Bloomiss Naturals Review + An Instagram Giveaway!

B-l-o-o-m-i-s-s: A word that encompasses a (blooming) beautiful woman (miss) when she is striving to be her very best…

Bloomiss Naturals, a Canadian aromatherapy and skincare + beauty line founded by the lovely Crystal, was created and inspired by two specific reasons: her love for natural and organic products (trying to eliminate toxic products from her daily life) and for the calming effect that creating and making had on her. Crystal struggled with infertility and the stressful emotions that come along with it and says that having a Type A personality has her in a mode of “go, go, go” with never being able to shut her mind off, so the creation process and her actual aromatherapy products themselves have been a big change on her life. Bloomiss offers a decent selection of skincare and body care including day and night moisturizers, a serum, a face mask, body lotions and scrubs, super pretty lip glosses, and range of aromatherapy rollerballs.

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Face Creams from the Mountains: Introducing Catskill Botanicals

Does anyone else love a good face cream or balm to reach for when the weather is warm? It’s no secret here that I have a dehydrated skin type, especially in Summer, and I feel the season is fast approaching where I need layers upon layers of product just to feel comfortable in my own parched skin. It’s one reason why I’m excited to bring you today’s review on Catskill Botanicals, a line who solely produces plant-based creams, which I love to use as an occlusive last layer in my routines. The weather is starting to get QUITE warm here in the South, so I’m now clamoring for mists, serums, and nourishing creams and balms to fight dehydration.

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LOVE GOODLY Feb/March 2018 Eco-Luxe Beauty Box

Happy February all! Today I’m excited to share with you Love Goodly’s latest edition of their beauty box (in this case, it includes a yummy snack too!). In addition to some very delicious popcorn, Love Goodly is delivering a fruit enzyme scrub from Mychelle, a lash/brow serum, an AHA exfoliator, lip balm, and a wonderful eye cream, all for just $29.95.

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