lovinah Skincare’s Goddess Glow Shimmering Body Oil made its exclusive debut in this June beauty box! Goddess Glow is an absolutely delectable body oil-serum that not only delivers lightweight moisture, but it’s an absolute delight to all senses, including the olfactory and the visual. The scent is what I really go “gaga” for – it’s incredibly delicious with sweet and floral notes, met with rich earthy notes of coffee and shea. Mica is included to impart a radiant glow and while the particles initially look large, I find that they disperse well and evenly and are undetectable against the beautiful glow they leave behind.

Body oils work best when applied on freshly cleansed and damp skin after a shower, so if you’re a strict night showerer like me, it can difficult to find an appropriate time to enjoy a shimmering body product as you don’t want to sleep in a product like this. What I like to do is to wear it in the daytime by combining a small amount with a body lotion and keep the application to hands and arms, the collarbone, or any area that is exposed. The emulsion will help the oil to absorb and lessens its oily finish, so that it can be as wearable as if it were applied directly after a fresh shower. You can also mist your skin with any kind of toner or hydrosol prior to application to help with absorption.

If you’d like to try these luxuries for yourself, I’m happy to inform again that One-Time June beauty boxes are now available at the Boxwalla shop! One-Time boxes are a single, non-renewing purchase that allows you to discover the gifts that Boxwalla curates, without the commitment of a subscription. These are also limited edition, so be sure to grab one before they run out.

Boxwalla has also bundled all featured products from the Lovinah box and April’s Twelve Beauty box into a limited One-Time box that runs for $140, valued at a whopping $447!

In the mean time, Boxwalla’s August subscriptions are open and the beauty box will be featuring cult-favorite Votary, including their Brightening Hyaluronic Serum and new Overnight Intensive Mask. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign up below!

Purchase a One-Time June Beauty BoxBoxwalla subscribers receive 15% off at the retail beauty shop, including One-Time boxes.
Purchase the Lovinah + Twelve Beauty Bundle
Subscribe to the August Beauty Box featuring Votary for $49.95
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