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I recently signed up for Red Apple Lipstick’s blogger program and was offered to try out some Red Apple Lipstick samples*. Without hesitation I chose mostly everyday shades and also received a sample of the Rallye Balm. I’ve been eyeing RAL products for some time, but didn’t want to commit to full size products because I don’t wear color on my lips often. Their sample program is the perfect way to try their lipsticks and you get quite a decent amount in these little pods ($3.50 each). The sample pack comes in this adorable baggy with a brush you can use for application, if you don’t already have a lip brush.

Ingredients +

For ingredient lists, check their site here. Some of these have different formulas and each formula has a different ingredients list. All clean, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free!


instant color formula +

Coral Crush is a classic coral color. It has a sheer but buildable satin finish with a light sheen and no shimmer. A very pretty, spring and summer shade.

Maven Mauve is a soft, creamy matte and is a mix of dusty rose and mauve. On me it turns into more of a creamy neutral pink that isn’t rosey or mauve. Perfect for a neutral makeup look, or if you’re playing up the eyes instead of lips.

Unpinkable is a bright fuchsia-pink with a cool undertone. Perfect for spring!


summer passion formula +

Audrey is a neutral pink with no shimmer and a nice shine. On me it appears like a rich pink.

x-series formula +

Twist-n-Pout is a creamy warm-toned middle pink with a hint of coral and has no shimmer.


How I apply them + My Experience

I applied a thick layer of the Rallye Balm about 30 minutes prior to applying the lipsticks to soften up my lips and exfoliate any dead skin. The Rallye balm made my lips incredibly moisturized and smooth and really prepped them for the lipstick because of the nice base that the waxes provide. The only way I will wear a lipstick is as a stain which can be quite the process to get it just right. First apply lip balm to moisturize, then dab your finger onto the lipstick and blend onto the lips using your finger. Then I blot with tissue, apply a small amount of lip balm, dab excess off with my finger and then apply more lipstick. Basically, it’s a lot of blotting and reapplying balm and lipstick until you’re happy with the stain and color and finish. Heavily pigmented lips don’t look great on me so I’ve found that applying as a stain is the perfect way to still get to use lipstick and to customize how you want it to look on you.

Amazingly, every lipstick is so moisturizing and not drying at all, including the two creamy matte shades. None of them settled into cracks or fine lines on the lips and I didn’t experience any feathering. All shades faded beautifully into a nice stain/tinted lip balm kind of look. I found Coral Crush to be the most moisturizing, most likely because it is a bit sheerer than the other shades. Even though I’m not big on bright warm shades Coral Crush is my favorite out of the bunch and according to RAL’s site it’s the most requested color. I can see why! It’s one of those shades that will flatter any skin tone and if worn like a stain it can be appropriate with most makeup looks. Maven Mauve is my second favorite shade because it looks so lovely as an everyday shade and will go with any eye look and any cheek color. I’m not particularly a fan of the creamy matte finish but as I said, when you apply it like a stain you can really customize it and give it the sheerness/shine that you want. If you find Audrey too strong of a pink, you will like this one as it’s more of a muted pink. Unpinkable is a very shiny, bright fuchsia pink that will be pretty for spring, or for any look you want to add a bright pop of color to. Something about this shade reminds me of Lisa Eldridge and certain makeup looks she does on her YouTube channel time to time. Audrey and Twist-n-Pout are my least favorite out of these shades. Audrey is too much of a rich pink for my neutral taste and gives me an older appearance. Twist-n-Pout has a warm undertone that’s very unflattering on me and that coupled with the creamy finish does not look good for me. However, it’s really person to person and what your natural skin and lip tones are so don’t be put off by my personal taste!

After trying out these samples, I’m considering buying Coral Crush, Unpinkable and Maven Mauve in the full sizes and possibly the Rallye lip balm as well (I own plenty of lip balms, why do I think I need it?! Also on my wishlist are their eyeliners and their customizable eyeshadow z palette.) Because lipstick shades can look different on each person, I recommend giving their sample program a try especially before buying full size! You will have so much fun experimenting with these little pods!

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*gifted sample

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