Blissoma Botanical Beauty Rebrand: An Overview

Blissoma Botanical Beauty, one of my favorite plant-based skincare lines, has just re-branded and I’ve been itching to share the launch with you all!

For the unfamiliar, Blissoma is a holistic skincare brand that delivers products rooted in plant science, formulated to target demanding skincare types. Their freshly-made formulas are raw, active, and nutrient-rich, combining the best of skincare technology and traditional herbal knowledge. Blissoma is Missouri-based and founded by the lovely and knowledgeable Julie Longyear.

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REVIEW: Blissoma’s Photonic Light Shifting Sunscreen + Moisturizer

Ahhh, sunscreen. That one thing that a lot (maybe even most?) of us don’t like, yet year round we have to talk about it and wear it rain or shine. Even some of the best ones are still like, “it’s okay, but I STILL have to wear it and I’m not happy about it because it’s another icky layer.” The best sunscreens I’ve tried in the past were on that level, in that they were just okay but I’d definitely rather wear nothing than to have that nice titanium dioxide + zinc layer that feels like it interferes with life.

All of this grumpy sunscreen talk leads me to today’s review and how I FINALLY, miraculously, no longer have those sunscreen woes thanks to this awesome one that Blissoma (one of my all time favorite skincare brands, yeah!) launched late last year. I’m not kidding – I freaking love this sunscreen and I am thrilled to share my review after many months of testing. Blissoma did kindly offer me the opportunity to test Photonic when it launched, but I would like to mention that Blissoma became one of my favorite brands through my own discovery of their products and I did purchase all past Blissoma products shared here on the blog with my own money.

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Blissoma Skincare Haul – New Product Launch + Old Favorites

Oh, Blissoma, the wonders you do for my skin! I’m excited to share my latest little Blissoma haul, including my thoughts on the latest product to their range – the Tone Peaceful Purity Tonique toner for sensitive skin – and to re-hash my love for their gel cleanser and Lift moisturizer. Plus, I finally got my hands on a sample of their Lavish mask! As always, you can find my link at the bottom of this post to save 10% on your first Blissoma order!

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A Closer Look: Blissoma’s Moisturizer Collection

Hooray! Today marks my one year blog anniversary and it’s been a very special year for me having this platform and creative outlet with which I can share and discuss all things beauty with you all! It’s also been amazing connecting with others here in the green beauty community and I am looking forward to continuing this project in 2017.

So, what better way to mark this special day than by sharing some of my all-time favorites from a brand that I hold so near and dear to my heart! I’ve written about a couple of Blissoma’s moisturizers before but I recently picked up the last one in the range that I had yet to try thereby completing my own collection, so I’m excited to post a full review on these babies! Blissoma’s line of skin-loving moisturizers has helped to normalize my skin type by balancing oil production/hydration retention, increasing my skin’s healthy appearance, and reducing acne and breakouts. I’m slowly making my way into trying all of their serums (making it one of my missions of 2017!) so stay tuned!

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Blissoma Smooth A+ Correcting Serum Review


Happy Friday, friends! As I type this I’m suffering from a very full tummy of delicious Thanksgiving foods, so on that note I hope you all had a great turkey day and a kick off to the holiday season!

Speaking of super delicious and comforting holiday foods which are often unhealthy and can wreak havoc on our skin, today I’m sharing a favorite Blissoma serum of mine that will help you and your skin get through the holidays! Typical holiday foods tend to be laden with excess salt and sugar, and this may lead to inflammation, blemishes, oily skin, and redness. If you’re in the South like I am, fried foods are still a major culprit here (fried turkeys!) during the holidays. Personally, when I eat very unhealthy foods I get a combination of the above symptoms, especially oily skin and texture.

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Green Beauty Journal | Oct. ’16


I’m a bit late getting this month’s GBJ post up, but better late than never, right?! I have so much to share with you all, from new makeup goodies, new deodorants and lotions, skincare and makeup samples, and some empties of well-loved products. If you’re not familiar with this series of mine, my Green Beauty Journal posts are month-end collectives of favorites, empties, and new products from the previous month.

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