SEE NEW Skincare X Forest Rhapsody | The July/August Skincare Box

The subscription box for everyone

I’ve been bursting at the seams to introduce the blog to See New Skincare, a spectacular skincare subscription box service that has captured the hearts and minds of many in the green beauty space as of late. If you’re on Insta, your #texturetuesday feeds have likely been filled with features from this month’s Forest Rhapsody box, especially of the golden gelly cleanser you see above.

Get to know See New: For Bryn Gabriel and Austin Trefts, the lovely couple behind See New, self-care routines are something that should be attainable for everyone. The idea that would later become See New began in the isles of Sephora, where Bryn and Austin were met with price-tag shock and would come to feel that wellness should be available to everyone, no matter your lifestyle, without compromise. See New delivers wellness with a conscious and intentional approach, as they specifically choose to partner with female-founded botanical beauty brands that focus on sustainability and ingredient quality. In their first year of business, for every subscription purchased See New gifted boxes to women in the Dress for Success community and since then has continued to give back to charitable organizations including the Australian Red Cross and Pride Organization.

What to Expect with the See New Skincare Subscription Box:

  • The Skincare Box is bi-monthly and features 4-6 full-size products from one brand. It can also be ordered quarterly. Cost: $47.
  • The Essentials Box is also bi-monthly and instead features 3 full-size products for a routine made simple. Cost: $37.
  • See New allows subscribers the option to pause or skip a month’s box, too!
  • Subscribers receive 20% off every day at The Skincare Bar, See New’s retail shop where previous box discoveries can be re-purchased. The Skincare Bar is open to all customers, and not just subscribers.
  • My personal discount code GBM20 saves 20% on your first box and at the retail store.


What’s in the July/August Skincare Box:

The July/August Skincare Box* ($289 retail value) features 5 full-size products from Forest Rhapsody, an intelligent skincare brand that marries science-backed ingredients with sensorial botanicals to delight the senses.

Forest Rhapsody’s Dew Drops – a golden, emulsifying oil-based cleansing gel.

Forest Rhapsody Dew Drops Enzymatic Cleansing Gel – an emulsifying, oil-based hybrid cleansing gel that nourishes and feeds skin while melting the day away. Its foundation of hero oils includes jojoba, abyssinian, red raspberry, rosehip, camellia, and hemp seed, with cocoa butter also nestled in amidst the oils. Papain enzymes gently slough away excess dead skin cells while oil-soluble willow bark extract works to cleanse the pores of debris. Dew Drops is ideal for the mornings or as a first cleanse in the PM, and it can also be used as a treatment mask.

I fell in love with this cleanser for how incredibly soothing and gentle it is. After you take a moment to work it into a massage, the gel transforms into the most slippery gelly-feeling oil that glides with ease, leaving no chance for traction that could otherwise tug and irritate the skin. It’s an absolute delight to use and I find myself reaching for it when I want a no-fuss cleanse. The scent: fresh, bright lemon. 3.7 fl oz; $65 retail value.

Forest Rhapsody’s Green Nectar Marine Hydrator
Forest Rhapsody Barrier Warrior Peptides + Ceramides Gel

Forest Rhapsody Green Nectar Marine Hydrator – from land and sea to skin, this liquid silk is Forest Rhapsody’s remedy for thirsty skin. Green Nectar contains multiple kinds of humectants (multiple weights of sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, aloe, glycerin), chlorella, kelp extract, green algae, plantain and apple extract.

Green Nectar is somewhat of an essence/serum hybrid. Its consistency is thin and water-y much like an essence, but it delivers the kind of substantial hydration you expect with a serum. It feels slightly tacky after application, but subsides after a brief wait. Liquid silk is the key descriptor here – this silken watery nectar absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and soothed. It’s a great prep for products to follow, particularly for their Barrior Warrior gel that favors lightweight products such as this one. The scent: subtle, marine. 1.9fl oz; $60 retail value.

Forest Rhapsody Barrier Warrior Multigrains Peptide + Ceramides Gel – a mult-tasking barrier-supporting formula made with grain-based peptides and humectants, beta glucan, skin-identical complex of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol, anti-inflammatories and brightening ingredients.

Barrier Warrior has a gel-cream consistency with a mediumweight finish, making it most suitable to use last as your moisturizer in a routine. As a combination skin type, I find that Barrier Warrior pairs best with hydrators layered prior, without the use of an additional oil, serum or moisturizer as any of those will create a finish that’s too heavy for me. For example, I like to mist my skin first, apply Green Nectar on damp skin, and when the tacky feeling subsides I go in with a pea-size amount of Barrier Warrior. This gel-cream delivers equal parts hydration and moisture and I find it’s so cooling and nourishing – my skin is much happier, plump and bright after I use this exact routine. Barrier Warrior would be a wonderful treatment for those dealing with a compromised barrier, dry and flaky texture, irritation, redness, or reactive skin. The scent: cucumber. 1fl oz; $68 retail value.

Forest Rhapsody’s Good Earth Mask
Forest Rhapsody’s Thousand Petals Mask

Forest Rhapsody Good Earth CoQ10 Vitamins + Thanaka Mask – an earthy, purifying blended mask made with clays (kaolin and bentonite), aloe, thanaka bark powder, greens and superfood complex, and honey. The clays and thanaka powder work to purify and detox the pores while antioxidant-rich greens and super foods deliver nutrients. Raw honey and aloe bring this earthy blend together, lending the mask its creamy, delectable consistency.

I’m a big fan of thanaka so I had a feeling I’d come to love this mask – and I certainly do! I love that the clays and thanaka are balanced out by hydrating + moisturizing ingredients, lending it a more gentle hand at exfoliation. My skin is so bright and soft after I rinse this mask off, without ever feeling stripped or dry as clays tend to do. 1fl oz; $52 retail value.

Forest Rhapsody Thousand Petals Flower Acid Resurfacing Mask – a creamy fusion of gentle clays, flower acids, fruit acids, lactic acid, willow bark extract and finely milled bamboo powder. Thousand Petals was formulated to renew + resurface skin’s texture through both physical and chemical exfoliation to reveal brighter, softer skin.

Generally I’m not a fan of AHA’s, but I’m always willing to make an exception for flash masking with a product that contains acids so that I can briefly reap the exfoliating benefits while reducing its chance to harm my skin. However, while my skin is brighter after I use this mask, it doesn’t feel that much softer. I tend to not enjoy cream masks that dry too quickly as well, although that may be more of a visual thing as it reminds me of having dried paint on my skin. As always though, our preferences are our own so if you enjoy creamy and chemically exfoliating masks you might enjoy this one. 1fl oz; $52 retail value.

In conclusion, I must say that See New absolutely went above and beyond my expectations with this box and it’s been such a treat to discover a new-to-me brand that couldn’t suit my taste in skincare better. I haven’t had my FR products for that long, but these products have been so effective that I’m compelled to say I want to re-purchase most of these as soon as I run out. The serum and the gel in particular have just been so good, and with that said I can’t thank See New enough for inviting me along to discover this incredible brand.

I can’t wait to “see” what See New has in store for the future skincare boxes – you guys don’t want to sleep on this one!

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