February Boxwalla Beauty Box Reveal ft. H IS FOR LOVE + OLO

If you have been with me since the early inception of my blog, you might have an inkling of how thrilled I am to bring you this review! Boxwalla is back at it again this month with a top-notch beauty box featuring H IS FOR LOVE – one of my all time favorite handcrafted, thoughtful, premium-quality skincare brands, and One Love Organics – a certifiably clean beauty brand that crafts products from the heart, and happens to be one of the big dogs in the green beauty market.

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Okoko Cosmetiques Sublime Balm Review

In early November I shared a little sneak peek of the Okoko Cosmetiques Sublime Balm* that was soon to be launched – and now it’s here! I’ve been using this decadent and luxurious balm, released by one of my favorite eco-luxe skincare brands, for a solid month now and I’m beyond excited to go into depth on what this amazing treat is all about.

Okoko Cosmetiques, founded by the beautifully inspiring Oyeta Kokoroko, is a Vancouver-based eco-chic skincare brand that offers results-driven, radiance-enhancing products with exotic, treasure-like ingredients. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to test and review each product in their line thus far, including their exfoliating concentrate, anti-aging oil, and clay facial masks. In addition to addressing the many issues we all experience with our skin (acne, dryness, fine lines, etc) the big selling point behind Okoko is that each product is designed to enhance radiance and bring out our skin’s natural glow – and the new Sublime Balm is no exception!

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The New Skin Collection by Selah, Be

You might remember me gushing earlier this year about the Selah, Be Body Butters (they remain my fave body butter to date) which at the time were the only products in the Selah line. When the brand founder (and guru of sorts, I might say) Shenaye announced over the summer that she would be making some new skincare additions to the line I had a mini-heart attack dreaming up what amazing products she could possibly create. During the process she kept followers up to date through email and also reached out for feedback getting a feel for what her general fan base was in to and was not in to. Things like this definitely create loyal customers and it’s a beautiful thing when the person creating the amazing products is as equally amazing and receptive and connected to their fans.

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