Scent Your Intent with Sigil Scent


SIGIL SCENT is a natural fragrance line that offers a clean, modern collection of unisex fragrances designed with efficacy and natural purity intact. Pure and long-wearing are not two words you can usually combine in a description of a natural fragrance product, but Sigil Scent has mastered this quality that most of us miss from our days of using conventional perfumes.

Water, considered the most natural base you could formulate a fragrance with, is what makes a fragrance scent short-lived. Denatured alcohol, on the other hand, makes the scent last much longer, but denatured alcohol contains additives to make it poisonous and foul-tasting to prevent consumption. Sigil Scent’s fragrances are made with organic, corn-based alcohol which is the key to their long-wearing power, along with organic and wildcrafted essential oils, and water.

I’ve been testing out the Sigil Sampler* set which comes with the whole Sigil fragrance line – four eau de parfums and one room + body spray, a carry pouch, and discovery cards to get to know each scent.


A sigil (/ˈsɪdʒəl/; from Latin sigillum or “seal”) is a unique symbol, infused with personal meaning. In modern usage, a sigil is created to channel its creator’s intentions and aspirations.

Each of our fragrances is designated by a special symbology—a sigil and a color. This creative application of an ages-old esoteric tradition imparts a feeling of weight to the intimate ritual of choosing and wearing a fragrance.

From ideation to application, every ounce and bottle of SIGIL SCENT is suffused with deep intentionality.



  • KEY NOTES Agarwood, Palo Santo, Grapefruit
  • EVOKES Peaceful contemplation, still air of the desert, warmth beside a campfire, and star-filled midnight skies
  • Aura is the one room and body fragrance of the collection and one of my two most favorite scents. I feel that the key notes in this fragrance balance each other out creating a more neutral scent that most will find appealing. This one is formulated more along the lines of an eau de toilette, so it is less strong and more suitable for room use.


  • KEY NOTES | Vetivert, Amyris, Oakmoss
  • EVOKES Ancient forests, meditative states, damp moss between toes, and blood orange bourbons
  • Ancient forests and damp moss are true to the description of this fragrance, with woodsy and musky notes and smells like a traditional men’s cologne scent.


  • KEY NOTES | Ginger, Geranium, Elemi
  • EVOKES Ice-chilled gimlets, tangy-treacle ginger chews, full lung breathing, and key lime tarts
  • Open has a warm and spicy ginger scent, yet it’s fresh and cool at the same time. It’s amazing to me how Sigil mastered such a scent! I find the intended story behind this scent to be completely true to description. Love.


  • KEY NOTES | Juniper, Rosemary, Neroli
  • EVOKES Coffee at sunrise, Mother’s herb garden, and thousands of orange blossoms—vibrant, susurrating, breathing
  • The rosemary and herbs are quite strong with this one, yet with deep breathing of this scent I find new notes. The experience of this scent is so lovely and (literally) transforming.


  • KEY NOTES | Cistus, Palmarosa, Verbena
  • EVOKES Sweetly astringent wild meadows, floating with fingertips tingling over blades of grass, singed flowers, and dried tobacco
  • Balance is quite similar to Aura in scent, but with a slightly sweeter and cooler tone to it. Balance is my other favorite of the line, particularly because it goes well with the Summer season at this moment.

My experience with using Sigil Scent’s fragrances has taught me that there’s much more to evoke to the mind than just the state of being calm (ahem, lavender – not that there’s anything wrong with that). I find that the intended stories behind each scent are so craftily true and using these perfumes are like aromatherapy for the spirit all while smelling great with a long-wear scent. For a super unique and transportive fragrance experience I highly recommend to check out Sigil Scent!

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