REVIEW: Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant

Many of us in the green beauty community will agree that the hunt for a clean deodorant that is actually effective is one of the biggest challenges when switching to plant-based beauty. And the other side of that coin is finding an effective deodorant that won’t irritate our pits! Luckily many years into my green beauty journey I have already found a baking soda-free deodorant that works for me, but the product addict in me enjoys trying new things just for the sake of it.

That leads me to today’s review of Kaia Naturals’ Takesumi Detox Deodorant*! Kaia Naturals asked me if I would partake in their 30 Day Detox challenge in which I would use their charcoal-based Takesumi deodorant for 30 consecutive days and share my detox experience afterward.

If you’re not familiar with the experience of switching to a natural deodorant, you might be wondering what “detox” means. In this context, detox describes the process of sweat glands flushing out aluminum that accumulated from use of conventional deodorant, as aluminum is the key component in deodorant that stops perspiration and odor. During this phase, depending on your body chemistry, the sweat glands might overcompensate causing excessive sweating and worse-than-usual body odor. For most of us who have been used to a sweat-free life, it can also feel like we are excessively sweating when it’s likely a normal amount! I personally experienced sensitivities when I first made the switch to natural deodorants. No matter which side you fall on, it’s comforting to have a gentle and moisturizing deodorant to rely on.

Below, Kaia Naturals briefly breaks down what one typically experiences during the detox phase. Be sure to check out their How to Detox page for helpful tips and tricks to mitigate odor! Kaia Naturals notes, “if you are a natural deodorant user already, the power of activated charcoal will help to pull out any backlogged toxins and bacteria that are in your pores, leaving you with naturally cleaner sweat.”

Stages of Detox

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What’s in it?

Kaia Naturals boasts that their gel-based Takesumi deodorant is the first to include both bamboo charcoal and natural fermentation technology. Charcoal will aid in the detox process and absorb odors while the fermentation technology fights odor-causing bacteria. The ingredients below are for the cold-pressed rose version, so essential oil content will differ depending on the scent you choose.

propanedioleliminates skin irritation and creates a non-sticky texture, renewably sourced from corn – eco cert approved
glycerina mild moisturizer that softens the skin and helps bind formula together
sodium stearatenaturally occurring fatty acid which thickens and stabilises formula to prevent separation
saccharomyces ferment (bacterial enzyme)utilizes enzymes to neutralize odor naturally
aloe (aloe barbadensis) leaf juiceskin softener naturally derived from the aloe plant, has anti bacterial, anti microbial and antiseptic properties
sodium benzoateantimicrobial that prevents bacteria and fungus from developing – eco cert approved
caprylhydroaxamic acid (amino acid)anti-fungal agent and gentle plant based preservative
caprylyl glycolskin conditioning agent with antimicrobial properties
magnesium hydroxidenon-hazardous alkali suspension helps to neutralize acid to control body odor
allantoinskin protectant that acts as a healing agent to increase smoothness of skin
charcoal powderregulates humidity and cleanses sweat glands of bacteria to eliminate odor
rose flower oilpure, clinical grade rose essential oil

My Experience

I am actually well past the 30 day mark of the detox challenge, but that’s a good thing as I’ve had more time to form an opinion from long-term use!

Firstly, I really enjoy the cold-pressed rose scent that Kaia Naturals was kind to choose for me. It’s very fresh, cool-scented and not overly granny-ish as rose tends to be. Secondly, I was caught by surprise of the wet gel-like formula. Considering the base ingredients I should have expected that, but I haven’t seen another deodorant like it in the green beauty market so I didn’t know such a format existed.  A couple of swipes dries down to a completely dry finish within minutes – no stickiness, greasiness, and it’s very comfortable to wear.

When I switch to a new natural deodorant I usually experience a detox-like adjustment period, which I did experience in the first two weeks of use. After these two weeks and becoming accustomed to a new deodorant, I stuck with it for the long haul to see just how well it would fight odors. After giving this deo plenty of usage, I unfortunately find that it doesn’t fight odor as well as my favorite deodorant I was using prior. For reference, I don’t consider myself to be a “strong B.O.” type of person. It does mitigate some of the odor, but leaves my pits with a “musty” type of scent, which is a similar result I have experienced with other deodorants that weren’t very effective.

Despite my lack of results with this deodorant, I think this deodorant would be wonderful and well-suited for someone who is just trying a natural deodorant for the first time. During the initial weeks of phasing out use of conventional deodorants, any deodorant will feel like it’s not working just because the sweat glands and pores are going into overdrive. During this process and the haywire that’s going on, one is likely to experience sensitivity as well, like I did. If you’re going to use any deodorant during this phase, it will be crucial to use one that’s gentle, moisturizing, and comfortable to wear which this Takesumi deodorant very much is.

[UPDATE: Kaia Naturals has since changed this deodorant’s formula since my review went up, so this review is for an old formulation that is no longer available.]

Have you taken the Takesumi detox challenge? What is your favorite natural deodorant? Let me know in the comments below!

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