REVIEW: Zion Health Hair & Scalp Scrub and Scalp Nutrition Hair Serum

Today I’m back with more hair care postings and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it because my haircare game (and scalp health!) has really leveled up with thanks to the recent products I’ve added to my arsenal.

Zion Health, a wide beauty range that focuses on mineral-based products, so kindly reached out to me about their line and sent over their Deep Cleansing Hair & Scalp Scrub* and Scalp Nutrition Hair Serum* for me to test out, both of which have netted super positive results for my hair and scalp health. In this review I will go over all the details on these two hair care products, along with how I like to use these. Be sure to stay tuned till the bottom for a discount code should you fancy to test these out for yourself!

My hair type: I have fine, naturally wavy hair that I frequently heat style. I have a problematic scalp type, prone to excess oil and flakiness/buildup that leads to raw skin and itchiness when accumulation occurs without treatment.


Bring fragile, processed hair back to life. The combination of gentle exfoliation and penetrating nutrients purifies the scalp to create the perfect environment for healthy, resilient hair to grow. While removing a range of impurities and excess oils, clay minerals and sea salt simultaneously stimulate the healing and protecting functions of skin cells. Each strand of hair will be left cleansed and deeply nourished, resulting in lasting shine and flexibility.”

Zion Health’s Deep Cleansing Scalp & Hair Scrub is a gentle scrub for the scalp formulated to slough off and dissolve flakes + buildup while restoring hair’s health and luster.

This scrub is designed to be used in-shower on wet hair after shampooing, massaged in to the scalp first with fingertips. While massaging the cream into the scalp, it produces a light foam that you can run through the rest of your hair to deposit its many beneficial ingredients including sea salt, biotin, mangosteen powder, argan oil, vitamin E, panthenol, and clay-derived minerals – all of which restore hair’s health, shine, strength and vitality.

Zion Health offers their famous scalp scrub in a few different scents including Pear Blossom and Green Apple, but I just had to choose the Vanilla Coconut version after seeing its pretty pink hue thanks to the inclusion of mangosteen powder. It smells exactly like the typical tropical variation of coconut & vanilla and I think that the scent/fragrance has been beneficial in reducing scalp odor which is something I unfortunately experience amongst my scalp issues.

How I Use It

Reducing buildup is something that I have to stay on top of when caring for my scalp, because if I don’t, that buildup will lead to skin that feels raw, tender and itchy, not to mention that it produces visible flakes. In effort to keep buildup under control, I like to use this scalp treatment 2x week, even using it when I don’t feel that there’s much buildup to be exfoliated – this preventative measure keeps buildup from accumulating and becoming harder to get under control.

After shampooing (and using a scalp massager prior to rinsing that shampoo) and when hair is fully rinsed, I go in with a big dollop of this creamy scrub distributed between fingertips and gently work it into the scalp. The scrubby salt granules are very small and gentle (feeling akin to the size of table salt) and are not abrasive or harsh even on the more tender areas of my scalp. The physical exfoliation this scrub provides has done wonders to lift + dissolve buildup and the stimulation it provides has led to my scalp feeling more strong and resilient.

ZION HEALTH Scalp Nutrition Serum – Intense Scalp Revitalizer

“After a squeaky clean scalp detox, revive and soothe your scalp by feeding it a blend of nourishing oils – lock in moisture and restore balance with this weightless formula.”

Zion Health’s Scalp Nutrition Serum is a post-detox scalp treatment formulated to replenish + lock in moisture. It’s made with a blend of oils and EO’s including olive oil, argan oil, apricot seed oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, rosehip seed oil, carrot seed oil, essential oils of peppermint, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and clay-derived minerals.

While it’s directly intended for use on the scalp, I prefer to use it on my ends as a pre-shampoo hair mask. Masking my hair in oils prior to shampooing has been incredibly beneficial for maintaining hair health and shine, counteracting damage potentially caused by heat styling and daily aggressors like the sun and wind. This serum’s oil blend is very rich and deeply nourishing, delivering moisture to the hair shaft that repairs and also acts as a buffer against the shampoo, preventing hair from drying out. It smells quite peppermint-y and herbal, which I really enjoy since it reminds me of the spa!

After applying to the ends of my hair, I’ll leave the oil in for 30 minutes to an hour (the longer you can leave it in, the better!) and then proceed with cleansing + conditioning my hair in the shower. During the days that follow a hair mask session, my hair is much more noticeably softer and shinier with reduced frizz – it both looks and feels so much healthier! The pre-shampoo oil treatment really does do wonders to inject moisture and shine back into the hair shaft, which is so necessary with the amount of washing and heat styling that I do.

Zion Health also offers a wide range of clay and/or mineral-based body care products including skincare, body care, deodorants, sunscreen, toothpastes, and more. I have my eye on their seasonally appropriate Pumpkin Mud Mask which looks delightful for fall!

If you’re interested in the scalp scrub I shared in this review, Zion Health has generously offered my readers a discount code on this product in all scents, as well as their Foaming Scalp Detox!

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