SEE NEW Skincare X Dirty Lamb – The SEPT/OCT Skincare Box

See New Skincare’s latest skincare box has launched and this time they’re serving up a menu of 5 products from Dirty Lamb! Dirty Lamb is a new-to-me brand, but I gained immense trust with See New after a super positive experience with their previous Forest Rhapsody box (my first ever See New box!) so I had faith that the September/October Dirty Lamb box would be a good one.

Get to know See New: For Bryn Gabriel and Austin Trefts, the lovely couple behind See New, self-care routines are something that should be attainable for everyone. The idea that would later become See New began in the isles of Sephora, where Bryn and Austin were met with price-tag shock and would come to feel that wellness should be available to everyone, no matter your lifestyle, without compromise. See New delivers wellness with a conscious and intentional approach, as they specifically choose to partner with female-founded botanical beauty brands that focus on sustainability and ingredient quality. In their first year of business, for every subscription purchased See New gifted boxes to women in the Dress for Success community and since then has continued to give back to charitable organizations including the Australian Red Cross and Pride Organization.


  • The Skincare Box is bi-monthly and features 4-6 full-size products from one brand. It can also be ordered quarterly. Cost: $47.
  • The Essentials Box is also bi-monthly and instead features 3 full-size products for a routine made simple. Cost: $37.
  • See New allows subscribers the option to pause or skip a month’s box, too!
  • Subscribers receive 20% off every day at The Skincare Bar, See New’s retail shop where previous box discoveries can be re-purchased. The Skincare Bar is open to all customers, and not just subscribers.
  • You can take 20% off of all things at See New – including the boxes and retail store – with code: GBM20



The September/October Skincare Box ($202 retail value) features 5 full-size products from Dirty Lamb to cleanse, hydrate, moisturize, and exfoliate. Dirty Lamb’s natural skin and body collection is chicly unisex and high performance.

Dirty Lamb’s Apricot Cleansing Oil

Dirty Lamb Apricot Cleansing Oil – a proper AM/PM oil-based cleanser made for melting away excess sebum and makeup, and it’s great for dry and sensitive types that wish to avoid foaming cleansers. It’s based in rice bran oil (one of my faves), apricot kernel oil, and argan oil, and it includes lavender, ylang ylang and cardamom for a floral scent with a kick.

I have a preference for proper cleansing oils that don’t emulsify (emulsifiers seem to be drying) so I was delighted to learn that this cleansing oil is non-emulsifying. Rice bran oil is one of my favorites to be found in cleansing oils and serums as it lends a really “juicy” quality to any formula its included in – which is exactly how this oil feels. It really is exceptional at melting the day away and it’s also excellent for loosening up pore gunk, AKA getting the “grits” out. I’m a sucker for anything with cardamom in it, although I have to say that this cleansing oil smells more of lavender and ylang ylang. Lastly, its packaging is just superb – the pump dispenses the oil lightly and I love the thick heftiness of the glass bottle. This cleansing oil was a winner, for sure. $42 retail value; 2 fl oz in glass bottle.

Dirty Lamb Rose Petal Toner – a refreshing, hydrating facial mist made with rose flower water from distilled rose petals, aloe water, purifying witch hazel, and purified water.

I tend to classify facial mists by two categories: you have the more minimally formulated kind consisting of flower waters, hydrosols, aloe and perhaps a humectant like glycerin, and then you have facial mists that run the gamut of ingredients including multiple flower waters, plant extracts, multiple actives and humectants etc. I have an appreciation for both, but would say I more often reach for the minimal type as I don’t like to overwhelm my skin. Dirty Lamb’s Rose Petal Toner is very light and refreshing and acts as a great hydrating prep for products to follow. The mist sprays out quite powerful though and it’s too wet to directly spray onto my face, so I opt to spray into my hands and pat to apply – I often apply facial mist this way anyway to avoid waste, so no harm no foul! $38 retail value; 2 fl oz in glass bottle.

Dirty Lamb’s Day & Night oil serum duo.

Dirty Lamb Ultra Day Serum – a daytime facial oil-serum made with a minimal blend of lightweight acne-suitable oils, including rice bran oil, hemp seed, neem, and sunflower oil. Sage, lemon and neem are combined for a fresh, zesty bright scent.

As I mentioned with the cleansing oil, I was over the moon to find out that the day serum would include rice bran oil which is one of my favorite oils to be found in blends. It’s thought to be an excellent anti-aging oil, with being rich in antioxidants and ferulic acid to boost them, and it’s also rich in squalane which is an incredible emollient moisturizer. In my opinion, squalane is what lends this oil its “juicy” quality that leaves skin supple and dewy.

For my combination skin, I find the day serum feels protective and occlusive, creating a sort of fortifying barrier that also feels nourishing and moisturizing, but in a lightweight way. I’ve been reaching for this oil on an as-needed basis, for those days where my skin is feeling “off” and in need of something that’s occlusive and will protect my skin against the outdoor elements. I think that this will be an especially great daytime serum going into the colder, drier months ahead.

Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum – a PM facial oil-serum blend rich in fatty acids to replenish skin’s moisture overnight. Includes wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, and jojoba oil, and then ylang ylang, orange and lavender are included for scent.

Knowing that this serum contains fattier oils, I had expectations that it’d feel heavier than the day serum (as most PM products tend to be), but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has better absorption than the day serum, penetrating my skin better without feeling like it just sits on top. As a combo skin type gal though, I still prefer my oils to be more lightweight (in order to avoid oily situations on my t-zone) so like the day serum I’ve been reaching for this on nights when I’m feeling dry and chapped and like I need something more substantial. I intend to keep using it on an as-needed basis, but as I mentioned with the day serum I can see myself reaching for the night serum more often as we head into the colder, drier months ahead. I really adore its ylang ylang scent, with it being very similar to scent of their cleansing oil.

Based in cane sugar, cocoa and coconut.

Dirty Lamb Chocolate Coconut Lip Rockz Lip Scrub – a delicious, chocolatey cane-sugar based lip scrub made with cacao powder and shredded coconut!

Much like our overall skin, lips can also be impacted by build up of dead skin cells, leading to flaking, chapped, painful lips, and in turn lips have a harder time absorbing moisture when dead skin cell buildup is getting in the way. Having a dedicated lip exfoliator isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice luxury especially when it’s made with dessert-staple ingredients like cacao powder, cane sugar, shredded coconut, and coconut oil. Before I go in with this scrub, I moisturize with lip balm first (because you’d never exfoliate facial skin while it’s dry, either!) and I let that soak for a good 30 minutes before I exfoliate. Dirty Lamb’s lip scrub works to reveal smoother, softer, supple lips and I for one need this in my life! (have you SEEN my lips on Insta lol?!)

Despite getting this review up so late into the subscription window, I’m thrilled to share that the September/October Skincare Box is still available for purchase, so be sure to grab one while you can! The Skincare Box runs for $47, which is such a great value for this set of 5 products, enough to create an entire minimal skincare routine with.

If you’re in need of a daily routine made simple, See New’s Essential Box includes just the cleansing oil, day serum, and lip scrub – running for just $37.

Don’t forget that my code GBM20 will take 20% off all purchases at See New, including your first subscription box!

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