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I have gotten WAY too lucky with Instagram giveaways recently and was gratefully one of a few lucky recipients of a giveaway hosted by Okoko Cosmetiques – a luxury natural skincare line founded by Oyeta Kokoroko. I love Oyeta’s journey into how she started her skincare line because it is often the story you read about how one finds natural skincare, where one sets out to find the cure for their skin woes. But she took this path even further by starting her own skincare line, creating products with high quality, super effective botanicals and ingredients – and with an exceptionally luxe and sophisticated look to her packaging. It’s very admirable and inspiring to me that one would take the solution to their problems and share it with the rest of the world, in the case of skincare line creators who had skin problems themselves. Not to mention that Oyeta actually studied with Formula Botanica, an accredited school that teaches formulation classes in natural and botanical skincare. Quite a few skincare brands that you’d recognize have founders who studied with this school!

With this giveaway I received 4 samples – a facial oil, an exfoliating concentrate, and two facial masks. I’ve been testing these products for a week now and have used up two of the samples, and nearly finishing the other two. So, I thought I’d share my experience with you all! To downsize the length of this review I will not be posting ingredients, so please check out the shopping links for ingredient lists!


LES 16 PRÉCIEUX • ‘The precious 16’ ultimate oil serum


“Imagine treating your skin to the most precious oils in the beauty world. A delectable ‘face food’ generously providing your precious skin with a concentrated dose of youth preserving nutrients. LES 16 PRÉCIEUX ™ (the precious 16) is a radiance oil serum and anti-aging moisturizer made with 16 potent, prized and rare oils and extracts found in hidden corners of the world.”

The Precious 16 oil is quite potent and active with many oils just as the name and description suggests. It’s the perfect oil to apply as a concentrated serum that goes on before your moisturizer/oil, or you can add a few drops of it to your water-based moisturizer. I have tested it both on its own and with the exfoliating serum underneath it – and I find that it’s not moisturizing enough for use on its own. However, with the exfoliating concentrate underneath (which is water based and also contains glycerin) I find that it leaves my skin very dewy (and yes a bit shiny) but it makes for a very rich moisturizing duo for night time. It’s definitely radiance-boosting for me and I am loving the way my skin has been looking in the mornings after having used this product combo at night. Also, this oil smells incredible! It reminds me of the H is for Love Bara Balm, which has a similar edgy vanilla scent.


L’ÉLIXIR DE CLARTÉ • ‘The Radiance Elixir’ Brightening Skin Concentrate


“For those who won’t compromise a top notch, impeccable appearance, our brightening elixir was designed to help you press the rewind button on your complexion. This concentrated, priceless blend may very well become one of your favourite beauty rituals. Read on to discover L’ÉLIXIR DE CLARTÉ (the radiance elixir), a versatile beauty booster carefully crafted to remove tiny imperfections and bring back your healthy-looking glow.

This delicate vanilla scented skin concentrate is made with 5% alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA), naturally sourced from citrus, to gently exfoliate your skin leaving it incredibly soft and smooth. L’ÉLIXIR DE CLARTÉ is an effective all-in-one brightening essence, toner and serum that prepares your face to achieve the best results from Okoko Cosmétiques.”

The Radiance Elixir concentrate is a chemically exfoliatiating water-based toner/serum which will not only help to slough off dead skin cells but will also prep the skin for any other moisturizing products to be applied afterward. This water-based formula also contains glycerin which leaves the skin with a slightly tacky feeling after application (which I generally like), so it doesn’t leave your face dry to the touch. It’s quite reminiscent to the feelings of conventional serums that I used to remember (which I also like!). When you first start using a chemical exfoliator, you should apply it daily for at least a minimum of 7 days before you start to see results (you’re going to have a lot of dead skin to remove). I ran out of this product on day 5 and I’m just not sure if I see any results at this point, which is completely not a testament to the efficacy of this product, it’s just simply that I need more of it for to test for a longer amount of time. I haven’t used chemical exfoliators in a long time (i do physically exfoliate) but I probably have a decent amount of uneven dead skin cells to remove. Another amazingly-scented product in this line as well! It smells more like a true vanilla and was a definite pleasure to use in conjunction with the facial oil.


LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ • ‘The Beauty Mud’ Brightening Facial Mask


“If you desire a reviving facial treatment that is pure and simply you, you will love indulging in our rejuvenating face mask that is suitable for even the most sensitive complexions. It is skillfully crafted with fresh, premium raw materials and designed to create a silky, gentle and heavenly feel to your skin. Let the delicate flower aroma of LA BOUE DE BEAUTÉ (the beauty mud) take you on a journey where your skin will be rejuvenated and brightened.

This innovative blend of 23 active ingredients including gentle purifying clays, raw organic superfoods and antioxidant rich vitamin C, was designed to illuminate and revive your natural complexion. Our special selection of clays will cleanse the toxins out and exfoliate gently, while at the same time your pores will feast on a rich mixture of carefully selected marine algae extracts, precious salt crystals, plant extracts and nourishing macadamia oil.”

The Beauty Mud mask contains a great list of beneficial ingredients, including antioxidant superfoods (cacao, spirulina and chlorella, turmeric, and vitamin C which is also brightening and anti-aging) – along with antibacterial and antimicrobials (himalayan salt and turmeric also boasts antibacterial properties). Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and white willow bark extract provide exfoliation while also brightening the skin. First of all, I just adore the name “the beauty mud” and this is an amazing face mask! I’m much more of a fan of the gentler, brightening masks because I find that my skin can handle masking with them more often. It’s not exactly moisturizing because it’s still a drying clay mask, but with the addition of moisturizing ingredients it won’t make your skin feel like you stripped it of all life. It’s such a joy to mask with and it does indeed leave my skin looking brighter and also feeling smoother.


LA D’TOX NOIRE • ‘The Black Detox Cleanser’ Purifying facial mask


“When you need to make today go away and restore your natural beauty, time out and enjoy a deep cleansing session with this purifying facial treatment & skin renewal clay face mask. LA D’TOX NOIRE (the black detox cleanser) is one of our favourite indulgences for a peaceful moment in time, making tomorrow perfect. This rich, dynamic facial treatment is made with rare and precious Canadian glacial marine clay (hand harvested in British Columbia, Canada) with remarkably high levels of beneficial minerals. 

Our exquisitely designed recipe of 19 active ingredients is a truly luxurious treat for your skin. Made with a powerful but gentle infusion of charcoal, antioxidant-rich cacao, soothing algae and exotic spices, we consider this clay face mask “The Solution” for instant radiance.“Before the beauty, the toxins must come out!” Let the epidermis shield of your body indulge in a light cacao perfume while the tingling of selected spices will deep cleanse and purify your skin.”

The Black Detox Cleanser is a detoxifying, stimulating clay facial mask designed to deep clean the pores while treating oily, acne-prone skin with its many beneficial ingredients. This mask deep cleans via clays and activated charcoal, and also provides many antioxidant, antibacterial, and exfoliating benefits. While I find this mask to be fantastic at cleansing the pores and leaving my skin feeling purified, I am a bit sensitive to this mask. It does contain spices of cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne – and I believe it’s the cayenne that feels like it was burning or stinging my skin. These spices will stimulate the skin by generating a response of blood flow to the face, which is actually beneficial but my skin is just too sensitive and it feels a bit uncomfortable for use. Okoko does say this mask is not for sensitive skin types, so if you are sensitive or have a reactive skin type this may not be for you.

My experience with sampling the Okoko Cosmetiques line has been quite amazing and such a treat to use such high quality, beneficial skincare packed with superfoods and botanicals. It’s my first time to experience a line like this as I usually stick with very simplistic, minimal ingredient products. It’s also been a real eye opener into the world of natural skincare as I’m looking over my skincare collection and contemplating the actual quality of the products I use. I highly recommend to check out Okoko Cosmetiques for a super luxurious, natural, and sophisicated skincare experience. Thank you so much to Oyeta for the opportunity to test out these amazing products!

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