REVIEW: MŪN Protect + Revive Moisturizer


My love for MŪN Skincare has been severely understated on the blog, as I find myself much more active on Instagram and its quick-to-share Stories, unfortunately depriving my blog of the good stuff and the things that I’m loving. That’s changing today, because I’m dedicating a special post to MUN Skincare’s newly-reformulated Protect + Revive Moisturizer. This has been my sole go-to since December (it’s the only moisturizer I’ve been using!) and it’s truly been getting my skin by for what feels like a particularly harsh winter for the South. Today we’ll be going over P+R’s ingredients, what’s different about its newly refined formula, and my overall experience with it. When MŪN so generously sent this moisturizer over to me, she also sent along their Japanese-inspired Anarose Hydrating Toner (which was already a big favorite of mine!) which I want to share a few notes on as well. HEADS UP – if you’re interested in a MUN discount code, scroll to the bottom of this review or find it on the sidebar!

About MŪN SKINCARE: Founded by international makeup artist Munemi Imai, the MŪN skincare line operates on her own personally cultivated philosophy of MUNimalism, a holistic approach to simple, healthy radiance. Her approach to facial skincare is in fact simple and minimal, with her collection consisting of a cleanser, toner, oil, and moisturizer, each formulated to be results-driven and with skin health in mind. The beautiful stark look and feel of MŪN draws on the minimalist aesthetic of Munemi’s Japanese heritage.


» daily moisturizing lotion
» barrier-strengthening
» contains postbiotics to balance flora
» improves skin’s texture
» contains brightening licorice root extract
» antioxidant-rich; anti-pollution
» scented in neroli flower oil
» 1.7oz; $65. 7ml sample size available.

The goods

MUN’s Protect + Revive Moisturizer is a multi-functional facial lotion, formulated with a focus on boosting moisture levels to improve skin’s health + glow while also improving barrier function. It’s lightweight, can be used AM and PM, and is suitable for use during all seasons.

What’s in it? A handful of amazing, skin-loving ingredients. Some of P+R’s star ingredients include: Niacinamide (improves skin’s texture, brightening), Hyaluronic Acid (boosts moisture levels; skin plumping), Prickly Pear Seed Oil (antioxidant), Kalahari Melon Seed Oil (moisturizing),  Black Cumin Seed Oil (anti-aging, cleansing) Australian desert fruit extracts of Quandong Extract, Desert Lime Extract, and Wattle Seed Extract (anti-pollution, antioxidant, moisturizing), Licorice Root Extract (brightening), Postbiotic + Fermented Complex (Lactobacillus Ferment, Lactobacillus and Coconut Fruit Extract), Chamomile and Bisabolol (anti-inflammatory), Vitamin E (antioxidant), Neroli Flower Oil (regenerating; calming), and Glycerin (humectant; moisturizing).

The bioactive desert ingredients and postbiotic complexes work in tandem to promote barrier health, working to balance bacterial flora and strengthen the skin’s barrier making it more resilient against environmental aggressors like pollution.


P+R launched in the fall of 2018 and in 2020 MUN worked with a new chemist to refine its formula, elevating it with better texture and overall efficiency. The ingredients list and percentages of ingredients have stayed true to the original formula, while a few of the oils are now sourced from new suppliers. The black cumin seed oil is now certified organic from a US producer and the kalahari melon seed oil is derived by a women’s cooperative in Zimbabwe.


Protect + Revive fell into my hands at a perfect moment right as I was emptying a face cream and was in need of a new moisturizer – especially one with more hydrating properties than my old cream had offered. When I received P+R I was ready to go all in on it, dedicating myself to using it daily and nightly. I’ve had two months of experience with it thus far and my thoughts are nothing but glowing!

My previous face cream was lipid rich in butters/oils and over time it had imbalanced my skin’s oil production from daily use, and that led to my skin being more dehydrated than usual, so when I began using P+R its hydrating qualities totally revived my skin. With this moisturizer I’ve found that I don’t need to layer heavily and am able to keep my routines to a minimum of a hydrating mist, hydrating serum, and a few dabs of oil underneath it. I love that it feels lightweight and absorbs beautifully, yet has the substantial impact you’d get with a cream. As someone who regularly experiences dehydration, it’s been amazing to see my moisture levels improve and to see fine lines disappear thanks to its skin-plumping abilities. Over time my skin has brightened a bit and it appears more smooth and refined, particularly on my forehead where I have the most texture. I’m also head over heels at the fact that it smells like neroli – it’s such a neutrally welcome scent that I appreciate during any mood. It wears great under makeup too.

P+R PROTIP: Applying an oil first (or mixed in with the moisturizer) helps to reduce surface tension so that it spreads easier with less drag.

A quick note on the Anarose Hydrating Toner: I’ve been using this beloved toner since late 2019 and I keep it in rotation with other mists, opting for this one when I want to go with a MUN specific routine. I don’t find it to be as plumping as other mists, but it’s very skin softening and smoothing. Anarose is made in a base of rose water and aloe juice, and its actives include hyaluronic acid, prickly pear stem extract, goji berry fruit extract, willow bark extract (love this ingredient), rose flower extract, jasmine flower extract and daisy flower extract.

Other long-time MUN favorites include their Akwi Purifying Cleanser and Aknari Brightening Youth Serum. I have yet to try their Argan oil or Ayour Body Serum, but I intend to sample both these eventually. What are your MUN favorites? Any items on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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